To be fair, FutureNet’s FutureAdPro survived the typical two-year collapse window of most MLM Ponzi schemes.

When you’re paying out more than you’re taking in though ($50 in, $60 out), things are eventually going to fall apart.

And for FutureAdPro, following several announcements, that appears to be now.

Perhaps the biggest signal FutureAdPro is on the verge of collapse is the refusal to pay ROI withdrawals in bitcoin, ethereum or several other cryptocurrencies.

In changes recently announced to FutureAdNet investors, FutureNet advised it will only be paying ROI withdrawals in FuturoCoin.

FutureNet launched FuturoCoin earlier this year. Like every other MLM altcoin, outside of FutureNet FuturoCoin serves no purpose.

After debuting at a pumped ICO value of almost $18, FTO has since dumped to its current value of around $7.70.

FutureAdPro only paying in pre-generated FTO coins might pump the value a bit, but only for as long as desperate FutureAdPro investors are able to offload FTO to each other.

With respect to the FutureAdPro adcredit Ponzi scheme, FutureNet has access to millions of FTO and dispersing them to investors costs next to nothing.

This is key, because paying ROI withdrawals in bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies comes at an actual cost.

So to recap, FutureNet expect FutureAdPro affiliates to invest with actual money, whilst only paying out through their worthless FTO altcoin.

Other changes announced mostly relate to FutureAdPro’s compensation plan.

Affiliates have to use their ad credits now, which for most will simply be regurgitating supplied FutureAdPro ads. Referral commissions on new investment is now also tied to recruitment.

Looking forward, with FTO dumped further and a lack of direct investment into the altcoin, it’s expected its value will fall further.

FutureNet will continue to pay FutureAdPro ROI withdrawals through FTO for as long as they can, even if investors aren’t happy about it.

And so the FutureAdPro exit-scam begins…


Update 26th January 2019 – FutureAdPro has collapsed again.

In the Ponzi scheme’s third incarnation, FutureNet has slashed ROI payments by up to 60%.