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Default judgment against EmpiresX scammers in civil case

Default judgment has been granted against EmpiresX founders Emerson Pires and Flavio Goncalves. Respective orders against the two scammers, both of whom have fled to Brazil, were filed on December 7th.

Joshua D. Nicholas sentenced to 51 months for EmpiresX fraud

EmpiresX scammer Joshua David Nicholas has been sentenced to 51 months in prison. Nicholas’ sentence was handed down after 45 minute sentencing hearing, held on November 28th.

EmpiresX SEC & CFTC cases stayed pending Hague service

Both the SEC’s and CFTC’s civil cases against EmpiresX and its owners have been administratively stayed.

DOJ addresses victim restitution in EmpiresX fraud case

The DOJ has made reference to restitution for investors of the EmpiresX Ponzi scheme. While it’s not much, I believe it’s the first we’ve seen restitution mentioned in EmpiresX fraud proceedings.

Joshua David Nicholas pleads guilty to EmpiresX fraud

Joshua David Nicholas has plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit securities fraud. Nicholas played “Master Trader” in EmpiresX, through the misappropriated alias “Joshua Gregg”.

Joshua David Nicholas settles with EmpiresX class-action

Joshua David Nicholas has settled with the civil EmpiresX class-action. Nicholas’ settlement follows “money of arms-length mediation” between the parties.

SEC moves for alternative service on MCC defendants

The SEC has filed a motion requesting permission to allow alternative service on the Mining Capital Coin defendants.

EmpiresX victim class-action filed in Florida (Receivership?)

Two EmpiresX victims have filed a civil class-action in Florida. That’s on top of the CFTC’s and SEC’s civil regulatory lawsuits against EmpiresX. What’s interesting is the Florida state court hearing the class-action has appointed an EmpiresX Receiver.

CFTC initiates Hague service on EmpiresX scammers in Brazil

The CFTC has initiated Hague Convention service on EmpiresX scammers Emerson Pires and Flavio Goncalves. Pires and Goncalves co-founded the EmpiresX Ponzi scheme.

Joshua Nicholas’ EmpiresX criminal trial scheduled for Aug 15

Joshua Nicholas’ EmpiresX criminal trial is currently scheduled for August 15th. That’s not a typo, the trial is ten days away. Whether it actually goes ahead though is now up in the air, following an August 2nd motion to continue.