Wiseling hired 16 yo Finnish boy to translate

When it launched Wiseling represented it was based out of Finland.

This was problem, because Wiseling was run by Russian scammers.

The Solution?

Wiseling hired a 16 yo boy on Fivver, to translate in a way that “sounds natural to those who speak Finnish as their mother tongue”. [Continue reading…]

Beurax scammers’ denial coping is hilarious

In the wake of Beurax’s collapse and widespread investor losses, two prominent ringleaders have tried to make sense of it.

The result is a hilarious stream of excuses and contradictory denials. [Continue reading…]

Aplex VA scam warning issued in New Zealand

Aplex VA has received a scam warning from New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority.

Aplex VA is/was part of the Throne Legacy Capital Ponzi scheme. [Continue reading…]

Globalytics Tech Research is Jubilee Ace Ponzi rebooted

The collapsed Jubilee Ace Ponzi scheme has been rebooted as Globalytics Tech Research.

Jubilee Ace was a Ponzi scheme launched in mid 2019.

Headed up by Boris CEO “Tony Jackson”, Jubilee Ace is believed to have been run by south-east Asians, Germans, or a combination of the two. [Continue reading…]

Wiseling CEO Matias Lappo confirmed Russian actor

Following on from identifying where Wiseling shot its staged marketing videos, BehindMLM can now confirm the identity of the actor playing Matias Lappo.

I received a tipoff on Lappo’s identity from Javier Saavedra. The photo I was sent is presented below: [Continue reading…]

CashFX Group securities fraud warning in Manitoba, Canada

CashFX Group has received a securities fraud warning from the Manitoba Securities Commission. [Continue reading…]

MyGBit Mining Review: Ethereum cloud mining Ponzi scheme

MyGBit Mining provides no information on its website about who owns or runs the company.

MyGBit Mining’s website domain (“mygbit.com”) was first registered in 2016. The domain registration was last updated on April 28th, 2020.

MyGBit Cloud Mining A.S. is listed as the owner, through an incomplete address in Bursa, Turkey.

This tracks with a MyGBit Mining marketing video, uploaded to MyGBit Mining’s official YT channel on June 30th, 2020.

The video (above) is your typical Fivver affair, shot it native Turkish.

Wanting to know establish whether MyGBit Mining’s website domain owners had the domain prior to the April 2020 registration update, I headed over to the Wayback Machine.

A snapshot dated February 2020 confirms the same type of website was up.

Here’s an interesting bit of information omitted from the current incarnation of MyGBit Mining’s website;

In 2017, T.C. Bursa Trade Registry Office was established in Bursa by 100% Turkish entrepreneurs with local capital of TL 3,000,000 with trade registry number 94560.

Contradicting that, MyGBit Mining on its website now claims ‘the story of MYGBIT started at the end of 2015.’

MyGBit Mining provides a corporate address in Bursa, Turkey on its website. The company’s official Facebook page is also managed exclusively from Turkey.

From this we can take away that whoever is behind MyGBit Mining is in Turkey. Why they don’t want you to know who they are is unclear.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money. [Continue reading…]

Oro One Review: Gold themed cycler Ponzi

Oro One operates in the precious metals MLM niche.

Oro One’s website domain (“oro.one”) was first registered in February 2019. The private registration was last updated on July 9th, 2020.

In an attempt to appear legitimate, Oro One provides a UK incorporation number for Oro One Limited.

Oro One Limited was incorporated on March 9th, 2019.

UK incorporation is dirt cheap and effectively unregulated. It is a favored jurisdiction for scammers looking to incorporate dodgy companies.

For the purpose of performing MLM due-diligence, UK incorporation is meaningless.

Oro One is headed up by CEO “Max Lawrence”.

Lawrence doesn’t exist outside of Oro One’s marketing. A Facebook profile was created for him in October 2020.

This strongly suggests Lawrence is being portrayed by an actor.

I wasn’t able to place Lawrence’s accent. If I had to guess though it’s somewhere in Europe.

In this Oro One marketing video Lawrence is interviewed by Lily Wilson, who has a distinct Russian accent.

Lawrence’s last Oro One marketing video appeared on Facebook on February 27th.

For the most part he’s been replaced by Ksenia Eskont (right).

Eskont is credited as Oro One’s Marketing Director in Africa. Eskot’s personal Facebook profile was only recently created in December 2020.

Like Max Lawrence, Eskot has no digital footprint outside of Oro One marketing.

Unlike Max Lawrence, Eskot has a much thicker European accent.

Recently Eskot has been joined by Lily Wilson in Oro One marketing videos. Wilson is credited as an Oro One Ambassador.

Max Lawrence, Ksenia Eskont and Lily Wilson are all prime Boris CEO candidates.

That said, Max Lawrence is certainly more hands on then your typical Boris CEO.

There are several detailed presentations on Oro One’s official YT channel featuring Lawrence. Typically a Boris CEO is only used to front a company and placate investors.

Oro One’s official Facebook page is primarily managed from Spain, Russia and the Ukraine.

This provides a more accurate picture of where those behind Oro One are operating from. Spain might also explain Max Lawrence’s accent.

As always, if an MLM company is not openly upfront about who is running or owns it, think long and hard about joining and/or handing over any money. [Continue reading…]

The Perfect System Review: Old-school ebook library pyramid

The Perfect System’s website is a lengthy marketing pitch, supposedly authored by “Bill Anderson”.

On LinkedIn Anderson goes by “William Anderson”. His profile has him operating out of the US state of Georgia.

Anderson (right) runs his various ventures under the branding Network 6000.

On The Perfect System’s website Anderson claims to be a “30+ year marketing expert”.

Based on its website domain and social media profile, I believe The Perfect System originally went by “Simple Cash Daily”.

Outside of The Perfect System I wasn’t able to put together an MLM history for Anderson. This is likely due to the generic name.

Anderson not having an MLM footprint left me skeptical but I’m satisfied he’s an actual person.

Outside of Network 6000 Anderson appears to have made a name for himself in BBQ circles.

Read on for a full review of The Perfect System’s MLM opportunity. [Continue reading…]

EvoRich scam warning issued in New Zealand

EvoRich has received a securities fraud warning from New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority.

According to the FMA, EvoRich is

offering financial services to New Zealand residents through social media and other New Zealand residents without being a registered financial service provider in New Zealand.

The regulator notes EvoRich’s ties to Skyway Capital; [Continue reading…]