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OSM Software Solutions Review: 45c a day game app Ponzi

OSM Software Solutions (aka OSM Techno), provides no information on its website about who owns or runs the company. OSM Software Solutions’ website domain (“”) was privately registered on October 30th, 2020. On YouTube OSM Software Solutions goes by Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd. Osmose Technology has its own website, on which it discloses; Osmose Technology [Continue reading…]

Just Been Paid 2020 Review: Smart contract Ponzi reboot

Just Been Paid was a notorious Ponzi scheme from the early 2000s. The scheme was run by Frederick Mann, an elusive old white guy from South Africa. After the initial Just Been Paid Ponzi collapsed, over the years Mann rebooted the scheme as JSS-Tripler, JBP’s Synergy Surf (JSS), JSS-Booster and JSS-Warp. There were also various clones [Continue reading…]

Lobto Review: 250% a day bitcoin Ponzi scheme

Lobto provides no information about who owns or runs the company on its website. Lobto’s website domain (“”) was privately registered on June 11th, 2020. The domain registration was last updated on January 6th, 2021. Alexa currently ranks Egypt (49%) and Thailand (18%) as top sources of traffic to Lobto’s website. Lobto’s website itself is [Continue reading…]

IDentityUSA Review: White-labeled identity theft protection

IDentityUSA operates in the personal data protection MLM niche. The company provides a suite address in Texas on its website, which appears to belong to USA+. An official brochure provided on IdentityUSA’s website states the company is “presented by USA+” In the footer of IDentityUSA’s website the following information is provided; United Service Association For [Continue reading…]

BitWings Review: BWN token securities fraud

Bitwings provides no information on its website about who runs the company. Bitwings markets itself as a division of Wings Mobile, a Spanish virtual mobile operator founded in 2007, focused on the development of innovative software, smartphones and laptops. Bitwings is mentioned on Wings Mobile’s website, however it’s not featured on the company’s homepage. Why [Continue reading…]

ClearUnited Review: Cell phone privacy for a monthly fee

ClearUnited is part of Clear, a company that aims to “decentralize your digital life”. Clear has been aggregating and developing technologies around personal data ownership and security for nearly 20 years. There are a staggering fourty-five “key partners & leadership” personnel presented on Clear’s website. “Founder & Vision(ary?)”, Michael Proper, is buried about halfway down [Continue reading…]

ClubShop Review: Ecom pyramid & potential token Ponzi

ClubShop provides no information on its website about who owns or runs the company. On its website, ClubShop claims it was ‘formed and incorporated in Englewood, Florida, USA in June of 1997.’ This conflicts with information provided in the footer of ClubShop’s website; Copyright © 2018-2021 – Clubshop Rewards Program by Proprofit Worldwide Ltd. Proprofit [Continue reading…]

Cryptolon Review: Crypto mining daily returns Ponzi

Cryptolon provides no information on its website about who owns or runs the company. Cryptolon’s website domain (“”) was privately registered on September 24th, 2020. In an attempt to appear legitimate, Cryptolon provides several “certificates” on its website. As far as I can tell, all the provided certificates have nothing to do with Cryptolon. The [Continue reading…]

Control CTCoin Review: Control Traders prolongs exit-scam

Last December BehindMLM noted Traders’ shitcoin exit-scam. Switching from weekly returns offered since it launched in September, Control Traders began paying out in CTCoin. CTCoin is your typical Ponzi shitcoin. Control Traders created it out of thin air and it’s worth nothing outside of the company’s own business operations. In our December 3rd Control Traders [Continue reading…]

Financial Education Services fined $1 million for pyramid fraud

Financial Education Services has been fined $1 million dollars by the US state of Georgia. FES has also been enjoined from ‘advertising, offering or selling credit repair services in Georgia’, effectively banning the MLM opportunity.