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ClubShop Review: Ecom pyramid & potential token Ponzi

ClubShop provides no information on its website about who owns or runs the company. On its website, ClubShop claims it was ‘formed and incorporated in Englewood, Florida, USA in June of 1997.’ This conflicts with information provided in the footer of ClubShop’s website; Copyright © 2018-2021 – Clubshop Rewards Program by Proprofit Worldwide Ltd. Proprofit [Continue reading…]

Cryptolon Review: Crypto mining daily returns Ponzi

Cryptolon provides no information on its website about who owns or runs the company. Cryptolon’s website domain (“”) was privately registered on September 24th, 2020. In an attempt to appear legitimate, Cryptolon provides several “certificates” on its website. As far as I can tell, all the provided certificates have nothing to do with Cryptolon. The [Continue reading…]

Control CTCoin Review: Control Traders prolongs exit-scam

Last December BehindMLM noted Traders’ shitcoin exit-scam. Switching from weekly returns offered since it launched in September, Control Traders began paying out in CTCoin. CTCoin is your typical Ponzi shitcoin. Control Traders created it out of thin air and it’s worth nothing outside of the company’s own business operations. In our December 3rd Control Traders [Continue reading…]

Financial Education Services fined $1 million for pyramid fraud

Financial Education Services has been fined $1 million dollars by the US state of Georgia. FES has also been enjoined from ‘advertising, offering or selling credit repair services in Georgia’, effectively banning the MLM opportunity.

EvoRich Review: Skyway Capital Ponzi spinoff bumbles along

EvoRich is a spinoff of the long-running Russian Ponzi scheme, Skyway Capital. Heading up EvoRich is Andrey Khovratov (aka Andrii Khovratov, Andrei Khovratov), a former Skyway Capital executive. Khovratov is/was part of Skyway Capital’s inner-circle. In 2017 Khovratov filed a defamation lawsuit against a Russian media outlet on behalf of Skyway Capital. He lost the [Continue reading…]

Longrich Review: Whacky products Chinese pyramid scheme

Longrich’s presented corporate structure is confusing. The company markets itself as “Longrich America Int’, Inc.”, but also claims to be a ‘leading company which dominates the cosmetic industry in southern China.’ In July 2009, the Ministry of Commerce of the direct selling industry management information systems announced that Jiangsu LONGRICH Bio-Science Co., Ltd has officially [Continue reading…]

Eclipcity Global: Andreas Kartrud’s 4th smart-contract Ponzi

Eclipcity Global is part of Andreas Kartrud’s Eclipcity smart-contract Ponzi factory. To date, Kartrud has launched three smart-contract Ponzi schemes: EtherChain – ethereum smart-contract Ponzi launched in June 2020, collapsed within three months TronChain – tron smart-contract Ponzi launched in August 2020, collapsed in Janaury 2021 CyberChain – tron smart-contract Ponzi launched in September 2020, [Continue reading…]

Antis Capital Review: Trade bot Ponzi, Antis Coin exit-scam

Antis Capital operates in the cryptocurrency MLM niche. In official marketing documentation, Antis Capital’s CEO is presented as “Philip Belov”. Belov, played by the actor above, doesn’t exist outside of Antis Capital’s marketing material. Other than claiming Belov is based out of Dubai, Antis Capital itself provides no verifiable information. As to who’s actually running [Continue reading…]

Nacometa Review: Voucher ruse gifting scheme

Nacometa provides no information on its website about who owns or runs the company. Nacometa’s website domain (“”) was registered on January 29th, 2020. The registered owner is Yangon System S.R.O, a shell company with ties to the Czech Republic and Russia. As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is [Continue reading…]

CHY Mall Review: E-commerce mall ruse Ponzi scheme

Century Heng Yue Group SDN BDH, better known as CHY Mall, markets itself as a Malaysian company. Oddly enough, in reality CHY Mall doesn’t exist outside of Africa; namely Nigeria and Ghana. This is odd and points to CHY Mall being operated from within Africa itself. Supporting this is CHY Mall previously going by Sairui [Continue reading…]