Pruvit sues Michael Rutherford & Keisha O’Neal

Pruvit has filed a lawsuit against Michael Rutherford and Keisha O’Neal.

In their lawsuit, Pruvit accuses Rutherford and O’Neal of soliciting Pruvit distributors for an undisclosed “separate business venture”.

Pruvit asserts that as a result of their activity, Rutherford and O’Neal have breached the terms of settlement agreements reached last year. [Continue reading…]

Beautycounter sold off, MLM Brand Advocates terminated

As part of an undisclosed sale to a third-party, Beautycounter has informed its Brand Advocates they’ve been terminated. [Continue reading…]

Verse Network securities fraud warning from France

Verse Network has received a securities fraud warning from France.

As per the Autorite des Marches Financiers’ April 4th warning, Verse Network is “offering investments in … crypto-assets, without being authorized to do so”. [Continue reading…]

Greek Mythology Club scammers pivot to commodities fraud

The scammers behind the collapsed Greek Mythology Club NFT Ponzi have pivoted to commodities fraud.

In early February, Brendon Parker (aka Crypto Bren) announced the GMC Elev8ed Forex Trading System.

Fellow Greek Mythology Club co-founder Zak Anstis has GMC Elev8ed daily returns marketing on his social feeds:

[Continue reading…]

GetFit Mining Review: Task-based MLM crypto “staking” Ponzi

GetFit Mining fails to provide ownership or executive information on its website.

GetFit Mining’s website domain (“”), was registered in March 2022. The private registration was last updated on March 26th, 2023.

A YouTube video embedded on GetFit Mining’s website leads to a YouTube channel titled “GetFit Activity Mining”. There we find GetFit Mining marketing videos hosted by “Lynette”.

“Lynette” corresponds to Shirley Lynette Artin Crawford (right).

On April 16th, Danny Dehek held a livestream covering GetFit Mining on his “The Crypto Ponzi Scheme Avenger” YouTube channel.

At around [1:29:11] DeHek reveals he was contacted by Crawford in her capacity as GetFit Mining’s owner. This tracks with Crawford featuring in GetFit Mining’s marketing videos.

DeHek calls Artin as part of his livestream. She doesn’t answer but did call him back at [2:03:22].

Crawford, a US resident who also goes by “Lynette Artin”, is known to BehindMLM as a net-winner in the Zeek Rewards Ponzi scheme.

How much Crawford stole through Zeek Rewards is unclear, but it was enough to see her targeted through clawback litigation.

After Zeek Rewards was shut down by US authorities in 2012, Crawford’s name popped up in association with numerous reload scams; GoFunRewardsOfferHubb, Uptown Offers, Quick Pay Group and CrowdFundFast.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money. [Continue reading…]

OLSP System Review: Marketing suite with $25,000+ upsells

OLSP System fails to provide ownership or executive information on its public-facing website.

OLSP System operates from the domain (“”), was registered back in July 2020. The private registration was last updated on July 2nd, 2023.

Presently, OLSP System’s website is nothing more than an affiliate login/signup form:

With a bit of technical manipulation we land on a non-public page that identifies Wayne Crowe as OLSP System’s founder.

Crowe operates OLSP System through Wayne Crowe Limited, a company registered in the UK back in 2016.

Normally I’d flag a UK company as a red flag but it appears Wayne Crowe is a UK resident.

On social media Crowe presents himself as “affiliate marketer of the year”. What authority that’s on or for what year is unclear.

Based on his YouTube channel, Crowe has an internet marketing history going back at least five years. “Traffic Domination” is a recurring theme on his channel.

Like OLSP System, Traffic Domination’s homepage is nothing more than an affiliate login/signup form.

On the MLM side of things, circa 2021 Crowe was promoting iCoinPro.

iCoinPro launched in 2017 and, while retail was possible, built a business around $39.95 a month autoship recruitment.

Promotion for OLSP System on Crowe’s YouTube channel began in early 2021. It appears to have initially been an opportunity launched within Traffic Domination.

Read on for a full review of OLSP System’s MLM opportunity. [Continue reading…]

Agravitae Review: Graviola supplements from Belize

Agravitae operates in the nutritional supplement MLM niche.

The company was founded in 2022 and is based out of California.

Heading up Agravitae we have founder Ken Owen (aka Kenneth Owen).

As per Owen’s Agravitae corporate bio;

Ken Owen, founder of Agravitae, grew up on a small farm in Oregon. After a prolific career in marketing and real estate, Ken knew he always wanted to return to his roots.

Soon enough he discovered what is now TKO farms – a hardwood and tropical fruit farm in Tea Kettle, Belize.

Some additional information Owen’s employment history is revealed in a June 2022 PR interview with Ideamensch;

After graduating from school, Ken landed in Palm Springs and began his career in land development.

As he cultivated new business relationships, he found that he had a skill set well-suited to sales.

This led him to a position with AT&T, which eventually brought him to Los Angeles.

It was here that Ken became one of the largest distributors of the then-new technology of voice over internet protocol (VOIP).

In California, Ken continued to learn all he could about investments and land development. Initially, he invested in several businesses, and while some worked out and went public, others did not do as well.

However, whether successful or unsuccessful, each opportunity provided him with more education in real time, and Ken took every lesson to heart.

The skills acquired through these transactions would eventually lead Kenneth Owen to the success he has found today.

Owen’s transition to TKO Farms seems to have come about in or around 2017.

As far as I can tell, Owen doesn’t have any MLM executive history prior to founding Agravitae.

Read on for a full review of Agravitae’s MLM opportunity. [Continue reading…]

GSPartners victims sought as Texas issues executive bans

Several respondents in the Texas State Securities Board’s previously issued GSPartners emergency cease and desist order have lost their right to appeal.

These include GSPartners executives Dirc Zahlmann, Bruce Hughes and Aline Lima, as well as the failed Swiss Valorem Bank rebrand. [Continue reading…]

Healthy Home Review: NewULife exec launches own opp

Healthy Home operates in the nutritional supplement MLM niche.

The company is headed up by three co-founders; Steve Perkins (CEO), Dean De Grasse and Amber De Grasse.

Before co-founding Healthy Home, Steve Perkins was Vice President of Sales at NewULife.

Dean and Amber De Grasse are also tied to NewULife, ranking at Diamond Ambassador as distributors circa 2020:

In March 2024 discussion on BehindMLM suggested Healthy Home was made up of a large block of former NewULife distributors.

Healthy Home provides a corporate address in Utah on its website.

The company operates from the domain “”, first registered back in 1996. The private registration was last updated on January 8th, 2024.

Based on a post on its official FaceBook page, Healthy Home launched in January 2023:

Read on for a full review of the Healthy Home MLM opportunity. [Continue reading…]

Reddit, Yelp & other platforms file amicus brief in GSB NYSC appeal

Reddit, Yelp, GlassDoor, Indeed, TripAdvisor and the PubPeer Foundation have collectively filed an amicus brief in BehindMLM’s GSB Gold Standard Corporation appeal.

In their capacity as a “group of online speech platforms with millions of daily users”, brief movants (amici) above seek to address an “important question”; [Continue reading…]