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Third CashFX Group fraud warning issued in Norway

Norwegian authorities have issued a third CashFX Group fraud warning. The Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway’s notice follows a warning from the Lotteries Authority earlier this year.

Kripto Future Ponzi scheme collapses, Jeffer Ribera MIA

The Kripto Future Ponzi scheme has collapsed. Affiliates are reporting withdrawals are disabled and nobody has seen CEO Jeffer Ribera in a month.

SBH to appeal prelim inj., sanctions & sum judgment orders

Success by Health and Jay Noland are set to appeal three orders against them; the original preliminary injunction order, and the FTC’s granted motion for sanctions and summary judgment.

Appi Travels pyramid scheme warning issued in Russia

Appi Travels has received a pyramid scheme warning from the Bank of Russia. Following an internal investigation, the Bank of Russia states it has “established” Appi Travels exhibits “signs of a pyramid scheme”.

Lyoness loses blogger defamation lawsuit in Poland

Lyoness has lost a five-year defamation lawsuit brought against two bloggers in Poland. The suit pertained to articles published under the pseudonym “antylyoness” on the “” website from 2013.

15 QNet affiliates arrested in Ghana, 396 hostages rescued

Ghanaian authorities have arrested another fifteen QNet affiliate scammers. As reported by the Ghanaian Times, on October 15th

BlackOxygen Organics products recalled due to health risks

Health Canada has recalled BlackOxygen’s products “due to potential health risks”. As per a recall alert issued on September 23rd, Health Canada warns;

eOracle Ponzi collapses, reboot through FomoEX?

The eOracle Ponzi scheme has collapsed, again. eOracle disabled affiliate withdrawals by disabling their stand-alone ECN Ponzi points website. This happened about a week ago.

Driven Properties losing clients due to GSPartners partnership

While authorities in Dubai might turn a blind eye to MLM scams, outside of the UAE fraud has consequences. In a recently filed defamation complaint, Driven Properties bemoan getting into business with GSPartners.

XEMXLink Review: Laurie Suarez launches another crypto Ponzi

After receiving an abusive comment on one of BehindMLM’s articles covering the collapsed RBCG Bank Ponzi, I took it upon myself to see what Laurie Suarez has been up to. Turns out after RBCG Bank, Suarez went on to launch another MLM crypto Ponzi scheme. Two of them actually.