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Joseph Cammarata sentenced to 6 years for tax fraud

Former Investview CEO Joseph Cammarata has been sentenced to six years in prison for tax fraud.

Joseph Cammarata’s SEC judgment tops $50.4 million

Joseph Cammarata has had Final Judgment entered against him in his SEC case. As per the January 23rd order, the former Investview CEO is up for $50.4 million in disgorgement.

Investview’s former accountant fined $400,000 over audits

Investview’s former accounts have been fined $400,000 for filing dodgy audits with the SEC. One individual accountant has also been fined $65,000 and barred from being associated with a registered public accounting firm.

Joseph Cammarata found guilty on all counts of tax fraud

Former Investview CEO Joseph Cammarata has been found guilty on all five counts of tax fraud.

Joe Cammarata accused of witness tampering in tax fraud case

Joseph Cammarata has been accused of witness tampering in his ongoing tax fraud cause. The DOJ alleges the former Investview CEO improperly communicated with one of his accomplices.

SEC secures summary judgment against Joseph Cammarata

The SEC has secured summary judgment against former Investview CEO Joseph Cammarata. Judgment was ordered on two counts of alleged securities fraud on August 31st.

iGenius, DreamTrips & Jifu under investigation in Poland

iGenius, DreamTrips and Jifu are under investigation in Poland. The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK), is specifically investigating whether these companies are pyramid schemes.

Joseph Cammarata sentenced to 10 years for recovery fraud

Former Investview CEO Joseph Cammarata has been sentenced to ten years in prison for recovery scamming. Cammarata will also have to pay $31.2 million in restitution.

Joseph Cammarata denied recovery scam acquittal

Former Investview CEO Joseph Cammarata has had his bid for an acquittal denied. In a February 21st filed motion, Cammarata sought to reverse being convicted of mail and wire fraud conspiracy, wire fraud, money laundering and conspiracy to commit money laundering last November. On May 30th Cammarata’s post-trial motion was denied.

Joseph Cammarata is having trouble with his lawyers

Former Investview CEO Joseph Cammarata is having ongoing financial difficulties with his lawyers. The court previously approved $2 million in legal fees be carved out of an asset freeze. Cammarata claims those funds were exhausted prior to his first criminal trial.