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Joseph Cammarata is having trouble with his lawyers

Former Investview CEO Joseph Cammarata is having ongoing financial difficulties with his lawyers. The court previously approved $2 million in legal fees be carved out of an asset freeze. Cammarata claims those funds were exhausted prior to his first criminal trial.

Joseph Cammarata indicted again for tax fraud

Having been convicted of wire fraud and money laundering, former Investview CEO Joseph Cammarata now faces tax fraud criminal charges.

Joseph Cammarata’s SEC securities fraud case reopened

Former Investview CEO Joseph Cammarata’s SEC civil fraud case has been reopened. The case, in which Cammarata is alleged to have misappropriated “at least $40 million” through recovery scams, was stayed back in February pending the outcome of parallel criminal proceedings.

Joseph Cammarata found guilty of recovery scam fraud

Joseph Cammarata has been found guilty in connection to a securities fraud scheme.

Joseph Cammarata bails on iGenius’ NDAU, “too volatile”

One of Joseph Cammarata’s initiatives as Investview’s CEO was integrating it into iGenius’ MLM opportunity. To that end the company put out a June 2021 press-release; Investview … is shifting its attention to ndau. The company, which has seen new highs in monthly gross revenues and net profits in Q1 2021, is betting on ndau [Continue reading…]

Joseph Cammarata hit with superseding indictment

Former Investview CEO Joseph Cammarata has been hit with a superseding indictment. The indictment is dated September 8th, and adds wire fraud and money laundering charges to Cammarata’s alleged rap sheet.

DOJ responds to Joseph Cammarata’s meltdown letter

The minute entry for civil proceedings held before Judge Kenney in the SEC’s civil case on July 6th remain sealed. In the parallel criminal case filed against Joseph Cammarata, the DOJ has filed a response to his meltdown letter.

Joseph Cammarata sends meltdown letter to Judge

Joseph Cammarata seems to be suffering from a severe case of “I’m the center of the universe” syndrome. To that end on July 5th, Cammarata filed a pompous dummy-spit letter to the Judge hearing his case. Get your popcorn ready and prepare to read a gloriously delicious meltdown.

Investview’s Joseph Cammarata caught trying to flee US

Former Investview CEO Joseph Cammarata was caught trying to flee the US. Consequently Cammarata has had his bond revoked and is back in prison.

Investview lies about iGenius trading bot in new compliance docs

Following on from the SEC subpoenaing Investview for information on their iGenius opportunity, the company has come out with new compliance documentation. There is of course no reference to iGenius’ passive returns trading bot. In fact iGenius flat out lies about the offering altogether.