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CashFX Group hush money leaders named and shamed

Thirteen CashFX Group hush money payments have been confirmed. The problem is CashFX Group currently has eighteen leaders. This research comes to you courtesy of Rob Truckle from the CashFX (in association with EverFX) Scam – Now What!? FaceBook group, “James” and of course, dUh BlOcKcHaIn!

CashFX Group bribed leaders while denying withdrawals

Luigi Bruni’s life after CashFX Group is providing insight into how the Ponzi scheme continued to recruit new victims, despite denying withdrawals for close to a year. Like any MLM Ponzi scheme, CashFX Group owner and CEO Huascar Lopez kept most of the money for himself. He also paid top affiliates $20,000 a month to [Continue reading…]

Jojar Dhinsa lies about scamming people via CashFX Group

Jojar Dhinsa has publicly denied scamming people through the CashFX Group Ponzi scheme. As shared by Harry Page from the FaceBook group, “CashFX (in association with EverFX) Scam – Now What!?”, Dhinsa appeared on NTV Unscripted on August 19th. NTV markets itself as “the leading Bangladeshi TV channel”. It is broadcast locally across the UK [Continue reading…]

CashFX Group locking accounts, scammers cry over “losses”

The drawn out exit-scam following CashFX Group’s collapse continues. The latest has seen top investor accounts terminated. The scammers that own the accounts are crying over their “losses”.

CashFX Group top earners squabble, confirm Ponzi is over

Justin Halladay and Luigi Bruni are believed to earn the top earning position in the CashFX Group Ponzi. Having all but disappeared from the company, as CashFX Group continues to promise withdrawals are just around the corner for the better part of a year now, it appears Halladay and Bruni have broken up.

CashFX Group sets up BullnBear Pay to pay withdrawals

Typically an MLM Ponzi scheme launches with or switches to cryptocurrency to avoid financial regulation. Then there’s CashFX Group who, following two years of ongoing crypto withdrawal problems, have now convinced investors they’ll be paid through a debit card.

CashFX Group marketed as way to “alleviate homelessness”

CashFX Group scammers in Ireland are running around telling people their Ponzi “alleviates homelessness”. How does a collapsed Ponzi scheme with out of control ROI liabilities help the homeless? Beats me.

CashFX Group making fake selective withdrawal payments

Blockchain transactions suggest CashFX Group is making fake selective withdrawal payments to top investors.

CashFX Group securities fraud warning from Ontario, Canada

CashFX Group has received its sixth securities fraud warning from Canada. The latest fraud warning was issued by the Ontario Securities Commission on March 28th.

CashFX Group owes $102 million, $5 mill coming in weekly

Analysis of blockchain transactions has revealed CashFX Group owes $102 million in unpaid withdrawal requests. That amount is increasing by about $14 million a week. The reason behind CashFX Group’s never-ending withdrawal issues? The Ponzi scheme is only bringing in ~$5 million a week.