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Jeunesse RICO settlement appeal hits $70,000 roadblock

The cost of appealing what has been condemned as a “paltry” settlement that ‘will inevitably result in the vast majority of (Jeunesse victims) receiving nothing‘, has been set at $70,000.

Jeunesse RICO settlement receives final approval, appeal filed

Despite it appearing to be a bum deal for Jeunesse victims, the RICO lawsuit settlement has received final approval. On January 9th a court order granting the settlement found it to be ‘fair, reasonable, adequate, and in the best interests of the Settlement Class Members‘. Under the terms of the settlement, Jeunesse will pay $2.5 [Continue reading…]

Jeunesse RICO settlement challenged

Back in August it was announced Jeunesse had settled a lawsuit alleging RICO violations for $2.5 million. Through an amicus curiae brief filed on December 7th, Truth in Advertising (TINA) has opposed the settlement. According to the consumer advocacy organization, Jeunesse’s settlement ‘provides no meaningful benefit to‘ victims and permits ‘Jeunesse to continue unfettered with [Continue reading…]

Jeunesse victims have until Dec 31st to file claims

Following on from a settlement reached in the RICO class-action against Jeunesse, a settlement website has been established. The website is managed by third-party Epiq and contains vital information for affected Jeunesse victims

Alex Jones and InfoWars sign up as Jeunesse distributors?

Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, you’ve probably heard of Alex Jones. Gay frogs, crisis actor claims, getting banned from pretty much every significant social media network for terms of service violations over the past month? Yeah, Jones is an undeniably divisive personality in the political discourse sphere who’s hard to miss. [Continue reading…]

Jeunesse RICO class-action settlement receives preliminary approval

Back in August it emerged that Jeunesse and the represented class had reached a settlement. Following a hearing on September 12th, the proposed settlement agreement has received preliminary approval.

Jeunesse California class-action alleges “no retail” pyramid scheme

Huiqin Xiong signed up as a Jeunesse distributor in August, 2015. Xiong, who goes by the name “Helen”, claims to have lost “approximately $10,000” trying to work her Jeunesse business. On August 10th Xiong filed a class-action lawsuit against Jeunesse in California.

Jeunesse settles RICO class-action victim lawsuit for $2.5 million

Following a granted stay last month, a Stipulation of Settlement has been filed in the Jeunesse RICO class-action lawsuit. In 2016 Plaintiffs James Aboltin and Pamela Knight sued Jeunesse for deception. In the lawsuit Aboltin and Knight alleged Jeunesse was running a “misleading business opportunity”, masquerading as “a legitimate way to make money”. The proposed class-action [Continue reading…]

Jeunesse RICO class-action settlement on the horizon

At the heart of the Jeunesse RICO pyramid lawsuit is the allegation that plaintiffs James Aboltin and Pamela Knight were deceived by Jeunesse’s misleading business opportunity, falsely believing that it was a legitimate way to earn money. Currently a proposed class-action, on June 29th Aboltin and Knight requested a stay on the case pending settlement.

Jeunesse RICO lawsuit moved to Florida, Alex Morton evading service?

James Aboltin and Pamela Knight filed their RICO pyramid scheme lawsuit against Jeunesse back in July, 2016. I’d been loosely following the case, with recent developments warranting its addition to my tracking roster. Aboltin and Knight’s lawsuit seeks to recover losses as a result of signing up as Jeunesse distributors. Both plaintiffs claim they were [Continue reading…]