VKI, Austria’s top consumer protection organization, has issued a warning against participation in FutureNet.

According to VKI, FutureNet has the characteristics of a Ponzi/pyramid hybrid scheme.

VKI’s warning pertains to investment in FutureAdPro, FutureNet’s adpack Ponzi scheme.

Following multiple collapses, last we heard FutureNet was slashing returns in a desperate bid to stay afloat.

VKI additionally note:

  • FutureNet has no physical presence, making contacting the company difficult;
  • FutureNet’s website is registered in the Marshall Islands, while FutureNet itself claims to be based out of also Dubai;
  • an increase in angry FutureNet affiliates reporting non-payment or backoffice deletion of funds; and
  • FutureNet removing any complaints posted to their social media pages “immediately”.

VKI warns Austrian consumers:

Do not register on futurenet.club.

Do not invest money in the company because there are many inconsistencies.

The company is suspected of being a punishable pyramid scheme, with only the operators and a few participants earning at the expense of everyone else.

Poland’s FutureNet scam warning issued a few months ago is also cited.