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The Prosperity Grid gifting scheme collapsing, entry cost slashed

The Prosperity Grid gifting scheme is collapsing. Rather than just acknowledge math is math and every gifting scheme eventually collapses, The Prosperity Grid participants are being blamed for not recruiting.

Paparazzi granted prelim injunction against ex-employee leaks

Paparazzi has secured a preliminary injunction against a former employee and consultants.

Faraday Hosseinipour plays shameless race card Ponzi defense

Staring down the very real prospect of years in prison, on May 4th Infinity2Global defendant Faraday Hosseinipour filed a motion to dismiss. In her filing Hosseinipour shamelessly claiming she and her fellow promoter defendants have been racially profiled.

Richard J. Anzalone pleads guilty to Infinity2Global fraud

Two months out from his scheduled trial, Richard J. Anzalone has plead guilty to one Infinity2Global Ponzi fraud charge. Anzalone is the first of seven criminal defendants to take a guilty plea.

Second OmegaPro website added to France’s fraud blacklist

France has added as second OmegaPro related website to its fraud blacklist.

Mining Capital Coin preliminary injunction likely to be granted

I’m not 100% on the specifics but there’s been a procedural change regarding Mining Capital Coin’s preliminary injunction. Back on May 10th the case docket reflected a preliminary injunction hearing was schedule for May 19th. Instead, a “report and recommendation” (R&R) was filed by a Magistrate Judge on May 18th. The good news is the [Continue reading…]

Swapnex exit-scam complete, website pulled & COTP blamed?

After four days of waiting for “number to go up”, the scammers behind Swapnex have given up and pulled the plug. I’m not sure why, but they’re also trying to pin the blame on COTP.

Xifra Ponzi collapses, rebooted as Decentra & fleeing to Dubai

Xifra Lifestyle has collapsed. Investors report withdrawals problems beginning late April. Now the Ponzi scheme is purportedly gearing up to reboot as Decentra.

My Trader Coin & Now Mining securities fraud fines in Arizona

My Trader Coin, Now Mining and the scammers behind it have been fined for securities fraud by Arizona’s Corporation Commission.

Xifra Lifestyle fined $49,321 for securities fraud in Mexico

Xifra Lifestyle has been fined $985,820 MXN for securities fraud violations in Mexico.