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OneCoin money launderer David Pike to plead guilty

Via a letter addressed to the court, David Pike’s attorneys have confirmed the OneCoin money launderer intends to plead guilty.

AirBit Club website blocked in Italy following fraud warning

AirBit Club has been banned in Italy following a securities fraud warning issued by CONSOB. CONSOB is Italy’s SEC equivalent. The regulator issued a securities fraud warning against AirBit Club on March 30th.

Cardiffs found in contempt, dodge prison due to COVID-19

Jason and Eunjung Cardiff have once again been found in contempt of court. Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the pair have been spared prison time.

iPro Network pulling exchange exit-scam amid SEC litigation

If the company’s official Twitter account is to be believed, iPro Network is in the midst of pulling another exchange exit-scam. This is the same iPro Network that was sued by the SEC eleven months ago.

Cash FX Group withdraw delays suggest imminent collapse

Withdrawal delays suggest the Cash FX Group Ponzi scheme is on the verge of collapse. CEO Huascar Lopez addressed Cash FX Group’s ongoing withdrawal delays in an email sent out to investors.

Tanzanian prosecutors to recover $6.9 mill in OneCoin funds

As part of an ongoing investigation, prosecutors in Tanzania have moved to recover $6.9 million in stolen OneCoin investor funds.

BitClub Network scammers denied COVID-19 release

BitClub Network scammers Matthew Goettsche and Joby Weeks have been denied temporary release from prison. The pair had asked to be released based on “particularly harmful implications” related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mark Scott released from prison over medical concerns

OneCoin money launderer Mark Scott has been released from prison. The decision was made on the basis of Scott’s current medical condition and concerns over the coronavirus pandemic.

Isagenix attorney confirms corporate Amazon sales strategy

A week or so ago Isagenix co-founder Jim Coover stated: Isagenix has never actively promoted products on Amazon or encouraged others to do the same. Now Isagenix’s Chief Legal Officer has confirmed a corporate-level Amazon sales strategy.

The Isagenix Amazon retail racket receipts

Last week we reported on a lawsuit alleging Isagenix corporate were in on a secret Amazon/eBay retail racket. A few days after news of the lawsuit broke, Isagenix co-founder Jim Coover appeared on a leadership call to deny the allegations. Today we examine evidence that suggests otherwise.