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Andre & Monique Vaughn sued for tax fraud

Back in 2018 then Wakaya Perfection leader Andre Vaughn and wife Monique were indicted on bankruptcy fraud charges. Unknown to BehindMLM is another federal lawsuit filed in 2021, this time alleging tax fraud.

TranzactCard’s Z-Club reselling Walmart products?

A directory on TranzactCard’s website suggests its Z-Store is stocked with Walmart products. As opposed to an actual ecommerce competitor (Amazon, eBay etc.), this would make TranzactCard nothing more than a Walmart affiliate.

TranzactCard hides bank details from consumers (FTC Act?)

TranzactCard is hiding purported US banking details from consumers – both affiliates and potential affiliates. Typically an MLM company’s banking channels aren’t of interest, with TranzactCard though this is crucial info as it factors heavily into their marketing.

Richard Smith reportedly resigns from TranzactCard

As part of TranzactCard’s launch events, co-founder Richard Smith has reportedly resigned as CEO. One would think a co-founder stepping down warrant an official announcement, but as far as I can tell TranzactCard hasn’t made one.

TranzactCard’s bizarre Trump/Obama marketing claim

BehindMLM first reported on bizarre marketing claims out of the TranzactCard camp back in July. We noted TranzactCard affiliates were running around claiming the MLM opportunity was “backed by Obama, Trump (and) LeBron James”. What we couldn’t establish was the source of these bizarre claims. Now, in footage uploaded to YouTube, TranzardCard owner Richard Smith [Continue reading…]

Randy Schroeder has a meltdown over TranzactCard reporting

Kannaway Crown Ambassador Randy Schroeder isn’t happy with BehindMLM reporting on TranzactCard. Towards the end of a September 4th YouTube video, covering the same TranzactCard updates we’ve reported on, Schroeder had a bit of a meltdown.

TranzactCard loses US banking services

Two months out from launch, TranzactCard has lost access to its US banking processors. In BehindMLM’s published June 2023 TranzactCard review, we noted VISA cards acquired through Evolve Bank and Trust N.A. and CBW Bank. Solid is also part of the mix. TranzactCard acknowledged its US banking issues in an email sent out on August [Continue reading…]

Kannaway sells distributor & customer info to TranzactCard

Kannaway appears to have sold its distributor and customer database to TranzactCard. This is based on a communication sent out by Kannaway earlier this week, advising distributors and customers they’ve been “pre-enrolled into Tranzact’s system”. As BehindMLM understands it, this was done without prior notice or consent of Kannaway’s distributors and customers.

TranzactCard backed by Obama, Trump & Lebron James?

A promoter is claiming TranzactCard is “backed by Obama, Trump (and) LeBron James”. The bizarre claim was made last month on AI Change Crusader, a website owned by Adriane Mayes.

iHub Global victims being funneled into TranzactCard

Following a series of launch disasters, iHub Global victims are now being funnelled into TranzactCard.