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Mark Scott using document privilege to waste time in OneCoin case

Mark Scott’s attempts to hide evidence from the government continues… At issue now are documents Scott claims are privileged, despite having been cleared by an independent taint team.

OneCoin scammers hold event in Italy, authorities make arrests

OneCoin scammers in Italy held an event in Verona over the past few days. As those in attendance arrived at the airport to leave Italy after the event, authorities swooped in and made several arrests.

Konstantin Ignatov denied release, will stay locked up till OneCoin trial

Despite a last-minute letter desperately attempting to diminish his role within OneCoin, Konstantin Ignatov has been denied pre-trial release.

Hearing transcript confirms OneCoin’s ties to European organized crime

Rumors of OneCoin’s ties to organized crime have persisted ever since authorities around the world began cracking down on the scheme. No alternative explanation has surfaced as to why to date Bulgarian authorities have failed to shut OneCoin down. Or how the company’s executives and top promoters were able to travel the world with impunity. [Continue reading…]

DOJ wants to keep Ignatov behind bars pending OneCoin trial

Konstantin Ignatov’s hopes of a smooth pre-trial release have been dashed, following a damning opposition filing. According to the DOJ, there are no bail conditions that would assure Ignatov won’t flee the US.

Konstantin Ignatov’s detention hearing likely delayed till Friday

According to a letter to the Judge filed by Konstantin Ignatov’s attorney, a detention hearing was scheduled for June 25th. Ignatov’s attorney has requested an adjournment, allowing for time to review “the government’s submission with the defendant”.

Konstantin Ignatov wants out of prison, requests pre-trial release

Specific details of OneCoin defendant Konstantin Ignatov’s June 6th preliminary hearing appear to be under seal. What we do know is Ignatov’s potential bail was discussed, as revealed in a motion letter filed on June 18th.

NZ church laundered millions thru OneCoin while under investigation

The Samoan Seventh Day Adventist Church in New Zealand has come under fire, for allegedly laundering millions of dollars through the OneCoin Ponzi scheme.

Konstantin Ignatov pleads not guilty to OneCoin wire fraud

Konstantin Ignatov’s preliminary hearing went ahead as scheduled on May 28th. In his capacity as “the top leader” of OneCoin, the DOJ charged Ignatov with conspiracy to commit wire fraud back in March. As per the Minute Entry for the hearing, Ignatov has plead not guilty to the charge.

OneCoin investment scam warning issued in Rwanda

Rwanda is the latest country to issue an investment scam warning against the OneCoin Ponzi scheme.