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Youngevity abandons Jamberry, Beneyou & Mialisia products

Youngevity has advised distributors that it will be abandoning its acquired Jamberry Nails, Beneyou and Mialisia nail care and jewelry product lines.

Youngevity’s Innov8tive Nutrition “no vitamins” suit dismissed

Youngevity’s renewed legal action against Dave and Barb Pitcock has come to an end. As per a March 22nd order, the Pitcocks and defendants Innov8tive Nutrition, LaCore Enterprises, LaCore Nutraceuticals and LaCore Labs prevailed on a motion to dismiss.

8 Minute Trader Review: Inside Youngevity’s forex opp

Youngevity’s foray into forex trading popped up on BehindMLM’s radar back in January. We didn’t have a company name but knew Sal Leto was involved. Leto’s past raised a red flag but we didn’t see anything overtly out of compliance. In July 2022 Youngevity’s forex offering was given the name 8 Minute Trader. A launch [Continue reading…]

Youngevity the new BlackOxygen Organics, reports TINA

TINA has published a disturbing report, framing Youngevity as a continuation of BlackOxygen Organics.

CashFX Group locking accounts, scammers cry over “losses”

The drawn out exit-scam following CashFX Group’s collapse continues. The latest has seen top investor accounts terminated. The scammers that own the accounts are crying over their “losses”.

8 Minute Trader: Youngevity’s new trading opp

Back in January BehindMLM covered Youngevity’s foray into forex trading. The original offering was called Max Trader’s Academy, headed up by former OneCoin promoter Sal Leto. Attached to Max Trader’s Academy was Max Indicator. The MAX Indicator is an Artificial Intelligent [sic] oriented software application known an “Indicator”. The software is designed to scan the fluctuation of [Continue reading…]

Innov8tive Nutrition patches have no vitamins, alleges Youngevity

Having just settled a six-year long lawsuit against Dave and Barb Pitcock, Youngevity appears to be targeting them again. This time through Innov8tive Nutrition and parent company LaCore Enterprises. Oh and apparently Innov8tive Nutrition’s patches don’t contain what’s advertised, classifying them as unapproved drugs.

Andre Vaughn’s bankruptcy settles Youngevity lawsuit

Andre Vaughn’s Feb 2022 Chapter 7 bankruptcy has resulted in a settlement agreement with Youngevity.

Dave and Barb Pitcock settle Youngevity lawsuit

Dave and Barb Pitcock have settled the lawsuit Youngevity filed against them. Details of the settlement have not been made public.

Youngevity offering forex trading… with Sal Leto?

If Youngevity marketing forex trading wasn’t strange enough, they’d apparently partnered up with Sal Leto. Yes, that Sal Leto.