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Finnish OneCoin scammer’s tax fraud trial begins today

A OneCoin scammer in Finland who dodged their taxes is facing trial today. The unnamed man, along with four accomplices, was indicted on charges relating to tax fraud earlier this year.

Mark Scott considering OneCoin conviction acquittal motion

A letter filed with the court reveals Mark Scott’s legal team are pondering two post-conviction motions.

OneCoin lawyer claims Konstantin Ignatov released

In recent email correspondence with Norwegian press, OneCoin lawyer Per Danielsen had a lot to say on recent events.

Two more OneCoin domains offline, under investigation

Two more of OneCoin’s website domains have been pulled offline. DNS records reveal the domains were pulled due to an investigation by domain registry EurID.

OneCoin website down, DNS record under investigation

OneCoin’s website has gone offline. DNS records show that while the company still owns the website domain, it is now under investigation.

Bridle tightens on Amer Abdulaziz’s Phoenix Fund lies

Phoenix Fund owner Amer Abdulaziz Salman is feeling the heat after Konstantin Ignatov shed light on his involvement in OneCoin. According to the former OneCoin CEO, Abdulaziz used Phoenix Fund to help mark Scott launder $110 million dollars.

David Pike, second OneCoin money launderer arrested

US authorities have arrested a second OneCoin money launderer, David R. Pike. Pike worked with convicted OneCoin money launderer Mark S. Scott. He was apprehended after lying to federal agents about laundered OneCoin money.

Mark Scott guilty, OneCoin’s Bulgaria office cleared out

In a verdict that will likely surprise no one, a jury has found Mark Scott guilty of laundering money for OneCoin.

Ruja Ignatova’s warning underscores OneCoin mafia ties

A secretly recorded conversation between Ruja Ignatova and Gilberto Armenta, her boyfriend, underscores links between OneCoin and organized crime.

Details of Konstantin Ignatov’s OneCoin guilty plea

Courtesy of Matthew Russell Lee from the Inner City Press, details of Konstantin Ignatov’s guilty plea have been made public.