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CashFX Group making fake selective withdrawal payments

Blockchain transactions suggest CashFX Group is making fake selective withdrawal payments to top investors.

CashFX Group securities fraud warning from Ontario, Canada

CashFX Group has received its sixth securities fraud warning from Canada. The latest fraud warning was issued by the Ontario Securities Commission on March 28th.

CashFX Group owes $102 million, $5 mill coming in weekly

Analysis of blockchain transactions has revealed CashFX Group owes $102 million in unpaid withdrawal requests. That amount is increasing by about $14 million a week. The reason behind CashFX Group’s never-ending withdrawal issues? The Ponzi scheme is only bringing in ~$5 million a week.

CashFX Group transactions blocked by Firi crypto exchange

CashFX Group related transactions are being blocked by the Firi. Firi is a Norwegian cryptocurrency exchange that claims to have over 130,000 clients.

CashFX Group an illegal business in Italy, website blocked

CashFX Group has been declared an illegal business in Italy. As a result CONSOB, Italy’s top financial regulator, has ordered CashFX Group’s website be blocked nationally.

CashFX Group bitcoin wallet transfers confirm Ponzi scheme

A recent marketing video by promoter Tanya Jennings, has shed light on the flow of bitcoin within CashFX Group.

CashFX Group deletes withdrawal requests, now up to date

While Huascar Lopez missed his end-of-year deadline to catch up on withdrawals, CashFX Group is now fully caught up on all pending requests. Unfortunately this probably isn’t what investors had in mind.

CashFX Group misses withdrawal deadline, blames “cyber attack”

A few months ago CashFX Group founder Huascar Lopez told investors withdrawals would be caught up by the end of 2021. As I write this, on January 1st, 2022, CashFX Group withdrawals are still months behind. To distract away from CashFX Group fluctuating from various states of collapse throughout 2021, another “cyber attack” has been [Continue reading…]

CashFX Group securities fraud warning from Spain

CashFX Group has received a securities fraud warning from Spain’s Comision Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV).

CashFX Group exec lies about withdrawals, regulators… A.I.?

Against the backdrop of affiliate investor withdrawals being blocked, CashFX executives and top promoters went off on a cruise. Those unable to withdraw can put two and two together to figure out how the cruise was funded. That was late November, now it’s back to facing the Ponzi schemes problems. To that end CashFX Group [Continue reading…]