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VPL Medical given till May to get profitable

VPL Medical has been given till May to get profitable. As per an April 2nd order, the Receiver (will) no longer be authorized to fund VPL operations out of funds designated for consumer redress after this month. The order follows the FTC’s revelation that VPL is blowing through $200,000+ in Receivership funds a month.

HyperTech’s HyperFund cops securities fraud warning from UK

HyperFund has received a securities fraud warning from the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. HyperFund is part of HyperTech, owned by Ryan Xu.

Success by Health affiliates denied motion to intervene

The bid by Success by Health affiliates to intervene in the FTC’s regulatory case has been denied. The denied second motion to intervene follows an earlier attempt, which was also denied.

CashFX Group securities fraud warning from New Zealand

CashFX Group has received a securities fraud warning from New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority (FMA).

Be Rules launched after Canadian fraud warning

Late last month I was engaged with a reader pretending retail customers had interest in Be’s apps. At the time I noted Be had changed their website domain from “” to “”. Considering the Be reboot of Melius was not that old itself, I flagged this as a strange. MLM companies don’t change their website [Continue reading…]

Brandon Frye cops $600,000 DIS default judgment

After failing to respond to the FTC’s filed complaint, Digital Income System defendants Brandon Frye and Kaitlyn Scott have received default judgment orders. Frye is up for $600,000, Scott for $171,500.

UpMoney pyramid scheme busted in South Africa, fined R1M

A visit to UpMoney’s website reveals no specifics about the company’s business model. Instead, prospective affiliates are told they can ‘turn twenty Rands into groceries and R500, daily.’ How? By recruiting new UpMoney affiliates who pay R20, who recruit new affiliates who pay R20 etc., etc. Weaved into this are grocery products: Rendering UpMoney a [Continue reading…]

~1200 BTC recovered from Mirror Trading International

South African authorities have recovered approximately 1200 BTC, held in an account belonging to Mirror Trading International. The account was held with FXChoice, who MTI appear to have hoped to launder the stolen funds through.

QubitLife added to Malaysia’s investor alert list (securities fraud)

As a result of ongoing securities fraud violations QubitLife, formerly QubitTech, has been added to Malaysia’s investor alert list. We’re a bit late on this one as Malaysia’s securities commission added QubitTech late last year.

QubitLife securities fraud warning issued in Bahamas

QubitLife, formerly QubitTech, has received a securities fraud notice from the Securities Commission of the Bahamas. As per the the SCB’s 19th March notice;