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Prelim injunction granted against 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle scammers

Following an eleventh hour stipulation by the FTC and 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle defendants, a preliminary injunction has been granted.

Daniel Filho competent enough to continue scamming DFRF victims?

In June 2018 Daniel Filho was declared incompetent to stand trial. A year later Filho appears to have made a miraculous recovery. He’s communicating with DFRF Enterprises victims and appears to be planning a comeback.

Valentus SlimRoast coffee tests positive for amphetamines

Feeling perked up after a cup of Valentus’ SlimRoast coffee? Turns out that might not just be a caffeine rush you’re feeling…

FTC denied default judgment against MOBE corporate defendants

Back in February default was entered against Matt Lloyd and the MOBE corporate defendants. Citing communication misunderstandings, Lloyd managed to get his entry of default set aside in April. Default against the MOBE corporate defendants still stood however, prompting the FTC to file for default judgment in early May. In a July 1st order the [Continue reading…]

Mark Scott using document privilege to waste time in OneCoin case

Mark Scott’s attempts to hide evidence from the government continues… At issue now are documents Scott claims are privileged, despite having been cleared by an independent taint team.

Weenzee Ponzi scheme collapses, website pulled offline

Sometime over the past 24 hours the Weenzee Ponzi scheme collapsed. Since then the company’s admins have done a runner and pulled Weenzee’s website offline.

KaratBars holds July 4th hype event, KaratGold Coin dumps 62%

In a desperate bid to prop up its ethereum-based KaratGold Coin shitcoin, Karatbars International held a “Gold Independence” event on July 4th. Since the event, KaratGold Coin has dumped from a July 3rd 12.6 cent high, down to 4.9 cents.

CryptoBit securities fraud cease and desist issued in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Securities Division has issued a securities fraud cease and desist against CryptoBit and one of its executives.

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle defendants denied living expenses carveout

On July 2nd the 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle defendants sought relief from a court-ordered asset freeze. The defendants argued that their use of the frozen assets to pay lawyers and personal expenses outweigh(ed) any public interest in preserving frozen assets for deceived consumers. Not surprisingly, the motion was denied.

Monique Vaughn sentenced to three years probation

Monique Vaughn, wife of Wakaya Perfection Founding Ambassador Andre Vaughn, has been sentenced to three years probation.