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OnPassive Ponzi fraud warning issued by Bangladesh

OnPassive has received a Ponzi fraud warning from Bangladesh. As per the Bangladesh Bank’s December 12th warning, OnPassive is a “fraudulent Ponzi scheme” engaged in “embezzlement of large amounts of money”.

SEC v. OnPassive fraud case referred to mediation

An October 11th court order has referred the SEC’s fraud case against OnPassive to mediation.

OnPassive’s SEC fraud trial scheduled for June 2025

As per an October 11th, Case Management and Scheduling Order, the SEC’s OnPassive fraud trial will kick off on June 2nd, 2025.

OnPassive diverts payments to Dubai after SEC lawsuit

Following an SEC lawsuit alleging $108 million in fraud, OnPassive appears to be diverting payments to Dubai. OnPassive affiliates report US banks are flagging the transactions as fraudulent.

Ash Mufareh declares “only God can stop OnPassive!”

Ash Mufareh has set the stage for a biblically epic showdown with the SEC. In a webinar held on Saturday August 12th, Mufareh declared “only God can stop OnPassive”.

SEC sues OnPassive & Ash Mufareh for $108 million in fraud

The SEC has sued OnPassive and owner Ash Mufareh (aka Ashraf Mufareh), for $108 million in securities fraud.

OnPassive’s “FIFA sponsorship” is just a TV ad campaign

Ashraf Mufareh has been forced to admit OnPassive’s “FIFA sponsorship” is just a cable tv ad campaign.

OnPassive takes down FIFA sponsorship video, Mufareh lying?

OnPassive has deleted its FIFA World Cup 2022 sponsorship promo video. Internal communication suggests owner Ash Mufareh received a cease and desist.

Ash Mufareh suggests OnPassive under investigation in US?

OnPassive’s Dubai “mega event” has come and gone, nothing has been launched and affiliates are getting restless again. For the most part, Mufareh’s hours long waffle session webinars aren’t cutting it anymore. Cue Mufareh’s next shiny ball, OnPassive sponsoring the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar Oh and apparently OnPassive is under investigation in the [Continue reading…]

Ash Mufareh closes OnPassive Ofounders signups. Um, OK?

On June 23rd a few hundred OnPassive regulars jumped on a Zoom stream and celebrated Ash Mufareh closing Ofounders sign ups. The next day Mufareh appeared on a follow up stream. He told Ofounders that OnPassive had over-delivered and they should be grateful. And then he left. If it sounds like I’m condensing things, I’m [Continue reading…]