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PM International files third sugar powder pyramid appeal

PM International has provided us with the latest example of an MLM company unable to take a hint. As part of the company’s long running beef with TV2, PM International has filed a third appeal.

Mark and Tammy Smith granted Neora arbitration injunction

Since the filing of Mark and Tammy Smith’s Californian lawsuit against Neora (then Nerium), the company has moved swiftly to have the matter resolved via arbitration in Texas. To that end Neora filed an arbitration demand in July 2018. Describing Neora’s response as “retaliatory and vexatious attempts to litigate against Plaintiffs in Texas”, the Smiths’ [Continue reading…]

Stream Energy’s retail customers sold off for $300 million

Stream Energy and NRG Energy have entered into a $300 million acquisition agreement. The agreement will see NRG Energy acquire steam’s “retail electricity and natural gas businesses”. An MLM company selling off its retail customers? This can’t be good…

FX Trading Corp investment fraud warning issued in Brazil

Brazilian authorities have issued a FX Trading Corp investment fraud warning.

BitConnect 2.0: A Ponzi for crypto’s most gullible morons

I feel like BitConnect 2.0 isn’t something I should have to even cover, but here we are. Up until its latest repurposing, the BitConnect 2.0 website domain was used to promote fraudulent Tron DAPP Ponzi schemes (Tron3D being the last I believe). On or around May 17th the domain was repurposed with a BitConnect 2.0 [Continue reading…]

Dennis Windsor’s Nerium lawsuit might be heading toward settlement

Dennis Windsor’s long-running lawsuit against Neora might be coming to an end, following representation to the court that a settlement is on the horizon.

Cloud Token to continue securities fraud with ASIC’s help

In a bid to continue to entice investment into their illegal unregistered securities investment scheme, Cloud Token has registered itself with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Cloud Token has no physical business operations in Australia. Nor is Australia a significant source of investment revenue for the company (Alexa). Rather Cloud Token is run [Continue reading…]

AdvoCare to dump MLM opportunity after FTC talks

AdvoCare has announced that it is dumping it’s MLM opportunity. The decision was made following “confidential talks” with the FTC.

Zeek Rewards net-winner scammers’ Fourth Circuit appeal denied

In an announcement published earlier this month, the Zeek Rewards Receiver has provided some updates on final distribution payments.

Charles Scoville stalls again with second SCOTUS writ extenstion

A second writ deadline extension has given Charles Scoville another month to delay Traffic Monsoon proceedings with.