FXTV Global Review: Daniel Grenon fronts another Ponzi scheme

When I started researching this review, FXTV Global had a fully-functioning website in Spanish.

As it stands now FXTV Global has restricted access to their website.

Visitors to the FXTV’s website are presented with an affiliate login form. Public information about the company that was previously available appears to have been deleted.

With that out of the way, here’s what I was able to put together.

FXTV Global was co-founded by Daniel Grenon and unknown partners.

In FXTV Global’s compensation plan Grenon is credited as FXTV Global’s Chief Marketing Officer.

On the company’s official Facebook page however, Grenon is credited as a co-founder.

Daniel Grenon has a long history of participation and promotion of Ponzi schemes.

We first clocked Grenon back in 2016, in conjunction with the OneCoin Ponzi scheme.

Since then Grenon has fronted a number of short-lived MLM Ponzi schemes, including

Grenon has a habit of running companies he’s involved in from the shadows. FXTV Global is no different, with Silvia Franch cited as CEO.

A few years back Franch was a distributor of 1Fashion Global.

More recently Franch has gotten involved in cryptocurrency Ponzi schemes. Prior to FXTV Global, Franch was promoting Arbistar.

According to Franch’s Facebook profile, she’s based out of De Mallorca, Spain. This ties into FXTV Global’s website appearing natively in Spanish.

Daniel Grenon is based out of Quebec, Canada.

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Counter-claim filed in Vista Network fraud lawsuit

Defendants Phillip Piccolo, Kevin Johnson, Joseph Reid and Paul Morris have filed their answer to Armen Temurian’s Vista Network lawsuit.

The defendants have also filed a counterclaim with their answer. [Continue reading…]

Investimento Bitcoin under investigation for fraud in Brazil

The Brazilian SEC has launched an investigation into the Investimento Bitcoin Ponzi scheme. [Continue reading…]

Exchange Wallet Review: EXW Token mobile app Ponzi scheme

Exchange Wallet operates in the cryptocurrency MLM niche.

The company provides what appears to be a virtual address in Slovenia on its website.

Heading up Exchange Wallet is CEO Christian Kurt Singer.

Christian Kurt Singer’s name only appears on the internet on Exchange Wallet’s website.

Singer (right) doesn’t have a digital footprint, meaning his corporate and business background are unknown.

This is a major red flag suggesting Singer doesn’t exist, or might be using a pseudonym.

Either way the head of an MLM company being an unknown with no verifiable past raises questions.

Of note is Exchange Wallet’s website defaulting to German. Exchange Wallet’s website domain was also registered using an incomplete address in Carinthia, Austria.

This suggests that Exchange Wallet is being run out of Austria. Any ties to neighboring Slovenia appear superficial.

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My 20 Dollar Travel Business Review: My 1 Dollar Business reboot

My 20 Dollar Travel Business is a reboot of Steve Gresham’s My 1 Dollar Business.

My 1 Dollar Business itself was a reboot of Gresham’s collapsed Savings Highway pyramid scheme.

My 1 Dollar Business launched in late 2016 as a simple matrix-based recruitment scheme.

By the time Gresham (right) launched My 20 Dollar Travel Business in May 2019, My 1 Dollar Business had well and truly collapsed.

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Scanty Investment Review: Low effort investment fraud

Scanty Investment lists executive information on its website, however the names and images provided are bogus.

The photo provided for Scanty Investment’s CEO Russel Baker is actually Alexander Oleg Zhirkov.

Up until recently, Zhirkov’s image was being used to promote binary options schemes.

Similarly, the rest of Scanty Investment’s “professional team” are either stock photos or stolen identities.

Scanty Investment provide a random residential address in Texas as their corporate office.

Scanty Investment’s website domain (“scantyinvestment.com”), was privately registered through a Russian registrar on May 13th, 2019.

It’s a safe bet whoever is actually running Scanty Investment is of Russian origin or has ties to Russia. Neighboring Ukraine is another possibility.

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WorldVentures v. Mavie trial showdown scheduled for Dec 2nd

A September 11th court order has scheduled the WorldVentures v. Mavie lawsuit trial for December 2nd, 2019. [Continue reading…]

QuiAri Review: Maqui berry shakes and energy

QuiAri operates in the nutritional supplement MLM niche.

The company is based out of Florida and headed up by founder and CEO, Bob Reina.

Bob Reina (right) first appeared on BehindMLM in 2014, as founder and CEO of Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 and sold $1499 communication packages.

Owing to the outrageous asking price and competition from an abundance of free alternatives, we concluded Talk Fusion was a pay to play pyramid scheme.

To that end a class-action RICO lawsuit was filed against Talk Fusion in 2015.

In the lawsuit former affiliate Dennis Gray alleged Talk Fusion was a pyramid scheme.

The majority of Talk Fusion’s products are individually available for free (or at much lower monthly rates than Talk Fusion) on the Internet, through commonplace programs such as Skype, YouTube, and Google.

The supposed path to financial prosperity through the Talk Fusion Opportunity is not based on selling videoconferencing technology.

Because Talk Fusion’s prices and signup fees are extraordinarily high, retail sales are not feasibly profitable.

With their “business opportunity” inherently based on Associates endlessly pursuing to recruit new Associates — Talk Fusion does little to encourage or reward retail sales.

Indeed, the compensation paid to Associates is almost altogether unrelated to retail sales.

As per the FTC, an MLM company without retail sales operates as a pyramid scheme.

In 2017 Dennis Gray voluntarily dismissed his proposed class-action suit.

After the dismissal Gray resigned up as a Talk Fusion affiliate, prompting speculation of a pay off.

Neither Gray or Talk Fusion have publicly disclosed why the lawsuit was abruptly dropped.

Talk Fusion remains in business, although the only notable country Alexa marks website traffic from is Indonesia (23%).

Indonesia is not known for stringent regulation of MLM companies.

Curiously, Talk Fusion is not mentioned in Bob Reina’s QuiAri corporate bio.

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SEC files for default judgment against remaining DFRF defendants

The SEC has filed for default judgement against DFRF Enterprises defendants Daniel Filho, Wanderley Dalman, Gaspar Jesus, Eduardo Da Silva and Romildo Da Cunha.

The SEC’s default motions follow the denial of motions to dismiss by Dalman, Jesus and Da Silva.

The trio’s lawyers have also withdrawn from the case, following months of non-communication. [Continue reading…]

TelexFree Trustee urges victims not to sell claims

The TelexFree Trustee has warned against victims selling approved claims. [Continue reading…]