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Nui and Mintage Mining to “vigorously defend” securities cease & desist

Although we’d caught wind of it a day before, yesterday Nui published it’s official response to the Texas cease and desist. Following months of assurances that Nui, Mintage Mining, Symatri and the Kala altcoin had been signed off on by “top law firms in the US”, Texas issued the company with a securities fraud cease [Continue reading…]

Nui & Mintage Mining securities fraud cease and desist in Texas

Despite reassurances by Nui that their Kala altcoin and Mintage Mining have “stability and protection with the SEC“, a US securities regulator has issued the company with a cease and desist.

Mintage Mining marketing claims are a mess

For the past few months Mintage Mining and their affiliates have heavily marketing their passive mining ROI opportunity as being SEC compliant. Then there was the whole Jones Day SEC lawyers nonsense, despite the SEC using in-house counsel in its regulatory lawsuits. As good a sign as any the SEC is asleep at the wheel when [Continue reading…]

Nui affiliates stake legality of unregistered securities on US law firm

Despite US regulators cracking down on MLM cryptocurrency mining opportunities recently, Nui affiliates maintain their unregistered securities offering is legal. This assertion is not based on US securities law or enforcement of it, but rather Nui’s legal representation in the US.

Nui claim Kala altcoin has “stability and protection with the SEC”

As part of continued efforts to mislead potential investors on MLM cryptocurrency offerings and US securities law, in an April 23rd blog article Nui claim its Kala altcoin has “increased stability and protection with the SEC”. In a nutshell, Nui’s entry into the cryptocurrency MLM niche spans Symatri, Kala and Mintage Mining. Nui runs Symatri, which is essentially [Continue reading…]

Mintage Mining claim to be “pre-compliant” with SEC regulation

Mintage Mining is purportedly a partnership between David Childs (cited as owner of the company) and Darren Olayan, CEO of Nui. BehindMLM reviewed Mintage Mining last December. We came to the conclusion that, at best the cloud mining business model would constitute a securities offering. The lack of registration with the SEC at the time [Continue reading…]

Mintage Mining Review: Nui goes full Ponzi with mining package opp?

Mintage Mining popped up on my radar a few weeks ago as part of Nui. According to the Mintage Mining website, the company is a collaborative crypto mining platform that brings cryptocurrency enthusiasts together to mine the most current and profitable coin available each week. Mintage Mining provide no information on their website about who [Continue reading…]

Nui claim lawyers signed off on Kala ICO tokens (Symatri?)

It appears former Divvee management struggle with the concept of simplicity. First the company offered access to discounts. Then it became a promotional platform. Then they were going to offer Ryze AI ROIs. Then they merged with Hodo Global into Nui. Then Nui announced it wasn’t partnering with Ryze AI. Then they were going to [Continue reading…]

From Divvee to Nui to Mintage Mining unregistered securities?

Divvee’s original launch in mid 2016 saw the company charge $9.95 a month for access to discounts. When that business model flopped Divvee introduced “Rank & Share” in late 2016, a platform that combined promotion and recruitment commissions. Rank & Share was a key component of Divvee’s MLM opportunity until a few months ago. In [Continue reading…]

Divvee delves into forex. Ryze AI? Hodo Global? Travis Bott?

Divvee launched mid last year to a lukewarm reception. The company provided access to discounts for $9.95 a month, which never really took off with retail customers. By the end of the year the company had added “Rank and Share” to its offering. Divvee’s Rank and Share saw affiliates and free customers rewarded with points [Continue reading…]