Harald Seiz’s secretive Karatbars International reboot

Karatbars International owner Harald Seiz is gearing up to promote what sounds like a new business opportunity.

The marketing carrot being dangled is unpaid commissions and shipment of non-existent gold. [Continue reading…]

Skyway Capital Ponzi rebooted as Unitsky String Technologies

Founder Anatoli Unitsky has announced Skyway Capital is being rebooted as Unitsky String Technologies.

In a press-release issued on November 24th, Unitsky stated [Continue reading…]

Blockchain Global fallout confirms Hyperverse execs in hiding

Fallout from the collapse of Blockchain Global, an Australian crypto bro company co-founded by Ryan Xu (aka Zijing Xu) and Samuel Lee (Xue Lee), confirms Hyperverse executives are in hiding. [Continue reading…]

Investview CEO arrested on recovery scam fraud charges

Investview CEO Joseph Cammarata has been arrested on recovery scam fraud charges.

The SEC has also filed parallel civil proceedings against Cammarata and two co-conspirators. [Continue reading…]

Mining City’s exit-scam gets worse, new wELCASH launch

Back in October Mining City initiated its exit-scam by blocking withdrawals via KYC.

As revealed in a new communication sent out to affiliate investors, Mining City’s exit-scam just got worse… [Continue reading…]

CashFX Group’s official YouTube channel gone

CashFX Group’s official YouTube channel is returning a “not available” error.

We’re not sure when exactly the channel went down, but it’s believed to have disappeared over the last 24 hours. [Continue reading…]

FTC v. Success by Health trial likely to be delayed

The FTC v. Success by Health trial is likely to be delayed. Jay Noland and his fellow defendants are not ready for trial.

At time of publication the Success by Health defendants have not filed a notice indicating their readiness for a Final Pretrial Conference. [Continue reading…]

Infinity Global Review: Bitex packages pyramid scheme

Infinity Global operates in the financial services MLM niche. The company doesn’t provide a corporate address on its website.

Heading up Infinity Global is CEO Leopoldo Castillo.

Oddly enough I couldn’t find anything on Castillo. This might be due to language-barriers, seeing as Infinity Global’s website defaults to Spanish.

Based on language and the use of USD, I want to say Infinity Global are targeting Central and South America.

Infinity Global’s website domain (“myinfinity.global”), was privately registered on July 13th, 2021.

Read on for a full review of Infinity Global’s MLM opportunity. [Continue reading…]

Hyperverse affiliates instructed to destroy HyperFund evidence

As HyperFund transitions into its next Hyperverse reboot, affiliate investors have been instructed to delete evidence of the previous Ponzi scheme. [Continue reading…]

DOJ filing suggests BitConnect promoters facing indictment

A DOJ filing in the SEC’s BitConnect case suggests promoters are facing criminal indictment. [Continue reading…]