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TINA finds 98% of sampled MLMs make misleading income claims

A new study from Truth in Advertising (TINA), claims 98% of studied MLM companies are using misleading income claims. In other words, of the hundred MLM companies TINA studies, 98 percent are openly violating the FTC Act.

Does LaCore Enterprises have a lead contamination problem?

Yesterday I was researching an MLM company debuting a strip-delivery supplement. It reminded me a lot of Axis Klarity from Elomir, an MLM company launched under LaCore Enterprises last year. Wondering if LaCore Enterprises might be behind this other company, I ran a few searches to see if anything come up. I forget the exact [Continue reading…]

Riway paid Eliminalia ~€370K to hide Purtier Placenta warnings

Riway has been outed as a client of the Eliminalia reputation management agency. Leaked documents reveal Riway’s Taiwanese subsidiary paid Eliminalia €370,000 EUR to bury Placenta Purtier health warnings.

APLGO commission delays, on the verge of collapse?

A source has provided insight into APLGO’s current business operations. The company is reported to be behind in commissions for over a year, as well as being behind on inventory payments in “most markets”.

Eric Worre bitten by the Dubai MLM Ponzi bug

I saw a disturbing headline on BusinessForHome today; Eric Worre Announced As OmegaPro’s New Official Strategic Coach OmegaPro, the Dubai-based MLM Ponzi? Oh dear. Turns out OmegaPro isn’t the only Dubai MLM Ponzi Worre has hitched his Network Marketing Pro wagon to.

Prizm Ponzi and Aleksey Muratov linked to Donetsk separatism

A report from the Centre of Information Resilience has tied Prizm and founder Aleksey Muratov to Donetsk separatism in Ukraine. As per their website, the Centre for Information Resilience is

Was Amplifei sold off as a non-profitable company?

Last month it emerged Robert Oblon had sold off Amplifei to LaCore Enterprises. Details of the state of Amplifei have since emerged, suggesting the company failed to turn a profit.

11 deaths linked to Paparazzi COVID-19 Las Vegas event

Paparazzi held a ten year anniversary celebration in Las Vegas last month. Unofficial tracking on social media suggests it might have been a COVID-19 super-spreader event. The verified attendee death tally currently sits at eleven.

Griddy grilled over “unbelievable electricity bills”

Griddy Pro is the MLM arm of Griddy, a wholesale electricity retailer. One the concerns raised in our Griddy Pro review late last year was having to keep track of fluctuating rates. If a Griddy customer wasn’t paying attention, they could easily rack up huge bills due to price spikes. One historical example was a [Continue reading…]

Plexus distributors told their business is an “assignment from God”

A key-note speaker at a Plexus corporate event has told attendees that building their business ‘is an assignment from God to help you build your faith‘.