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Olayan to focus on Nui International Ponzi, “leaves” Appliqate

In an attempt to distance itself… from itself, Darren Olayan has resigned from Nui’s parent shell company Appliqate. Nui’s company history is intentionally convoluted. At present the only thing going for Nui is Nui International.

R Network committing securities fraud thru “stock ownership”

In a recent official R Network marketing video, a “common stock ownership” scheme was pitched to prospective affiliates. Neither R Network or their executives are registered with the SEC, meaning the offer constitutes securities fraud.

Nui tries to censor criticism in Brazil, loses in court

Nui’s “Nui International” Ponzi scheme is particularly popular in Brazil. As I write this Alexa estimates 44% of traffic to Nui International’s website originates from Brazil. Not everyone is on board though. Last October the YouTube channel “Reis das Financas” published a general alert on Nui Social. A followup video was published back in February. [Continue reading…]

Nui served securities fraud C&D in Montana last Sep.

From time to time I run a few searches to check up on our cast of characters. Last night I came across an interesting search result. Turns out Montana served Nui a securities fraud cease and desist last September. In hindsight, this goes a long way to explain Darren Olayan’s subsequent disappearance and the whole [Continue reading…]

R Network Review: RevvCard not launching for another eight months?

Despite not having an attached product or service till at least Christmas 2019, Richard Smith is gearing up to launch R Network. What will R Network pay commissions on without an attached product or service? Glad you asked. Read on for a full review of the R Network MLM opportunity.

Nui co-founder behind The Digital Vault and RevvCard?

As I was doing my research for our article yesterday on Nui’s arguably pointless CompChain, I came across a corporate blog post that piqued my interest. Titled “ATTN: Important Clarifications for Nui Members”, here’s an update Nui pushed out to affiliates on March 11th; The Digital Vault Is Not Associated with Nui You may have [Continue reading…]

Nui launches CompChain with pyramid recruitment & COCO altcoin

Another day, another excuse to ram crypto buzzwords down the throats of the MLM community. Why Compchain? Compchain is changing the scope of networking as we know it. Built on immutable blockchain technology, Compchain allows you to lock in your network for life, and tap into new products and opportunities as they’re added to the [Continue reading…]

Nui gambling investor funds over unregistered securities outside Texas

Following Nui’s fine for securities fraud violations in Texas it should be clear that, in order to operate legally in the US, Nui needs to register its securities offering. Instead of doing that though, the company is pushing ahead – on the gamble that other states and the SEC will not take any further action [Continue reading…]

Nui fined $25,000 for securities fraud in Texas

The state of Texas has slapped Nui with a $25,000 securities fraud fine. The company has also agreed to cease offering unregistered securities to Texas residents.

Nui launches kala cloud mining despite securities fraud cease & desist

It’s pretty established now that MLM cryptocurrency cloud mining opportunities are a security. Which makes Nui’s new kala mining offering all the more unbelievable.