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FutureAdPro Review: FutureNet launch a revshare Ponzi

FutureAdPro was announced earlier this year and is an opportunity being launched under the FutureNet brand. The FutureAdPro website identifies the company as a “FutureNet Advertising Program”. FutureNet is a $1685 six-tier matrix cycler Ponzi scheme launched in early 2014. On his Facebook profile, Roman Ziemian identifies himself as owner and CEO of FutureNet. Stephan Morgenstern [Continue reading…]

FutureNet Review: $1685 six tier matrix cycler

There is no information on the FutureNet website indicating who owns or runs the business. If one clicks the “company” link at the footer of the homepage, details for “FutureNet Inc.” appear: Futurenet Inc. TRUST COMPANY COMPLEX AJELTAKE ROAD AJELTAKE ISLAND MAJURO MARSHALL ISLAND MH 96960 A Google search reveals multiple businesses using this address, [Continue reading…]