Xera has received a securities fraud warning from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

As per ASIC’s April 23rd warning, Xera

is likely to be offering financial services to Australian consumers.

It does not hold an Australian financial services licence or Australian credit licence from ASIC, and is not authorised by a licensee.

Offering securities without registration with ASIC constitutes securities fraud under Australian law.

Xera is a combined reboot of three collapsed Dubai Ponzis; Safir International, The Blockchain Era and Success Factory.

Also based out of Dubai, the MLM crime capital of the world, Xera is headed up by

  • Henk Diepbrink – Xera Managing Director, Dutch national and former Managing Director of Safir
  • Werner Kaiser – Xera Global Vice President, part of Safir’s “Elite Circle of Trust” and former Lyoness Ponzi promoter
  • Diego Endrizzi – Xera Head of Global Sales, top Italian promoter of WeWe Global and The Blockchain Era
  • Gorka Buces – Xera Chief Visionary Officer, former CVO of the collapsed Xifra and Decentra Ponzi schemes
  • Nils Grossberg – Xera Head of Global Partnerships, founder and CEO of collapsed DagCoin and Success Factory Ponzi schemes

As of March 2024, SimilarWeb tracked top sources of traffic to Xera’s website as Germany (33%), Austria (16%) and the Czech Republic (7%).

ASIC also issued a separate The Blockchain Era securities fraud warning on April 23rd.