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MBI’s Teddy Teow wanted for $83 million Macau scam

Malaysian authorities arrested MBI International founder Teddy Teow in June 2017. He was arrested again by Malaysian authorities in May 2018. Despite facing charges leading to at least five years in prison… Teow was released on bail and, you guessed it, promptly fled to Macau. We know this because Teow is now wanted in Macau [Continue reading…]

QubitTech securities fraud warning issued in Spain

Spain’s Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores has issued a securities fraud warning against QubitTech. As per the CNMV’s January 11th warning, QuibiTech

Traffic Monsoon claim objection notices sent out

The Traffic Monsoon Receiver has advised claim objection notices have been sent out. The announcement was made via a recent update on the Traffic Monsoon Receivership website.

Traffic Monsoon default judgment granted ($2.5 mill)

Following a motion request for default judgment filed last April, the SEC has secured a $2.5 million default judgment against Trafffic Monsoon. The judgment also applies to owner and operator Charles Scoville.

Second Russian Questra World admin extradited to Kazakhstan

Back in August 2020 Russian Questra World admin Olga Kleynardtıñ (aka Olga Kleinard), was extradited from Belarus to Kazakhstan. There she faces charges of organizing “one of the largest financial pyramids” in Kazakhstan’s history.

Preliminary injunction granted against DIS defendants

The FTC has secured a preliminary injunction against Digital Income System, Derek Jones Foley, William J. Foley, Jennifer Hedrick and Kaitlyn Scott. The injunction follows a similar preliminary injunction granted against DIS promoter Brandon Frye a few weeks ago.

Two more arrests in Argentinian OneCoin crim case

Authorities in Argentina have made two more arrests as they pursue OneCoin promoters across the country.

DagCoin securities fraud warning issued in Oman

The Central Bank of Oman has issued a securities fraud warning against DagCoin.

Court confirms Fabio Wanzeler a TelexFree Ponzi scammer

Fabio Wanzeler’s request that he not be recognized as a TelexFree net-winner, i.e. someone who scammed TelexFree victims out of money, has come to an end. On December 21st the US Bankruptcy Court in Massachusetts denied Wanzeler’s motion.

More victims come forward in Argentinian OneCoin crim case

More OneCoin victims have come forth in Argentina, potentially adding weight to the criminal case.