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Frequense Review: Pitcocks go solo with LaCore Enterprises

Frequense fails to provide ownership or executive information on its website. Frequense’s website domain (“”), was registered in June 2023. The private registration was last updated on December 21st, 2023. In Frequense’s website Terms and Conditions we find the Texas corporate address for LaCore Enterprises. The only reference to LaCore Enterprises on Frequense’s website is [Continue reading…]

Pruvit sues three distributors who left the company

Following Michael Rutherford’s disclosure that commissions have “dramatically decreased“, Pruvit is now suing distributors who’ve left the company.

Young NRG Review: LaCore Entp’s supps & personal care

Young NRG operates in the supplements and personal care MLM niches. The company is headed up by founder and CEO Chris Simonian. Back in 2021 Simonian was appointed President of Auvoria Prime: Auvoria Prime launched in 2020 as “the third attempt to sell use of a non-profitable trading bot to gullible victims.” In August 2023, [Continue reading…]

Rutherford & Underwood bury Pruvit bully hatchet

Michael Rutherford’s “Brian Underwood is a bully trying to steal my money!” lawsuit, has come to an unceremonious end. On July 19th Rutherford, Underwood and Pruvit informed the court;

Brian Underwood responds to Rutherford’s Pruvit lawsuit

Brian Underwood is attempting to intervene in a lawsuit filed by Michael Rutherford against Pruvit. In a Motion to Intervene filed on June 14th, Underwood claims he and Rutherford had “a longstanding agreement and de facto partnership”.

Pruvit sued for use of petrochemical derived flavoring

A June 5th class-action lawsuit filed in California alleges Pruvit uses a flavoring derived from petrochemicals. This is a problem because Pruvit claims its products contain “no artificial flavors”.

Michael Rutherford sues Pruvit after commissions suspended

Michael Rutherford has been a Pruvit affiliate for over eight years. Through “Ketones Rule”, Rutherford and his family live off “approximately $60,000 to $80,000” a month in generated Pruvit commissions. Allegedly without warning or prior notification, Pruvit stopped paying out Rutherford in April 2023. So far alleged owed commissions to Ketones Rule is $181,393 and [Continue reading…]

Tava & Terry LaCore sued for copyright infringement & fraud

Tava, owner Terry LaCore and CEO Kenny Lloyd have been sued for copyright infringement. Plaintiff Sonja Williams also accuses several Tava defendants of running a pyramid scheme. Tava’s founders, Kenny and Chante Lloyd … bill Tava as “a safe haven for everyone,” without further explanation, and have the gall to promote Tava as “not just [Continue reading…]

Youngevity’s Innov8tive Nutrition “no vitamins” suit dismissed

Youngevity’s renewed legal action against Dave and Barb Pitcock has come to an end. As per a March 22nd order, the Pitcocks and defendants Innov8tive Nutrition, LaCore Enterprises, LaCore Nutraceuticals and LaCore Labs prevailed on a motion to dismiss.

Does LaCore Enterprises have a lead contamination problem?

Yesterday I was researching an MLM company debuting a strip-delivery supplement. It reminded me a lot of Axis Klarity from Elomir, an MLM company launched under LaCore Enterprises last year. Wondering if LaCore Enterprises might be behind this other company, I ran a few searches to see if anything come up. I forget the exact [Continue reading…]