Default judgment against EmpiresX scammers in civil case

Default judgment has been granted against EmpiresX founders Emerson Pires and Flavio Goncalves.

Respective orders against the two scammers, both of whom have fled to Brazil, were filed on December 7th. [Continue reading…]

BitConnect class-action dismissed by Plaintiffs

The BitConnect class-action has been dismissed by co-lead Plaintiffs Albert Parks and Faramarz Shemirani. [Continue reading…]

CFTC scores Entry of Default against MTI’s Johannes Steynberg

At the request of the CFTC, an Entry of Default has been recorded against Mirror Trading International CEO Johannes Steynberg. [Continue reading…]

Maike, Barnes & Hosseinipour file for acquittal and new trial

Richard Maike, Doyce Barnes and Faraday Hosseinipour are trying to weasel out of being found guilty.

Following their conviction by jury in September, the trio have filed for an acquittal and retrial. [Continue reading…]

Infinity2Global defendant Richard Anzalone drowns in Hawaii

Infinity2Global defendant Richard Anzalone has drowned in Hawaii.

There’s not much to Anzalone’s death. As per an October 17th report from KITV; [Continue reading…]

Frank Schneider’s OneCoin indictment unsealed

In what might be indirect confirmation Frank Schneider will be extradited to the US, the DOJ moved to unseal his indictment.

The court granted the DOJ’s request on December 5th. [Continue reading…]

Meme Club Ponzi collapses, withdrawals disabled

The Meme Club Ponzi scheme has collapsed.

Affiliate investors report that withdrawals were disabled without warning on December 1st. [Continue reading…]

Fundsz securities fraud cease and desist from California

Fundz has received a securities fraud cease and desist from California.

As per the Department of Financial Protection & Innovation’s November 22nd order; [Continue reading…]

HyperFund/Hyperverse integrated HOO exchange collapses

Following suspension of withdrawals around June 2022, the HyperFund and Hyperverse integrated HOO exchange has collapsed. [Continue reading…]

Second NovaTech FX fraud warning from Canada (Alberta)

NovaTech FX has received its second securities fraud warning from Canada.

On October 14th the Alberta Securities Commission added NovaTech FX to its Investment Caution List.

As per the ASC’s website, companies on the list [Continue reading…]