SEC tracks down BitConnect’s Craig Grant in Jamaica

The SEC has tracked BitConnect defendant Craig Grant to a hideout in Brazil.

In an October 8th request for an amended summons, the SEC reveals Grant’s hideout address: [Continue reading…]

Lueur Lauren International Review: Insane inventory loading

I came across Lueur Lauren International when researching our recently published Telepreneur Corp review.

Both companies are run by Lorenzo B. Rellosa.

Executive positions below Rellosa are also shared across the companies.

On its website Lueur Lauren states Telepreneur Corp is its parent company.

Lueur Lauren International was founded in late 2019. The company is run by Rellosa from Quezon City in the Philippines.

Read on for a full review of Lueur Lauren International’s MLM opportunity. [Continue reading…]

PGI Global collapses again, new CEO and SVP exit-scam

Within hours of BehindMLM confirming a US criminal investigation, PGI Global has collapsed.

As part of the exit-scam, PGI Global’s newly appointed CEO and Senior Vice President have also called it quits. [Continue reading…]

US criminal investigation into PGI Global confirmed

Earlier today a reader tipped me off to one of PGI Global’s website domains being seized by US authorities.

Initially I was skeptical, owing to the domain in question not being one I was familiar with.

Dozens of rabbit holes later, BehindMLM can confirm the domain “” was used by PGI Global and has been seized. [Continue reading…]

Renato Rodriguez bashed in prison, got COVID-19 & wants out

Airbit Club defendant Pablo Renato Rodriguez isn’t having a great time in prison.

After his arrest and initial denial of bail, Rodriguez contracted COVID-19 in pre-trial custody.

This saw him subject to a two month lockdown.

Upon release from lockdown and transfer to the Erie County Correctional Facility in New York, Rodriguez then got into a dispute with a “violent inmate”.

The stoush resulted in

multiple fractures of Pablo’s jaw, requiring hospitalization (as well as 40 days in the jail infirmary), surgery, and his mouth being wired shut for several weeks.

As a result, Rodriguez claims he’s suffered “immense physical and mental abuse”.

On September 15th Rodriguez requested release via a $10 million dollar bond package.

The DOJ have pushed back, citing Rodriguez as a “significant flight risk” with access to ‘tens of millions of dollars’ worth of virtually unrecoverable and untraceable cryptocurrencies’ [Continue reading…]

Crypto Expo Dubai 2021: Celebrating MLM Ponzi scammers

Dubai’s status as the epicenter of MLM crypto scams has plunged to a new low.

The emirate is now hosting conventions that celebrate financial fraud. [Continue reading…]

Profit Connect Receiver boots Brent and Joy Kovar from home

The Profit Connect Receiver has booted defendants Brent and Joy Kovar from their Las Vegas home. [Continue reading…]

Royal Q securities fraud warning issued in Philippines

Royal Q has received a securities fraud warning from the Philippines. [Continue reading…]

Crowd1 initiates Digital Partners Network shares dump

Back in June BehindMLM reported on Crowd1’s planned UK shell company share dump.

It’s taken four months, but Crowd1 has finally initiated what might be an exit-scam. [Continue reading…]

EmpiresX an “incompetent mess”, new withdrawal restrictions

EmpiresX appears to have entered the “how can we stop people withdrawing?” Ponzi phase.

Amid complaints from disgruntled affiliate investors, EmpiresX has introduced further restrictions on withdrawals. [Continue reading…]