USFIA Ponzi victims to recover approx 75% of losses

The USFIA Receiver estimates that victims will recover approximately 75% of losses.

Steve Chen will plead guilty to USFIA criminal fraud

USFIA founder and owner Steve Chen, aka Li Chen and… the “Boss”, has agreed to plead guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud and tax evasion.

John Wuo, former Arcadia mayor, rcvd $1.8 mill from USFIA

It’s been roughly four and a half years, but John Wuo’s involvement in the USFIA Ponzi scheme has finally been explained.

USFIA Receiver recovers $186,628 from Maria Wei Wang Shu

The USFIA Receiver has sought approval of a settlement with Maria Wei Wang Shu. Shu was the recipient of a property purchased by a related USFIA entity.

USFIA Receiver claim updates ($30 mill shell company)

As part of a May 31st filed Status Report, the USFIA Receiver has provided an update on victim claims.

Extended USFIA claim deadline results in low quality claims

Despite the best intentions behind extending the USFIA victim claim deadline, unfortunately it appears to have been mostly a waste of time and money. In light of the extension, the USFIA Receiver reports he’s received “low quality claims” that will be “time-consuming” to sort through.

Steve Chen’s wife relinquishes $3.2 million in stolen USFIA funds

Through Ally Investors LLC and other shell companies, Steve Chen’s wife, Li Zhao (aka Jennifer Zhao), received around $3.37 million in stolen USFIA investor funds. In 2015 the USFIA Receiver recovered approximately $3.2 million from a safe deposit box and bank accounts held in Ally Investors’ name. The seizure saw Li Zhao, the primary beneficiary [Continue reading…]

USFIA claim deadline extended to January 4th, 2019

Following on from a claims meeting held in mid October, a further deadline extension till January 9th has been approved.

USFIA Receiver to hold claims meeting for investor victims

Still stalling about filing your USFIA victim claim? Got questions you need answered in person? Well, you’re in luck.

USFIA Receiver seeks 90 day victim claim submission extension

Despite being able to file claims since April, a surprisingly small number of victims have thus far sought to recoup their losses. Owing to a “substantially lower than anticipated” number of submitted claims, the Receiver is seeking a 90 day submission extension.