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Modere abandons Frequense cross-recruiters lawsuit

Modere has abandoned its lawsuit against three Frequense cross-recruiters.

Michael Rutherford sues Pruvit & Underwood… again.

Former Master Distributor Michael Rutherford has sued Pruvit and CEO Brian Underwood… again. The June 20th Texas filed lawsuit is the latest legal escalation between Rutherford and his former MLM company.

Terry LaCore, Underwood & Harding sell Pruvit to themselves

LaCore Enterprises owner Terry LaCore has sold Pruvit back to himself. Corporate restructuring is one thing but a June 18th press-release put out by Pruvit is highly misleading.

Perfectly Posh founder sues LaCore Enterprises over downfall

Perfectly Posh founder Ann Dalton has sued LaCore Enterprises and owner Terry LaCore. In a lawsuit originally filed back in March, Dalton accuses LaCore of engaging in conduct that hampered her ability to move on after resigning.

NuSpira Review: Mark & Kat Sterling go mushroom coffee

NuSpira operates in the nutritional supplement MLM niche. The company is headed up by co-founders Mark and Kat Sterling. Mark Sterling (right with Kat), last appeared on BehindMLM as co-founder and COO of TRVL. TRVL was a discounted travel MLM company launched in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Launched in late 2021, TRVL had [Continue reading…]

Modere fails to secure injunction over Frequense raiding

Modere has failed to secure an injunction over allegations of raiding by former promoters.

Perfectly Posh Review v2: Andrew McBride takes over as CEO

Perfectly Posh was launched in 2011 by founder Ann Dalton. The company sold a range of personal care products. Circa early 2020 Perfectly Posh was sold off to LaCore Enterprises. This is around the time BehindMLM published its Perfectly Posh review. In June 2022 LaCore Enterprises merged Perfectly Posh with Innov8tive Nutrition. This internal merger [Continue reading…]

Pruvit sues Michael Rutherford & Keisha O’Neal

Pruvit has filed a lawsuit against Michael Rutherford and Keisha O’Neal. In their lawsuit, Pruvit accuses Rutherford and O’Neal of soliciting Pruvit distributors for an undisclosed “separate business venture”. Pruvit asserts that as a result of their activity, Rutherford and O’Neal have breached the terms of settlement agreements reached last year.

Modere sues former top earners over Frequense recruitment

Modere has filed a federal lawsuit in Utah, accusing several former “high-ranking distributors” of poaching for Frequense.

Deana Lozano’s Pruvit case voluntarily dismissed

Deana Lozano has voluntarily dismissed her case against Pruvit. Lozano filed suit against Pruvit in June 2023. In her suit Lozano alleged Pruvit claimed its products contain “no artificial flavors”, but in fact used petrochemical derived flavoring.