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Spellbound Review: Intention candles?

Spellbound, aka The Spellbound Co, operates in the personal care MLM niche. Spellbound’s website represents the company is based out of the UK… This website and our communications are created for access in the UK. …but no specific corporate address is provided. Spellbound initially launched in late 2020. In mid 2021 the company went through [Continue reading…]

HyperOne: Fourth HyperTech crypto Ponzi hoax [updated]

I wasn’t sure if HyperOne was a joke at first.   Update 17th May 2022 – Turns out my spidey sense was dead on, HyperOne doesn’t appear to have anything to do with HyperTech, HyperFund or Hyperverse. Kalpesh Patel has confirmed he has nothing to do with HyperOne in a recently published social media video. [Continue reading…]

Gym Network Review: BNB to GYMNET token Ponzi scheme

Gym Network provides no executive or ownership information on its website. Instead Alberto Mera, Lewis Mhlanga and Timur Ozturk are presented as low-tier staff to represent the company: Further research reveals affiliates citing Claudio Catrini as Gym Network’s CEO: Why Catrini isn’t on Gym Network’s website is unclear. Catrini claims to be a “crypto lover”. [Continue reading…]

Nugen Coin Review: Free Mart gets into crypto fraud

Nugen Coin provides no information on its website about who owns or runs the company. Nugen Coin’s website domain (“”), was privately registered on November 1st, 2021. I became aware of Nugen Coin following a reader request tying it to Free Mart. I was able to confirm this with a little research: BehindMLM reviewed Free [Continue reading…]

Pegasus Review: 1.5% a day, 300% ROI MLM crypto Ponzi

Pegasus provides no information on its website about who owns or runs the company. Pegasus’ website domain (“”), was privately registered on August 31st, 2021. Pegasus’ official social media profiles were created in February 2022, suggesting this is when the company was launched. The sole admin of the official Pegasus FaceBook group is “Peter Nab”. [Continue reading…]

MasterWorks Investment Review: Ponzi scammers get creative

Masterworks Investment provides no credible information about who owns or runs the company on its website. Masterworks Investment’s website does have a “team members” page. Names on the page however are fictitious and represented by stock and/or stolen photos: The same stock photo used to represent Ewan Charlton (CEO of …), appears on multiple dodgy [Continue reading…]

Smart Business Corp Review: Decade-long Ponzi goes bitcoin

Smart Business Corp doesn’t provide company ownership or executive information on its website. Further research reveals Ernesto Reséndiz being credited as Smart Business Corp’s founder and CEO: On LinkedIn Reséndiz represents he is based out of Mexico. This ties into Smart Business Corp representing it is based out of Mexico. The company also uses a [Continue reading…]

Pro Trade Club Review: $297 a month trading subscription

Pro Trade Club operates in the forex and crypto trading MLM niches. The company is headed up by founder and CEO Joshua Felts. BehindMLM recently came across Felts in our Manifest FX review. We flagged Manifest FX for securities fraud, noting co-founder Felts was based out of Georgia in the US. BehindMLM’s Manifest FX review [Continue reading…]

MTC Education Review: $200 a month crypto education

MTC Education fails to provide ownership or corporate information on its website. The company’s website domain (“”), was privately registered on November 17th, 2021. In an attempt to appear legitimate, MTC Education provides incorporation details for MTC Intellectual Limited and MTC Education PTY LTD. These appear to be shell companies, incorporated in Hong Kong and [Continue reading…]

Modere Review v2: Shifting retail in 2022? Not really.

A reader reached out wondering if Modere had rebooted itself as “Shifting Retail” (sometimes “social retail”). I looked into it and found it was just a new marketing campaign: Figuring BehindMLM’s original Modere review was published back in 2014, I figured it was a good excuse to revisit the company. One of the key criticisms [Continue reading…]