Isagenix v. Modere lawsuit details (raiding)

Earlier this week we reported Isagenix had filed a raiding lawsuit against Modere.

We didn’t have specific details at the time, with only an Isagenix affiliate communication to go on.

Since then a reader kindly informed me that Isagenix have made a copy of the complaint available on their website.

Having gone through it, it seems Modere’s recruitment of Isagenix affiliates is the usual backroom deals story. Full details are provided below. [Continue reading…]

95% of Success By Health’s revenue was non-retail

On January 13th, as part of a TRO granted to the FTC, the court appointed a Success By Health Receiver.

On February 10 the Receiver filed her first report on the business. [Continue reading…]

Success By Health prelim injunction decision next week

A February 21st order has revealed a decision on the Success By Health preliminary injunction is likely next week.

The note was part of an order granting Success By Health’s motion to supplement the record: [Continue reading…]

Carlos Wanzeler arrested in Brazil on US warrant

Just days after the Supreme Court rejected his citizenship appeal, Brazilian authorities have arrested Carlos Wanzeler.

Things are moving far more quickly than anticipated. [Continue reading…]

Steve Chen will plead guilty to USFIA criminal fraud

USFIA founder and owner Steve Chen, aka Li Chen and… the “Boss”, has agreed to plead guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud and tax evasion. [Continue reading…]

Mark Scott’s mysterious bond conditions hearing

About a week ago we noticed a bond hearing schedule appear on Mark Scott’s OneCoin case docket.

What the hearing pertains to or why it was scheduled was not disclosed.

We’re still not 100% sure why the hearing has been called, but a recent filing suggests the DOJ is pushing for changes to Scott’s current bail conditions. [Continue reading…]

Pre-trial transcript reveals Irina Dilkinska’s arrest fears

The transcript of Mark Scott’s October 28th pre-trial conference hearing has been made public.

A lot of the eighty-three page transcript is procedural, however there were some interesting tidbits in it.

Note that not everything below is new information. What is new is grouped with some of what we already knew, which hopefully still makes for an interesting read. [Continue reading…]

Carlos Wanzeler loses citizenship appeal, extradition next

Carlos Wanzeler has lost his citizenship appeal, finally paving the way for extradition to the US. [Continue reading…]

Sann Rodrigues fled Brazil with help of Federal Police

Federal police have launched an investigation into how Sann Rodrigues managed to flee Brazil in 2015. [Continue reading…]

Toga Limited loses Philippine SEC registration over fraud

Following an internal investigation, the Philippine SEC has concluded Toga Limited is committing securities fraud.

Accordingly, Toga Limited’s Philippine SEC registration has been revoked. [Continue reading…]