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Eddy Alexandre’s initial court appearance and what’s next

EminiFX owner Eddy Alexandre was arrested in New York on May 12th. Later that same day Alexandre made his initial court appearance. Here’s what happened, and what’s next.

EminiFX Receiver reaches out, requests investor details

The court-appointed EminiFX Temporary Receiver has set up a website and made contact with investors.

Andrey Khovratov arrest footage, Bobcoin legal threats

Footage of EvoRich owner Andrey Khovratov’s arrest has surfaced. The undated footage, released by Russian authorities, appears to depict Khovratov’s arrest last month. Khovratov had attempted to flee Russia with one or more accomplices at the scene. Khovratov was briefly questioned in the airport carpark he was arrested in:

Royal Q securities fraud warning from Spain

Royal Q has received a securities fraud warning from Spain’s Comision Nacional del Mercado de Valores.

How the FBI took down EminiFX & Eddy Alexandre

On May 12th EminiFX founder and CEO Eddy Alexandre was arrested. The bust was part of a joint operation between the DOJ and CFTC. Part of that operation was an FBI sting that began in or around March 2022. In this article we examine how the FBI took down Alexandre and, following his arrest, what [Continue reading…]

CFTC secures EminiFX restraining order against Eddy Alexandre

The CFTC has secured injunctive relief against EminiFX and owner Eddy Alexandre. Unsealing of the CFTC’s case today confirms Alexandre is facing both civil and criminal fraud charges.

Fugitives hold up OneCoin criminal proceedings in Italy

Two unnamed fugitives are holding up OneCoin criminal proceedings in Italy. A June deadline has been set, after which proceedings against the two fugitives will be separated from the main case.

EminiFX founder and CEO Eddy Alexandre arrested in New York

EminiFX founder and CEO Eddy Alexandre has been arrested for commodities and wire fraud. The DOJ alleges EminiFX was a $59 million dollar Ponzi scheme.

OneCoin’s Ruja Ignatova added to Interpol’s red notice list

OneCoin founder Ruja Ignatova has been added to Interpol’s red notice wanted list. Ignatova is wanted by Germany, who seek to hold her responsible for “jointly committed especially serious case of fraud (and) money laundering”.

Paparazzi under investigation for alleged labor violations in Utah

Melissa Sorenson is a former Paparazzi employee. Sorenson was terminated in January 2022. The circumstances of the termination have not been disclosed by herself or Paparazzi. What we do know, courtesy of a chatlog exhibit, is Sorenson feels she was “wrongfully terminated”. To that end she’s filed multiple complaints with state and federal labor regulators.