World Crypto Life Review: Wyoming signed off on sec. fraud?

World Crypto Life provides no information about who owns or runs the company on its website.

World Crypto Life’s website domain (“”) was first registered in July 2020. The private registration was last updated on July 23rd, 2021.

Further research reveals Francis Yoon citing himself as CEO of World Crypto Life on LinkedIn.

According to Yoon’s LinkedIn profile, he’s based out of California in the US.

Prior to launching World Crypto Life in mid 2020, Yoon (right) was CFO of Epika Global.

Epika Global appears to be a failed crypto bro venture.

Interestingly enough, despite only citing himself as CFO of Epika Global, Yoon appears to have owned and run the company.

Yoon was the sole Director of Epika Global, an abandoned Californian corporation. I wasn’t able to find any other Epika Global executives.

I did find one other World Crypto Life executive, Chris Principe.

Principe made a name for himself as a staunch supporter of the OneCoin Ponzi scheme.

When I first heard about OneCoin, I thought it was either a scam or a pyramid scheme.

After researching further and getting an opportunity to interview Dr. Ignatova, I was absolutely impressed with the technology backing OneCoin and their block chain, as well as excited about their vision for today’s economy.

OneCoin collapsed in early 2017. Founder Ruja Ignatova and several executives are facing criminal charges in the US.

After OneCoin, Principe struck up a PR deal with the notorious Russian Ponzi scheme Skyway Capital.

Skyway Capital backed out of the deal, citing Principe’s involvement in OneCoin.

We learnt this through a defamation lawsuit Principe filed against prominent OneCoin critic Timothy Curry.

The lawsuit was confidentially settled in April 2018.

Now Principe has popped up as World Crypto Life’s Chief Operating Officer:

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LuLaRoe settles with all 2017 California class-action Plaintiffs

Last September mediation proceedings were ordered in the proposed LuLaRoe class-action in California.

Since then, one by one, LuLaRoe has been reaching confidential settlements with the Plaintiffs.

As of May 2021 there were still three Plaintiffs standing. On July 1st three joint stipulations were filed, requesting dismissal of their respective cases and claims. [Continue reading…]

BitcoLoan Ponzi collapses, withdrawals disabled

The BitcoLoan Ponzi scheme has collapsed.

The following is a testimonial left on TrustPilot, by a BitcoLoan affiliate purportedly from Russia;

Everything worked until July, the platform paid regularly. But for almost 3 weeks now there is no way to withdraw funds, the withdrawal simply does not work and no specific information.

At first they said wait 5-7 days, then they just began to write the standard “stay tuned for news”.

Three weeks would put us on or around July 7th. [Continue reading…]

Mfinity Global Review: Bulavita reboot comes up short

Mfinity Global follows the collapse of Bulavita last month.

Bulavita emerged after LaCore Enterprises bought Wakaya Perfection in late 2019.

Under LaCore Enterprises nothing much happened with Bulavita. Then in April  2021 Bulavita entered into a partnership with Juuva.

Two months later Bulavita cut ties with Juuva. Mfinity Global is a relaunch of what’s left.

Mfinity Global provides no information about who owns or runs the company on its website.

From the marketing announcement last month though, we know Todd Smith and Bill Andreoli are running the company.

Corporate transparency has been an ongoing issue with Mfinity Global, dating back to Wakaya Perfection and David Gilmour.

Nothing about whatever deal with LaCore Enterprises was ever disclosed. Things didn’t get any better with Juuva and now here we are.

Whether there are any silent ownership partners in Mfinity Global is unclear. The company’s public transparency remains an issue.

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Liv Labs Review: LaCore Enterprises’ CBD MLM opp

I came across Liv Labs as part of my research into UR Worth It, a recently launched LaCore Enterprises MLM opp.

Specifically I was checking the status of some of LaCore Enterprises’ launches. At the time I noted a visit to LifoCity’s website now redirected to Liv Labs.

On LinkedIn LifoCity CEO Doug Braun cites his tenure coming to an end in May 2021.

The last post on LifoCity’s official Facebook page is dated January 8th.

Liv Labs was launched in August 2018 by co-founders David and Debbie Reeder.

David and Debbie Reader serve as Liv Labs’ CEO and President respectively.

Liv Labs LLC was incorporated in August 2018. LaCore Enterprises owner Terry LaCore is the sole Director of the company.

A domain dispute filed in October 2017 provides some more information;

Meridian International, LLC (“Meridian”), which does business as LIV Labs … was formed in 2015.

In July 2017, it began “pre-selling” products under the LIV mark, entering into an agreement with a supplier.

LaCore Enterprises owns “a majority interest” in Meridian International. It follows they’d also be the supplier named above.

On its website Liv Labs provides LaCore Enterprises corporate address in Texas. The only other reference to LaCore is LaCore Nutraceuticals on LivLabs’ product sheets.

David and Debbie Reeder were top earners in Vemma. The couple were cited as “top 10 earners” in the company as of July 2015.

The next month the FTC shut down Vemma, alleging it to be a $200 million dollar pyramid scheme.

Vemma settled the charges in December 2016. As part of the settlement Vemma agreed to stop running a pyramid scheme.

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Finiko Ponzi leader arrests in Kyrgyzstan

Authorities in Kyrgyzstan have arresed several local promoters of the collapsed Finiko Ponzi scheme.

As reported by 24 KG;

Criminal police officers detained suspects in organizing the FINIKO financial pyramid.

This was reported by the press service of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Leninsky district of the capital.

Local promoters of the scam were based out of an office in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan’s capital city. [Continue reading…]

Kirill Doronin promises to pay back Finiko victim losses

Kirill Doronin has claimed reports of Finiko’s collapse “are fake” and that investor funds “will be returned”.

Doronin intends to pay back Finiko victims by launching a new Ponzi scheme. [Continue reading…]

WeWe Global Review: WEWEX Ponzi points scheme

I was disappointed to learn WeWe Global wasn’t a nod to urine aficionados around the world.

Instead the company’s name is an acronym for “World Enhanced Wealth Ecosystem Global”. I much prefer WeWe Global though so we’ll stick with that.

WeWe Global provides no information on its website about who owns or runs the company.

WeWe Global’s website domain (“”) was registered in January 2020.

The owner of the domain is “DigiTech Service LTD”, through an incomplete address in the British Virgin Islands.

In the FAQ section of WeWe Global’s website, the company claims it is owned by “WEWE-DAO and company “DIGITECH SERVICES LTD” BVI”.

The British Virgin Islands is a scam-friendly jurisdiction with no active regulation of MLM related fraud.

For this reason you should avoid any MLM company incorporated or representing it is incorporated there.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money. [Continue reading…]

Team Travel MVP Review: Discount sports team travel?

Team Travel MVP provides no information on its website about who owns or runs the company.

Team Travel MVP’s website domain (“”) was initially registered in March 2019.

The private registration was last updated on March 10th, 2021.

Further research reveals Tony Verran citing himself as CEO of Team Travel MVP on LinkedIn.

According to his profile, Verran is based out of California. This syncs with a corporate suite address in California provided on Team Travel MVP’s website.

Verran’s LinkedIn profile cites him as CEO of Team Travel MVP since July 2016.

I believe Team Travel MVP is a reboot of My Dream Sports Biz, a collapsed MLM company launched on or around 2011.

Affiliate marketing copy credits Verran as the creator and CEO of My Dream Sports Biz.

I wasn’t able to ascertain whether Verran had any other MLM experience. Why his corporate bio isn’t provided on Team Travel MVP’s website is unclear.

Read on for a full review of Team Travel MVP’s MLM opportunity. [Continue reading…]

OneCoin recovery scam surfaces with DeepFakes actor

A bizarre OneCoin “relaunch” website has popped up.

A video promo on the site features a DeepFakes actor playing OneCoin founder Ruja Ignatova. [Continue reading…]