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FTC sends 379 MLM companies deceptive/unfair conduct notices

The FTC has issued at least 379 MLM companies with deceptive and/or unfair conduct notices. This was announced by the FTC on October 26th. If it slipped under your radar, you’re not alone. I learned of the FTC’s announcement via a tip sent in by a reader. At first I thought there was some funny [Continue reading…]

Sisel Co-Founder: OneCoin is an “illegal scam”

There’s one aspect of our “community of entrepreneurs” that’s sadly lacking. We’ve got the marketing down pat, the self-promotion, the encouragement, personal development and training is available in abundance. But self-regulation? Not so much. Why exactly self-regulation lags so far behind the other aspects of the MLM community is debatable, but it’s certainly noticeable inside and [Continue reading…]

Sisel Compensation Plan v2.0 Review

I first reviewed Sisel back in April 2012 and hit the company hard over its ridiculous compensation plan material: Nothing prepared me for the absurd complexity and unnecessary headache that is the Sisel compensation plan. After four or five days of trying to get my head around it I finally think I managed to present [Continue reading…]

Sisel Review: An overly complex compensation plan

Truth be told, there’s enough background information on Sisel International to write a stand-alone article on but in the interests of reviewing Sisel, I’ll try to break it down into as concise a picture as possible. Way back in 1987, Thomas Mower and his wife Leslie D. Mower founded the MLM company ‘Images and Attitudes’. [Continue reading…]