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DasCoin Ponzi collapses, GreenPower fork scam revealed

The DasCoin Ponzi scheme has collapsed, prompting the company to shut down its website. Visitors to the DasCoin website are now presented with a hard fork message. After a hard fork of the DasCoin Blockchain on May 14, 2019, the existing network nodes have voted to support a new coin. DasCoin’s new scamcoin fork reboot [Continue reading…]

DasCoin’s Net Leaders to rebrand for third time as Excelz

The MLM side of DasCoin is gearing up for its third name-change. As announced at DasCoin’s recent Dubai event, Net Leaders will be renamed and relaunched as Excelz on December 1st.

Authorities seize $11.6 million from DasCoin in Poland

Poland has stepped up its criminal investigation into DasCoin, following the seizure of 44 million PLN ($11.6 million USD) in stolen Ponzi funds.

Net Leaders & DasCoin under criminal investigation in Poland

The District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw has confirmed a criminal investigation into the DasCoin Ponzi scheme.

DasCoin announces fourth public exchange, fails to gain traction

Despite listing itself on four cryptocurrency exchanges you’ve never heard of, Net Leader’s DasCoin has failed to gain any traction through public trading. Not surprising when you consider DasCoin exists solely as an investment vehicle for duped Net Leaders affiliates.

DasCoin securities fraud cease and desist issued in BC, Canada

DasCoin is the latest MLM cryptocurrency to receive a securities fraud cease and desist. As part of Operation Cryptosweep, the British Columbia Securities Commission issued DasCoin with a cease and desist notice. As at the time of publication the DasCoin cease and desist notice hasn’t been made public. Nor do we know exactly when it [Continue reading…]

OneCoin, DasCoin, FutureNet & Lyoness scam warnings from Poland

Poland’s Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, more commonly known as UOKiK, has issued scam warnings against OneCoin (OneLife), NetLeaders (DasCoin), FutureNet (FutureAdPro), Questra World (Atlantic Global Asset Management) and Lyoness. The December 18th warning, published by UOKiK President Marek Niechciala, appears to be an end-of-year recap of regulatory actions taken by the watchdog.

DasCoin CEO threatens journalist over comparison to OneCoin

DasCoin CEO Michael Mathias is furious over comparisons of his company to OneCoin. Acknowledging that OneCoin is unable to ensure ‘compliance with US laws and regulations’, Mathias insists his DasCoin and OneCoin are ‘completely separate entities with absolutely no affiliation or connection or business association with each other.‘ Personally I wasn’t aware of anyone claiming [Continue reading…]

DasCoin to collaborate with the Maltese government?

One of the lesser-known MLM Ponzi points schemes out there is Net Leaders. Hitched to DasCoin and initially launched as Coin Leaders last year, Net Leaders is your typical Ponzi points scheme. Net Leaders affiliates invest in DasCoin points on the typical “we’re gunna be the next bitcoin!” promises. DasCoins to date are not publicly [Continue reading…]

Coin Leaders Review: DasCoin is a OneCoin Ponzi points clone

The Coin Leaders website states that the company is operated by CL Singapore Pte. Ltd., which is based in Singapore. CL Singapore is wholly owned by Coin Leadership Limited, based in Dubai. John Pretto (right) is identified as Chairman of Coin Leaders. John Pretto is an accomplished, innovative and entrepreneurial technologist with over 20 years [Continue reading…]