FutureAdPro is going through its second collapse, with affiliate ROI payments slashed by up to 60%.

Referral commissions on invested amounts have also been further manipulated to reward only FutureAdPro’s top recruiters.

FutureAdPro launched in 2016 as a simple $50 in, $60 out adpack Ponzi scheme.

By September 2018 FutureAdPro had exhausted invested funds, with the company introducing FuturoCoin payouts in lieu of actual money.

FuturoCoin (FTO) is a cryptocurrency FutureNet generates on demand at little to no cost.

Once paid to affiliates, they’re left to find gullible suckers to offload FTO onto via public exchanges.

FutureNet has gotten FTO listed on several exchanges, where it has fallen from an $18 ICO listing value to between $5 and $6 (currently $5.63).

The first FutureAdPro collapse reboot has lasted not even four months, with the company once again announcing drastic changes to ROI payments.

Earlier this week and without notice, FutureAdPro informed affiliates it was slashing active AdPacks from 1000 to just 400.

This is an effect 60% ROI pay cut for the company’s top affiliates, and a sliding scale reduction for anyone with over 400 active AdPack investments.

Whereas referral commissions on invested funds were previously tied to monthly fees, they’re now tied to direct recruitment of new investors.

In order to earn a 1% commission down ten unilevel team levels, a FutureAdPro affiliate has to recruit at least five affiliate investors.

A minimum of 250 FND must also be invested, only 50 FND of which is counted on personal recruitment. The rest has to come from the downline.

FND stands for FutureNet Dollars, non-refundable points FutureNet forces affiliates to convert real money into before they can invest.

Prior to FutureAdPro’s second collapse affiliates were able to acquire FND with real money. Now FutureNet are only accepting FTO.

This is a blatant attempt to manipulate the FTO’s public trading value, which has continued to decline since it was first publicly listed.

The new referral ranks will have little impact to FutureAdPro’s top recruiters, but will squash any incentive to promote FutureAdPro for the rest of the affiliate investor-base.

Which, let’s face it is going to effect the majority of FutureAdPro affiliate investors.

Under the highest referral commission tier are lower qualification amounts, corresponding with reduced unilevel team level referral commission amounts.

Realistically most FutureAdPro affiliates are going to find themselves in the first two tiers, which pay 1% over two or four levels respectively.

This is down from the previous rate of 8% on level 1 and 4% on level 2.

What should be obvious by now is FutureAdPro are doing everything they can to slash payments to the majority of their investors – whilst still keeping things attractive to top investors.

Basically the hope is that 60% ROI cut FutureAdPro’s top investors have taken is made up in deeper referral commissions.

But by screwing over most investors on referral commissions, it’s unclear whether this will have the desired effect.

At the end of the day FutureNet are still running a Ponzi scheme and can only pay out what’s invested.

FTO might give them some breathing room but if affiliates can’t sell and realize backoffice returns, what’s the point?