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OneCoin’s Mark Scott sentenced to 10 years in prison

OneCoin money launderer Mark Scott, 55, has been sentenced to ten years in prison.

New Zealand authorities seize Frank Schneider’s assets

New Zealand authorities have seized a house and $462,000 in cash. The assets are believed to belong to OneCoin fugitive Frank Schneider.

Kari Wahlroos tells OneCoin victims to “kiss my ass”

Some top earners at least pretend to be remorseful about the millions they stole through OneCoin. Then there’s Kari Wahlroos, who in an upcoming documentary tells OneCoin victims to “kiss my ass”. Wahlroos, a Finnish national who describes himself as “one of the grandmaster orchestrators” of OneCoin, is set to feature in “OneCoin – The [Continue reading…]

OneCoin’s Frank Ricketts sentenced to 5 years in prison

A German court has sentenced OneCoin promoter and money launderer Frank Ricketts to five years in prison. As tweeted by Johan von Mirbach, producer of the CryptoQueen docu series, Ricketts’ wife Manon Hubenthal received four years. Disgraced attorney Martin Breidenbach, who assisted Ricketts and Hubenthal with laundering OneCoin Ponzi funds, was sentenced to two years [Continue reading…]

Bulgaria drops Nexo investigation, no evidence of fraud

Bulgarian authorities have dropped an investigation into Nexo. Nexo was a non-MLM crypto Ponzi pitching passive returns of up to 10% annually. Despite not being registered to offer securities in Bulgaria and thus operating illegally, in closing their investigation the Prosecutor’s Office claimed they found

OneCoin’s Irina Dilkinska consents to $111 mill judgment

OneCoin’s Irina Dilkinska has consented to a $111,440,000 monetary judgment. The judgment follows Dilkinska’s guilty plea last month.

UK refuses to extradite OneCoin’s Christopher Hamilton

A UK court has refused extradition of Christopher Hamilton to the US. Hamilton was indicted back in 2019. He stands accused of laundering over $100 million in stolen OneCoin Ponzi funds.

OneCoin’s Irina Dilkinska pleads guilty to criminal charges

OneCoin executive Irina Dilkinska has pled guilty to wire fraud and money laundering. Following an original not guilty plea, entered after her extradition from Bulgaria in March 2023, Dilkinska pled guilty to charges in a November 9th superseding indictment.

OneCoin’s Mark Scott denied motion for new trial

Following his conviction in November 2019, OneCoin money launderer Mark Scott filed for an acquittal orĀ  new trial in February 2020. With a decision on that motion pending, new information regarding Konstantin Ignatov perjuring himself saw Scott file a supplemental motion for a new trial in August 2021. (Scott) argued that, had the jury known [Continue reading…]

OneCoin’s Sebastian Greenwood sentenced to 20 years

OneCoin co-founder Sebastian Greenwood has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. Citing the need for “general deterrence” against MLM Ponzi schemes, Judge Ramos handed down Greenwood’s sentence on September 12th.