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FTC sends 379 MLM companies deceptive/unfair conduct notices

The FTC has issued at least 379 MLM companies with deceptive and/or unfair conduct notices. This was announced by the FTC on October 26th. If it slipped under your radar, you’re not alone. I learned of the FTC’s announcement via a tip sent in by a reader. At first I thought there was some funny [Continue reading…]

$36.3 million in Traffic Monsoon victim claims approved

A May 10th Receivership Status Report reveals that 12,500 Traffic Monsoon victims have had their claims approved. The total dollar amount of approved claims so far comes to $33,383,808.

Traffic Monsoon Receiver renews Canadian clawback efforts

Back in October 2019 the Traffic Monsoon Receiver sought to employ local attorneys to go after Canadian net-winners. The motion was denied later the same month. In denying the motion, the court recommended the Receiver ‘solicit multiple bids from attorneys experienced in this area of Canadian law’. On April 26th the Receiver filed a new [Continue reading…]

5 new motions for default in Traffic Monsoon clawback suit

The Traffic Monsoon Receiver has filed five new motions for default judgment. Traffic Monsoon net-winners targeted in the motions are Sharon James, Adil Khan, Limited By Invitation (company), Javediqbal Naeem and Mohammed Yasin.

Charles Scoville released from jail?

Undelivered mail in the Traffic Monsoon SEC case suggests owner Charles Scoville may have been released from jail.

Ernie Ganz & David Barker def judgments granted ($953K)

The Traffic Monsoon Receivership has secured default judgments against promoters Ernest “Ernie” Ganz and David Barker. Together, the pair of scammers are up for $953,195.

Traffic Monsoon claim objection notices sent out

The Traffic Monsoon Receiver has advised claim objection notices have been sent out. The announcement was made via a recent update on the Traffic Monsoon Receivership website.

Traffic Monsoon default judgment granted ($2.5 mill)

Following a motion request for default judgment filed last April, the SEC has secured a $2.5 million default judgment against Trafffic Monsoon. The judgment also applies to owner and operator Charles Scoville.

Charles Scoville indicted for wire and tax fraud

Charles Scoville, the incarcerated creator of Traffic Monsoon, has been indicted on wire and tax fraud charges.

Traffic Monsoon “victim” claims $99 trillion dollars

The Traffic Monsoon Receiver has published her first claims report. Detailing where the claims process is at, the Receiver reveals that one Traffic Monsoon “victim” tried to claim $99 trillion dollars.