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OneCoin claims no Ponzi because IMAs scammed, not consumers

OneCoin has stopped defending its fraudulent business model. Instead, the company now claims it’s not a Ponzi pyramid scheme because only IMAs were scammed.

OneCoin victim class-action lawsuit filed in New York

A proposed class-action lawsuit has been filed against OneCoin in New York. The opening introduction of the complaint quotes Manhattan U.S. Attorney Geoffrey S. Berman, and pretty much says it all; [They] created a multi-billion-dollar “cryptocurrency” company based completely on lies and deceit. They promised big returns and minimal risk, but … this business was [Continue reading…]

OneCoin money laundering arrests in London, UK

No offense to Jen McAdam… but talk about burying the lead. In an “exclusive” interview with McAdam, the UK’s Metro has revealed three OneCoin arrests in London over March and April.

Konstantin indictment stay suggests DOJ cooperation

Under the Speedy Trial Act, the DOJ had until April 26th to file an indictment or information pertaining to Konstantin Ignatov. An April 26th filing reveals continues negotiations between Konstantin’s attorney and the DOJ.

OneCoin scammers used NZ and AU to circumvent Samoan ban

After Samoan authorities banned OneCoin transactions in mid 2018, local promoters began laundering funds through New Zealand. This caught the attention of New Zealand authorities, who detailed the operation in a 124 page intelligence report.

Poland offers to file charges against OneCoin scammer, seeks victims

If you’re a OneCoin victim in Poland, you might be able to recover your losses via criminal proceedings. The Szczecin District Prosecutors Office has offered to go after OneCoin scammers. They just need victims to speak up.

OneCoin promoters arrested in Singapore, regulatory warning

Two OneCoin promoters have been arrested in Singapore, on the charges related to “pyramid selling”.

Three OneCoin affiliates in Finland facing criminal prosecution

Years of Ponzi scamming through OneCoin is catching up with scammers. Following news of €400,000 in tax fraud in Romania, now OneCoin affiliates are being arrested in Finland for the same crime.

Konstantin transferred to New York, who is “sealed defendant 1”?

Following detainment after his arrest in California, OneCoin’s Konstantin Ignatov has been transferred to New York.

€400,000 EUR OneCoin tax fraud recovery sought in Romania

OneCoin affiliates in Romania have attracted the attention of authorities, who are looking to recover €400,000 in unpaid taxes.