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11 deaths linked to Paparazzi COVID-19 Las Vegas event

Paparazzi held a ten year anniversary celebration in Las Vegas last month. Unofficial tracking on social media suggests it might have been a COVID-19 super-spreader event. The verified attendee death tally currently sits at eleven.

Griddy grilled over “unbelievable electricity bills”

Griddy Pro is the MLM arm of Griddy, a wholesale electricity retailer. One the concerns raised in our Griddy Pro review late last year was having to keep track of fluctuating rates. If a Griddy customer wasn’t paying attention, they could easily rack up huge bills due to price spikes. One historical example was a [Continue reading…]

Plexus distributors told their business is an “assignment from God”

A key-note speaker at a Plexus corporate event has told attendees that building their business ‘is an assignment from God to help you build your faith‘.

LuLaRoe’s gastric sleeve pressure group is next level creepy

While I’m aware of the common association of cultish tendencies within MLM companies, it’s not something I tend to dwell on. Extreme fans can be found cheering anything on, so I think definitively drawing a line between fanaticism and a cult is pretty difficult. And it’s not made any easier by those inside or who [Continue reading…]

GTI-Net Ponzi confirmed, reboots as Global Technology Innovation

GTI-Net lost its appeal against an investment fraud warning issued by Belgium’s Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA). The company responded by “shutting down”, only to reboot itself with a new name and website.

DDK attempts to justify pump and dump Ponzi shitcoin

Over the last 48 hours DDK has been spamming their supposed rebuttal to our December 10th review in various places. Written from the frankly insulting perspective that nobody is capable of understanding their simple business model, DDKoin alleges our review contains “false allegations” and an “inaccurate representation” of their products (of which they have none). [Continue reading…]

Unifii enters securities fraud territory with VIP Global FX

Unifii launched in mid 2018 and through its Prosperity U product, provides affiliates with trading signals. Despite Unifii representing returns of 157% over a few months, apparently that wasn’t good enough. Now the company has launched its own passive forex trading service.

Riway affiliates claim deer placenta cures cancer, MS & infertility

Singaporean MLM company Riway is attempting to branch out from Asia into Europe. Unfortunately they’re doing so by making all manner of unsubstantiated medical claims.

Visalus Amazon racket lawsuit settled in secret?

Last July former top earner Michael Gehart filed a lawsuit against Visalus. Gehart alleged Visalus was an “illegal pyramid scheme”. He also the claimed the company ran a secret Amazon retail racket, effectively giving Gehart an unfair advantage over other Visalus affiliates. In early 2017 Visalus took control of the Amazon racket, prompting Gehart to [Continue reading…]

FirstCoin Club collapses, investor alleges $245 million in fraud

FirstCoin Club was an MLM crypto Ponzi scheme launched mid 2017. FirstCoin Club affiliates invested real money for worthless FRST, an altcoin launched by the company. A monthly ROI in FRST was paid out, which affiliates could realize by selling their FRST to new gullible bagholders. Despite all Ponzi schemes inevitably collapsing, a disturbing number [Continue reading…]