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Deloitte denies Freidl Hubert’s billion dollar Lyoness valuation

In a recent Lyoness webinar, company Hubert Friedl made the claim that Deloitte had valued Lyoness at over a billion dollars. BE Conflict Management reached out to Deloitte for confirmation, only to have them deny Hubert’s claim.

AMG decision puts Redwood injunction on the line

As per our last update, Jason Cardiff had been given until May to secure VPL Medical mask contracts. Failing which the Redwood Receiver had been directed to cease funding the company’s operation. Since then we’ve also had the AMG Supreme Court decision, further complicating proceedings.

EndoTech, CashFX Group & MTI warnings from Belgium

Belgium’s Financial Services and Markets Authority has issued securities fraud notices against EndoTech, CashFX Group and Mirror Trading International. As per the FSMA, EndoTech, CashFX Group and MTI are offering what they refer to as “expert advisors” schemes.

OneCoin scammer Muhammad Zafar arrested in Pakistan

Muhammad Zafar, one of OneCoin’s top earners, has been arrested in Pakistan. Zafar is facing fraud charges in relation to his promotion of “OneCoin and others”.

Success by Health seeks reversal of preliminary injunction

The recent AMG Supreme Court decision has created a headache for the FTC. Following the decision, Success by Health now seek to dissolve the granted preliminary injunction. SBH also wants the Receivership to return any funds obtained as fees paid by the company.

BaFin investigating German OneCoin promoter’s website

After four years of literally doing nothing, BaFin are investigating a German OneCoin promoter’s website.

Top Lyoness distributor suing over position sale

Silvio Spangl was a Lyoness promoter for nine years. He rose to President, Lyoness’ highest distributor rank. As part of his leadership, Spangl focused on growth of Lyoness across the Americas. He claims to have had over 250,000 distributors in his downline. Last year Spangl left Lyoness. As part of legal efforts to get Lyoness [Continue reading…]

Ben Quigley bails on Gifting Communities

Ben Quigley has announced he’s bailing from his Gifting Communities scheme. The announcement was made in a “members only” April 28th Gifting Communities webinar.

OneCoin money launderer Frank Schneider arrested in France

Frank Schneider, a key figure in OneCoin’s money laundering operations, has been arrested in France. Schneider is also believed to have tipped off Ruja Ignatova about the FBI investigation, leading to her disappearance.

Lado Okhotnikov: Securities regulators don’t understand law

Collapsed Forsage Ponzi scheme founder Lado Okhotnikov, evidently believes securities regulators don’t understand securities law. Okhotnikov’s claims follow two securities fraud warnings issued against Forsage over the past twelve months.