FutureNet Ponzi co-founder Stephan Morgenstern has opened up a luxury car garage in Dubai.

Simply dubbed “The Space”, Morgenstern’s new business is billed as

the world’s first exclusive, inventive, and one-of-a-kind space for top-of-the-line luxury automobiles.

The Space is available for rent to host

business events, fundraisers, dinner galas, fashion shows, grand openings, conferences, and private parties.

The Space represents “the investors’ outstanding hard-won accomplishment in reaching the top”.

So the marketing goes…

Many athletes and VIPs will call THE SPACE sports-centre home.

The Space is also “where dreams come true”.

Unfortunately those dreams are built on millions in Ponzi victim losses.

Morgenstern launched FutureNet in 2014 with Roman Ziemian.

FutureNet’s original model was a simple six-tier cycler Ponzi.

In 2016 FutureNet added FutureAdPro, a revshare Ponzi. Cryptocurrency fraud followed in 2017.

By late 2018 FutureNet was in decline. Over the next year or so it collapsed and today no longer exists.

How much Morgenstern and Ziemian stole from FutureNet victims is unclear.

In June 2020 authorities in South Korea launched an investigation after receiving complaints from 950 FutureNet investors.

Authorities alleged FutureNet victims in South Korea collectively lost $16.1 million. South Korea was just one of the countries FutureNet was promoted in.

Polish authorities announced a criminal investigation into FutureNet in early 2019. This evidently prompted Morgenstern to flee Poland for Dubai.

Dubai is the MLM scam capital of the world. The emirate offers scammers like Morgenstern a safe-haven, due to limited extradition treaties and non-regulation of MLM related securities fraud.

Morgenstern popping up prompted me to go looking for an update on Ziemian.

He appears to be spending his FutureNet money on a mid-life crisis Ferrari fantasy:

Ziemian is also believed to have fled to Dubai.