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QNet pyramid scheme fraud warning from Russia

QNet has received a pyramid scheme fraud warning from Russia. As per the Central Bank of Russia’s October 6th warning, QNet exhibits “signs of a financial pyramid” scheme.

EmpiresX SEC & CFTC cases stayed pending Hague service

Both the SEC’s and CFTC’s civil cases against EmpiresX and its owners have been administratively stayed.

Luiz Capuci Jr. upset SEC pursuing him in Brazil

Upon learning of an investigation into his Ponzi scheme Mining Capital Coin, Luiz Capuci Jr. abandoned his life in the US and fled to Brazil. It was a calculated move, with Capuci believing Brazil’s policy of not extraditing its citizens would protect him from justice. Unfortunately that hasn’t quite panned out. While the DOJ’s criminal [Continue reading…]

Validus securities fraud warning from New Zealand

Validus has received a securities fraud warning from New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority (FMA). In their September 15th warning, the FMA advises they

Tupperware fined $900K for Fuller Mexico autoship fraud

The Mexican division of House of Fuller has been fudging its autoship sales orders. In August 2021 parent company Tupperware disclosed the fraud in an SEC filing. This prompted the SEC to open an investigation.

Joseph Cammarata bails on iGenius’ NDAU, “too volatile”

One of Joseph Cammarata’s initiatives as Investview’s CEO was integrating it into iGenius’ MLM opportunity. To that end the company put out a June 2021 press-release; Investview … is shifting its attention to ndau. The company, which has seen new highs in monthly gross revenues and net profits in Q1 2021, is betting on ndau [Continue reading…]

Joseph Cammarata hit with superseding indictment

Former Investview CEO Joseph Cammarata has been hit with a superseding indictment. The indictment is dated September 8th, and adds wire fraud and money laundering charges to Cammarata’s alleged rap sheet.

SunSolar Ponzi collapses, pulls “swears to Jesus” exit-scam

The SunSolar “click a button” app Ponzi has collapsed. SunSolar affiliates began reporting withdrawal problems a few weeks ago. It appears not every withdrawal was blocked, suggesting SunSolar was being selective about who could withdraw. SunSolar responded to withdrawal complaints with a message “swearing to Jesus” that withdrawals were still open.

California targets COTP, Elevate Pass, Metafi Yielders & more

California’s Department of Financial Protection & Innovation has issued cease and desists to ten MLM crypto Ponzi schemes.

MCC Defendants selling off assets, SEC moves for contempt

Luiz Capuci and Emerson Pires are selling off real-estate assets in Florida. The assets are frozen as per a Mining Capital Coin injunction, granted to the SEC in June. Now the SEC has moved for contempt against both Defendants.