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Lyoness loses blogger defamation lawsuit in Poland

Lyoness has lost a five-year defamation lawsuit brought against two bloggers in Poland. The suit pertained to articles published under the pseudonym “antylyoness” on the “” website from 2013.

$6.4 million seized from Lyoness by Polish prosecutors

Polish prosecutors have seized $6.4 million from Lyoness’ bank accounts. The accounts were held with ING Bank Slaski SA and contain a mix of euros and zloty (PLN).

Lyconet pyramid scheme warning issued by Russia

Lyconet has been added to the Central Bank of Russia’s illegal company blacklist.

Lyoness’ eCredits issued Liechtenstein securities fraud warning

Lyoness’ eCredits spinoff has received a securities fraud warning from Liechtenstein’s Financial Market Authority.

Lyoness recovery class-action in Norway hits potential roadblock

Norway evidently doesn’t have a regulatory body capable recovering consumer losses from Lyoness. That has left Lyoness’ Norwegian victims facing the prospect of suing the company as civil plaintiffs. Enter the law firm Brækhus and their proposed victim class-action.

Deloitte denies Freidl Hubert’s billion dollar Lyoness valuation

In a recent Lyoness webinar, company Hubert Friedl made the claim that Deloitte had valued Lyoness at over a billion dollars. BE Conflict Management reached out to Deloitte for confirmation, only to have them deny Hubert’s claim.

Top Lyoness distributor suing over position sale

Silvio Spangl was a Lyoness promoter for nine years. He rose to President, Lyoness’ highest distributor rank. As part of his leadership, Spangl focused on growth of Lyoness across the Americas. He claims to have had over 250,000 distributors in his downline. Last year Spangl left Lyoness. As part of legal efforts to get Lyoness [Continue reading…]

myWorld Review: Cashback World, Lyconet & Lyoness in 2021

Lyoness is based out of Austria. The company was founded by Hubert Freidl all the way back in 2003. BehindMLM first reviewed Lyoness in 2012. An updated review of Lyconet was published in 2014. In between reviews and since then, we’ve been following significant developments. And there’s been quite a few. To keep thing simple [Continue reading…]

Lyoness still a pyramid scheme in Italy, fined another 3 mill

Italy’s Competition Authority has once again found Lyoness to be an illegal pyramid scheme. The company has been issued with another €3 million EUR fine ($3.6 million USD).

Norwegian police drop Lyoness case due to lack of resources

Oslo police have decided it’s not worth pursuing an investigation into Lyoness. Audun Kristiansen, a prosecutor at the joint unit for intelligence and investigation, told E24 In light of the current situation and that the case will require considerable resources over a long period of time, we consider it necessary to allocate resources elsewhere. Last [Continue reading…]