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Charles Scoville lashes out at attorneys for court losses

Charles Scoville isn’t having a good time. Currently incarcerated in Juab County Jail, last month Scoville had his Supreme Court bid to legalize Ponzi schemes in the US denied. Now the lawyers representing him against the SEC want out.

Traffic Monsoon 2nd appeal gone, Receiver to subpoena bank

On November 26th the Tenth Circuit dismissed Charles Scoville’s second filed Traffic Monsoon appeal.

Traffic Monsoon victim claims process “moving forward”

Following the denial of Charles Scoville’s SCOTUS writ bid, the Receiver has announced the victim claims process is moving forward.

Traffic Monsoon Supreme Court writ denied

Charles Scoville’s bid to legalize Ponzi schemes through the Supreme Court has come to an end.

Traffic Monsoon Receiver denied use of Canadian attorneys

Just shy of two weeks ago the Traffic Monsoon Receiver requested permission to engage Canadian attorneys. The attorneys are required to pursue judgement against Canadian Traffic Monsoon net-winners. On October 28th the Receiver’s motion was denied.

Traffic Monsoon Canadian net-winners to face local lawyers

The Traffic Monsoon Receiver has requested permission to engage local counsel to pursue Canadian net-winners.

Traffic Monsoon SCOTUS writ to be decided on November 1st

On October 9th Charles Scoville has filed his reply to the SEC’s opposition brief. That same day Scoville’s Traffic Monsoon Supreme Court writ was marked as distributed. Whether the case will be heard by the Supreme Court is set to be decided via a scheduled November 1st conference.

Traffic Monsoon Receiver granted flat sale assistance motion

The Traffic Monsoon Receiver’s assistance motion has been granted. The motion, made pursuant to the Hague Convention, seeks information in relation to the sale of a flat in Manchester, UK.

Traffic Monsoon flat sell-off prompts Hague Convention request

The sell-off of a flat in Manchester, purchased with stolen Traffic Monsoon investor funds, has prompted the Receiver to call for international judicial assistance.

Scoville demands victims pay $270,000+ in Traffic Monsoon legal fees

Charles Scoville’s lawyers have realized they’re likely not going to get paid. Cue motion demanding Traffic Monsoon victims pay over $270,000+ in legal fees.