GSPartners collapsing, South African YouTube channel blamed

GSPartners is claiming a 66% reduction in victims signing up to lose money.

In a desperate attempt to find a scapegoat, GSPartners has sued a South African YouTube channel. [Continue reading…]

Bruxis completes exit-scam, website & socials gone

After disabling withdrawals a few days ago, Bruxis has now completed its exit-scam.

Sometime in the last twenty-four hours Bruxis has disabled its website. The Ponzi scheme’s official YouTube channel and Twitter profile have also been deleted. [Continue reading…]

EtherConnect initiates shitcoin factory phase of Ponzi scheme

Likely having reached peak ECC investment, EtherConnect are gearing up to launch a new shitcoin.

Cue the shitcoin factory phase of modern MLM cryptocurrency Ponzi schemes. [Continue reading…]

Daniil Shoyfer dismissed from TelexFree class-action

Daniil Shoyfer has been dismissed from the TelexFree class-action.

The dismissal was ordered per a judgment of dismissal filed on June 9th. [Continue reading…]

Kripto Future Review: 300% Ponzi with Kripto Coin exit-scam

Kripto Future represents it is “based in Liverpool”. That’s Liverpool in the UK.

Kripto Future tries to pass off this narrative via a poorly photoshopped marketing video, showing Kripto Future’s logo on a building.

It’s worth noting that in the video Kripto Future claims its UK office is in London, not Liverpool.

It appears someone messed up.

In that same marketing video “Jeffer Ribera” is introduced as co-founder of Kripto Future.

As you’d expect for someone operating out of an office in the UK, Ribera speaks Spanish.

Naturally Ribera doesn’t exist outside of Kripto Future marketing videos, making him a prime Boris CEO candidate.

In addition to Ribera, Kripto Future initially represented it was being run by stock photo executives:

Whoever those individuals are, they’ve since disappeared from Kripto Future marketing.

As opposed to the UK, a recent Kripto Future marketing video places the company’s rented office space in Dubai:

Kripto Future themselves seem to have recently ditched the false UK office narrative.

A marketing video uploaded to Kripto Future’s official YouTube channel on June 16th, details an upcoming Dubai event on July 30th:

Over the past few years Dubai has emerged as the MLM scam capital of the world.

Dubai is part of the UAE, which has no MLM regulation to speak of and no extradition treaties with the west. The UAE’s banking channels are also manipulated by corrupt royal families.

At the time of publication Alexa ranks the top sources of traffic to Kripto Future’s website as Russia (26%), Kazakhstan (14%) and Peru (6%).

While Russia is typically the home of Boris CEO schemes, the actor playing Jeffer Ribera speaking Spanish is a wildcard.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money. [Continue reading…]

INB Network Review: AI Marketing cashback Ponzi scheme

INB Network provides no information on its website about who owns or runs the company.

In fact as I write this, a visit to INB Network’s website redirects to an affiliate login page.

INB Network’s website domain (“”) was first registered on August 8th, 2018. The private domain registration was last updated on November 9th, 2020.

Further research reveals INB Network is tied to AI Marketing. Although you won’t find any mention of INB Network on AI Marketing’s website.

The only reference to INB Network on AI Marketing’s website is a login option featuring INB Network’s “brain” logo:

AI Marketing’s website domain (“”) was first registered in 2015. The private registration was last updated in August 2020.

The domain for INB Network’s and AI Marketing’s internal exchange, iNeuroChange, was first registered in 2018.

That registration is also private and was last updated on November 9th, 2020 (same date as INB Network’s domain).

INB Network represent iNeuroChange is tied to STK Global OÜ, a shell company purportedly incorporated in Estonia.

I recall getting requests to review AI Marketing earlier this year.

Despite its false marketing claims dating back to 2017, AI Marketing and INB Network launched in late 2020 (after the associated domains were acquired in mid to late 2020).

Upon initially looking at AI Marketing I ascertained it wasn’t operating as an MLM company; hence no review.

I’ve since learned the MLM side of AI Marketing is managed through INB Network. For all intents and purposes these are the same company, run by the same people.

INB Network appears to be a intentional effort to hide AI Marketing’s MLM business model.

As to who is running these companies, AI Marketing provides three corporate addresses on its website; one each in the UK, Hong Kong and Russia.

The UK address is accompanied by a basic UK incorporation for “UDMCreators LTD.

For the purpose of MLM due-diligence, UK incorporation is meaningless and should be ignored.

The Hong Kong incorporation is for Wexford Alliance Limited.

As far as I can tell Wexford Alliance Limited is a shell company. Neither INB Network or AI Marketing have any overt ties to Hong Kong.

The address in Russia is tied to Zarya LTD. Although this is also likely a shell company, I’m leaning towards INB Network and AI Marketing being run by Russians.

This is due to four reasons:

  1. vKontakte being a login option (VK is a Russian social network);
  2. Alexa citing Russia in the top three sources of website traffic for both AI Marketing and INB Network;
  3. Russian and English being the only officially supported languages on the iNeuroChange internal exchange;
  4. AI Marketing’s website containing Russian web elements (see below).

For reference, Alexa ranks visitors to INB Network’s website as coming from Egypt (17.5%), Russia (14%) and Algeria (11%).

Visitors to AI Marketing’s website are ranked from the US (30%), Egypt (12%) and Russia (10%).

Russia is the top source of traffic to iNeuroChange at 45%.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money. [Continue reading…]

J One developer denies knowledge of GSPartners & Heit

Following the failure of G999, GSPartners has rebooted itself as a shitcoin factory.

The first coin to launch is JONE, supposedly tied to floor-space in the J One tower in Dubai.

Funnily enough, this is news to J One tower’s developers. [Continue reading…]

Blessings In No Time gifting pyramid scheme sued by FTC

Blessings In No Time, aka “BINT”, was a matrix-based pyramid scheme.

On June 9th BINT and husband and wife operators, LaShonda and Marlon Moore, were sued by the Texas AG.

Today the FTC and Arkansas AG have followed up with a joint federal fraud lawsuit. [Continue reading…]

Nutonic Review: Valentus affiliates launch own autoship opp

Nutonic launched in April 2021 and operates in the nutritional supplement and personal care MLM niches.

The company provides a Regus virtual office address in Nevada on its website.

Heading up Nutonic are co-founders Jerry and Kim Booth (right).

According to their respective Facebook profiles, Jerry and Kim Booth live in California (US) and Manitoba, Canada.

Not sure what’s going on there. Nutonic’s ties to Nevada however appear to be superficial.

Prior to founding Nutonic, Jerry and Kim Booth were promoting Valentus.

In one Valentus marketing video, Kim Booth claims Valentus was her first network marketing company.

Based on his LinkedIn profile, Jerry Booth has a history in marketing, travel and real-estate (non-MLM).

Kim Booth stopped promoting Valentus on or around June 2020. I wasn’t able to ascertain why the Booths left the company.

Read on for a full review of Nutonic’s MLM opportunity. [Continue reading…]

Lyoness recovery class-action in Norway hits potential roadblock

Norway evidently doesn’t have a regulatory body capable recovering consumer losses from Lyoness.

That has left Lyoness’ Norwegian victims facing the prospect of suing the company as civil plaintiffs.

Enter the law firm Brækhus and their proposed victim class-action. [Continue reading…]