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Cforth Review: Mark Seyforth ditches Crowd1, steals exec

Back in July 2020 Mark Seyforth hitched his company LifeTRNDS to Crowd1. Crowd1 is a Dubai-based Ponzi scheme run by Swedish national Jonas Werner. Seyforth getting into bed with Crowd1 was a mutually beneficial arrangement; Crowd1 crowed about having products, Seyforth received a cut of money stolen through the Ponzi. As of mid 2021, Seyforth [Continue reading…]

Awakend Review: Zenith weight loss autoship recruitment

Awakend fails to provide ownership and corporate information on its website. The company also fails to provide a corporate address. On the “contact us” section of their website, Awakend states it has “limited support”. Any questions are to be directed to Awakend uplines. Awakend entered prelaunch in early August. This is cited as a reason [Continue reading…]

8 Minute Trader Review: Inside Youngevity’s forex opp

Youngevity’s foray into forex trading popped up on BehindMLM’s radar back in January. We didn’t have a company name but knew Sal Leto was involved. Leto’s past raised a red flag but we didn’t see anything overtly out of compliance. In July 2022 Youngevity’s forex offering was given the name 8 Minute Trader. A launch [Continue reading…]

DreamTrips Review v2: Who is Verona International Holdings?

Following its Chapter 11 bankruptcy, DreamTrips emerged as the successor to WorldVentures about a year ago. DreamTrips came about as a result of Verona International Holdings acquiring WorldVentures’, namely the MLM company and Rovia (WorldVentures’ in-house travel services provider). BehindMLM reviewed DreamTrips in November 2021, following a November 16th launch announcement. A reader recently wrote [Continue reading…]

Dmining Review: Tron mining “click a button” app Ponzi

Dmining fails to provide company ownership or executive information on its website. Dmining’s website domain (“”), was privately registered on March 1st, 2022. SimilarWeb currently ranks top sources of traffic to Dmining’s website as Italy (79%), Rwanda (11%) and Croatia (10%). As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running [Continue reading…]

Trust Your Universe Review: Dubai forex securities fraud

Trust Your Universe operates in the trading MLM niche. Trust Your Universe operates as Universe Trading LLC, a shell company incorporated in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. St. Vincent and the Grenadines is not a jurisdiction active in MLM regulation, meaning consumers have no recourse against scammers. Any MLM company incorporated in St. Vincent and [Continue reading…]

Emris International Review v2: Momentum Business Academy

Emris International was co-founded in late 2019 by Matthew Harris, Ilean Harris and Aspen Emry. BehindMLM published its initial Emris International review in June 2020. Shortly after launch, Emry left the company and went on to launch Bravenly Global. Husband and wife Matthew and Illean Harris continued to run Emris International. The company today however [Continue reading…]

Vexam Review: 5% a day Ponzi aimed at Andrew Tate fans

Vexam fails to provide company ownership or executive information on its website. Vexam’s website domain (“”), was first registered back in 2002. The private registration was last updated on July 8th, 2022. This is on or around when Vexam’s owner(s) took possession of the domain. SimilarWeb currently tracks top sources of traffic to Vexam’s website [Continue reading…]

The Income Rocket Review: NFT grift matrix cycler Ponzi

The Income Rocket fails to provide company ownership or executive information on its website. The Income Rocket’s website domain (“”), was privately registered on August 8th, 2022. If we look at The Income Rocket’s website source-code, we can see the template was copied from the domain “”. This reveals The Income Rocket’s website design is [Continue reading…]

Digimond Group Review: DMD Group Ponzi scheme

Digimond Group operates in the forex and cryptocurrency trading MLM niches. The company doesn’t provide a corporate address on its website. Digimond Group claims it’s a European based consulting firm in the arena of sales and marketing for the past 23 years”. In reality Digimond Group’s website domain was only registered a few months ago. [Continue reading…]