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FutureNet’s Roman Ziemian flees Italy after arrest

There have been no updates on FutureNet co-founder Roman Ziemian since his arrest in Italy. We’ve now learned that because, after arresting him, Italian authorities released Ziemian pending extradition. Moments after Italian authorities unlocked Ziemian’s cuffs, he of course promptly fled the country.

FutureNet’s Stephan Morgenstern re-arrested in Albania

Last October FutureNet Ponzi co-founder Stephan Morgenstern was arrested in Greece. South Korean authorities had obtained an international arrest warrant, pertaining to Morgenstern defrauding consumers through FutureNet. Despite Morgenstern being charged with stealing over $30 million, Greek authorities thought it’d be a good idea to release him pending extradition. Morgenstern promptly fled to neighboring Albania, [Continue reading…]

FutureNet co-founder Stephan Morgenstern arrested in Greece

FutureNet Ponzi co-founder Stephan Morgenstern has been arrested in Greece. Morgenstern’s arrest was part of a joint operation that took place on October 26th.

FutureNet Ponzi co-founder Roman Ziemian arrested in Italy

FutureNet co-founder Roman Ziemian has been arrested in Italy. Italian authorities dragged Ziemian from a podium win, cup in hand and still in his racing kit, on a South Korean arrest warrant.

FutureNet Ponzi scammer opens luxury car garage in Dubai

FutureNet Ponzi co-founder Stephan Morgenstern has opened up a luxury car garage in Dubai.

FTC sends 379 MLM companies deceptive/unfair conduct notices

The FTC has issued at least 379 MLM companies with deceptive and/or unfair conduct notices. This was announced by the FTC on October 26th. If it slipped under your radar, you’re not alone. I learned of the FTC’s announcement via a tip sent in by a reader. At first I thought there was some funny [Continue reading…]

FutureNet announces Ponzi reboot through FuturoCoin fork

FuturoCoin markets itself as “the most innovative cryptocurrency”. In reality FuturoCoin was nothing more than a Ponzi exit-scam for FutureNet’s owners and top investors. Having milked their current crop of gullible investors dry, FutureNet are now hoping to reboot their failed cryptocurrency.

FutureNet consumer protection warning issued in Austria

VKI, Austria’s top consumer protection organization, has issued a warning against participation in FutureNet. According to VKI, FutureNet has the characteristics of a Ponzi/pyramid hybrid scheme.

FutureNet scam warning issued in Poland, prosecutors investigating

Poland’s Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK), has issued a pyramid scheme warning for FutureNet and associated companies.

AM Redbull F1 accepts FutureNet Ponzi sponsorship, ignores concerns

The latest attempt by an MLM scam to legitimize itself via association, will see FutureNet sponsor an F1 team for two years. Aston Martin Red Bull don’t seem to mind that sponsorship funds they’ll be receiving are proceeds of a global Ponzi scheme.