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Does LaCore Enterprises have a lead contamination problem?

Yesterday I was researching an MLM company debuting a strip-delivery supplement. It reminded me a lot of Axis Klarity from Elomir, an MLM company launched under LaCore Enterprises last year. Wondering if LaCore Enterprises might be behind this other company, I ran a few searches to see if anything come up. I forget the exact [Continue reading…]

Provizion Global Review: Autoship pyramid scheme with retail?

Provizion Global operates in the nutritional supplement MLM niche. Provizion Global is part of LaCore Enterprises. Both companies are based out of Texas and owned by Terry LaCore. Heading up Provizion Global is CEO Rick S. Nelson (right). As per Nelson’s Provizion Global corporate bio; Rick is a direct selling enthusiast and an international business [Continue reading…]

Elomir’s Axis Klarity promoted as mental illness treatment

Elomir’s co-founders are promoting flagship product Axis Klarity as a treatment for mental illness. And that’s just the tip of the illegal medical claims iceberg…

bHip Global Review: LaCore Enterprises’ pay to play pyramid

While BehindMLM has a whole section on LaCore Enterprises, we’ve never actually reviewed Lacore’s first launch; bHip Global. bHip Global operates in the nutritional supplement MLM niche. The company was founded in 2007 and is based out of Texas in the US. BehindMLM first came across Terry LaCore back in 2013, as part of our [Continue reading…]

PlayCare Health Review: Heart rate monitor + nutrition supps

PlayCare Health is a LaCore Enterprises MLM company. The company combines the personal development and nutritional supplement MLM niches. PlayCare Health Inc. was incorporated in Texas in February 2022. Terry LaCore is listed as the sole Director of the company. While PlayCare Health and LaCore Enterprises are owned by LaCore, he typically doesn’t front the [Continue reading…]

Elomir Review: Nutritional strips with an illegal ingredient?

Elomir operates in the nutritional supplement MLM niche. The company claims it was “founded in 2021 by Toan and Van Nguyen.” Toan and Van Nguyen are presented as Elomir’s CEO executive team: Elomir was founded in 2021, but not by the Nguyens. Elomir was incorporated on September 9th, 2021, as Elomir INC in Texas. As opposed [Continue reading…]

VIP Global Stars: LaCore Enterprises “making VIP more accessible”

VIP Global Stars operates in the nutritional supplement MLM niche. The company is based out of Texas and owned by LaCore Enterprises. As is consistent with LaCore Enterprises companies, owner Terry LaCore does not front VIP Global Stars. Instead VIP Global Global Stars is headed up by co-CEOs Eric Caprarese and Larry Lane. BehindMLM last [Continue reading…]

LaCore Ent merges Perfectly Posh with Innov8tive Nutrition

LaCore Enterprises has merged its Perfectly Posh and Innov8ive Nutrition MLM companies. As per a recent communication sent out to distributors, Perfectly Posh’s “Home Office” advised;

Innov8tive Nutrition patches have no vitamins, alleges Youngevity

Having just settled a six-year long lawsuit against Dave and Barb Pitcock, Youngevity appears to be targeting them again. This time through Innov8tive Nutrition and parent company LaCore Enterprises. Oh and apparently Innov8tive Nutrition’s patches don’t contain what’s advertised, classifying them as unapproved drugs.

Was Amplifei sold off as a non-profitable company?

Last month it emerged Robert Oblon had sold off Amplifei to LaCore Enterprises. Details of the state of Amplifei have since emerged, suggesting the company failed to turn a profit.