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Wiseling hired 16 yo Finnish boy to translate

When it launched Wiseling represented it was based out of Finland. This was problem, because Wiseling was run by Russian scammers. The Solution? Wiseling hired a 16 yo boy on Fivver, to translate in a way that “sounds natural to those who speak Finnish as their mother tongue”.

Beurax scammers’ denial coping is hilarious

In the wake of Beurax’s collapse and widespread investor losses, two prominent ringleaders have tried to make sense of it. The result is a hilarious stream of excuses and contradictory denials.

Aplex VA scam warning issued in New Zealand

Aplex VA has received a scam warning from New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority. Aplex VA is/was part of the Throne Legacy Capital Ponzi scheme.

Globalytics Tech Research is Jubilee Ace Ponzi rebooted

The collapsed Jubilee Ace Ponzi scheme has been rebooted as Globalytics Tech Research. Jubilee Ace was a Ponzi scheme launched in mid 2019. Headed up by Boris CEO “Tony Jackson”, Jubilee Ace is believed to have been run by south-east Asians, Germans, or a combination of the two.

Wiseling CEO Matias Lappo confirmed Russian actor

Following on from identifying where Wiseling shot its staged marketing videos, BehindMLM can now confirm the identity of the actor playing Matias Lappo. I received a tipoff on Lappo’s identity from Javier Saavedra. The photo I was sent is presented below:

CashFX Group securities fraud warning in Manitoba, Canada

CashFX Group has received a securities fraud warning from the Manitoba Securities Commission.

EvoRich scam warning issued in New Zealand

EvoRich has received a securities fraud warning from New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority. According to the FMA, EvoRich is offering financial services to New Zealand residents through social media and other New Zealand residents without being a registered financial service provider in New Zealand. The regulator notes EvoRich’s ties to Skyway Capital;

My Daily Choice sues Arieyl “launch team” distributors

As part of their lawsuit against Arieyl and founders Kristen and Travis Butler, My Daily Choice filed a notice of related cases on March 1st. Cases detailed in the notice pertain to individual lawsuits filed against Arieyl “launch team” distributors.

Kristijan Krstic indicted again in New York on Bitcoiin charges

After being indicted in Texas last July, prosecutors in New York have now filed a second indictment against Kristijan Krstic.

Beurax collapses after executives outed as actors

The Beurax Ponzi scheme has collapsed, following an announcement that withdrawals are suspended effective immediately.