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Amway IBO sues company seeking unpaid wages

An Amway distributor in California is suing the company for unpaid wages. Plaintiff William Orage alleges although Amway has classified Plaintiff and other Amway IBOs as “independent contractors” … IBOs are Amway employees for the purposes of the Industrial Welfare Commission’s Minimum Wage Order and IWC Wage Order No. 4, and related Labor Code sections. [Continue reading…]

Cloud Token lets investors leave but refuses to pay them

Cloud Token collapsed last October when it stopped paying returns out. Since then you have the familiar post Ponzi mess of “leaders” stringing along those they convinced to invest, lest they turn on them. Ronald Ai, Cloud Token’s only admin, nuked his public social media profiles on December 1st, 2019. He is currently believed to [Continue reading…]

BitConnect class-action reduced to three defendants

The future of the BitConnect class-action is in question, following a reduction of defendants to just three.

Samoa Worship Centre in NZ tied to OneCoin Ponzi

A third Samoan church has been implicated in promotion of the OneCoin Ponzi scheme. Previously the Samoan Seventh Day Adventist Church and Worship Center Christian Church came under fire for funneling their congregations into OneCoin. Both churches were also implicated in money laundering, following Samoa’s ban on OneCoin investment. Now the Samoa Worship Center in [Continue reading…]

Mind Capital denies securities fraud (lol), reveals Ponzi execs

Mind Capital has issued their response to a securities fraud warning from Spain’s top financial regulator. Spoiler: It doesn’t address securities fraud.

Mark Scott’s OneCoin sentencing delayed till April 2020

Unfortunately the sentencing of OneCoin money launderer Mark Scott has been pushed back, again. At the conclusion of Scott’s trial, at which he was found guilty, sentenching was scheduled for February 21st. That was then delayed till sometime after February 24th.

Success By Health a $7 million pyramid scheme, alleges FTC

Earlier today, someone claiming to be an “industry observer” tried to convince me that affiliate autoship wasn’t a problem within Success By Health. No idea if it’s a coincidence or not, but later the same day it emerged the FTC had filed a pyramid scheme lawsuit against the company.

BitClub Network scammers plead not guilty, Weeks want out

The arraignments of Matthew Goettsche, Jobadiah Weeks and Joseph Abel were held on January 15th. All three BitClub Network defendants pled not guilty to the charges the DOJ has leveled against them.

Zeek Rewards scammers filed a Supreme Court writ

In a recent update published on the Zeek Receivership website, the Receiver revealed Zeek Rewards’ net-winners attempted to take their case to the Supreme Court. Not sure how I’d missed it but this was certainly news to me.

Youngevity vs. Wakaya trial scheduled for May 2020

Youngevity’s dispute with Wakaya Perfection dates back to 2016. As I write this there are currently 679 filings in the long-running case, most of which are administrative. As such I’ve been keeping updates on the case to a minimum, preferring to wait for substantial developments. As per an order made on December 26th, the case [Continue reading…]