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CFTC initiates Hague service on EmpiresX scammers in Brazil

The CFTC has initiated Hague Convention service on EmpiresX scammers Emerson Pires and Flavio Goncalves. Pires and Goncalves co-founded the EmpiresX Ponzi scheme.

Joshua Nicholas’ EmpiresX criminal trial scheduled for Aug 15

Joshua Nicholas’ EmpiresX criminal trial is currently scheduled for August 15th. That’s not a typo, the trial is ten days away. Whether it actually goes ahead though is now up in the air, following an August 2nd motion to continue.

The EmpiresX criminal indictments

Emerson Pires, Flavio Mendes Goncalves and Joshua David Nicholas have been indicted. Criminal charges filed against the trio pertain to the EmpiresX Ponzi scheme.

EmpiresX scammers indicted on three counts of fraud

Emerson Pires, Flavio Goncalves and Joshua David Nicholas, have each been indicted on EmpiresX fraud charges. Pires and Goncalves co-founded the EmpiresX Ponzi scheme. Joshua Nicholas worked with them to create the illusion of trading.

EmpiresX sued for $41.6 mill in commodities fraud by CFTC

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission has sued EmpiresX and its executives for “at least $41.6 million” in fraud. The CFTC’s lawsuit was filed in parallel with an SEC civil fraud lawsuit pertaining to the same conduct.

EmpiresX sued for $40 million in securities fraud by SEC

EmpiresX and its executives have been sued by the SEC for $40 million in securities fraud. In addition to being fraudulent, Defendants’ offers and sales of EmpiresX securities violated the registration provisions of the federal securities laws. The SEC brings this lawsuit to hold Defendants responsible for their fraud The SEC’s lawsuit was filed on [Continue reading…]

Mining Capital Coin prelim injunction hearing scheduled

The SEC is set to face off against the Mining Capital Coin defendants on May 19th. At stake are the millions in ill-gotten gains Capuci allegedly stole through his Mining Capital Coin Ponzi scheme.

SEC sues Mining Capital Coin’s Jr. Caputti & Emerson Pires

Mining Capital Coin co-founders Luiz Carlos Capuci and Emerson Sousa Pires have been sued by the SEC. The SEC alleges Capuci and Pires offered an “irresistible investment opportunity”, but in reality ran a Ponzi scheme.

EmpiresX securities fraud warning from Spain

EmpiresX has received a securities fraud warning from Spain’s Comision Nacional del Mercado de Valores. As per the CNMV’s January 17th warning, EmpiresX

EmpiresX Ponzi shuts down, selling investor data?

Following EmpiresX’s collapse late last year, the company has announced it’s shutting down. The announcement was made via a communication sent out to investors in the last 24 hours. One immediately concern the EmpiresX’s announcement raises is potential identity theft.