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Jeunesse settles RICO class-action victim lawsuit for $2.5 million

Following a granted stay last month, a Stipulation of Settlement has been filed in the Jeunesse RICO class-action lawsuit. In 2016 Plaintiffs James Aboltin and Pamela Knight sued Jeunesse for deception. In the lawsuit Aboltin and Knight alleged Jeunesse was running a “misleading business opportunity”, masquerading as “a legitimate way to make money”. The proposed class-action [Continue reading…]

Jeunesse RICO class-action settlement on the horizon

At the heart of the Jeunesse RICO pyramid lawsuit is the allegation that plaintiffs James Aboltin and Pamela Knight were deceived by Jeunesse’s misleading business opportunity, falsely believing that it was a legitimate way to earn money. Currently a proposed class-action, on June 29th Aboltin and Knight requested a stay on the case pending settlement.

Jeunesse RICO lawsuit moved to Florida, Alex Morton evading service?

James Aboltin and Pamela Knight filed their RICO pyramid scheme lawsuit against Jeunesse back in July, 2016. I’d been loosely following the case, with recent developments warranting its addition to my tracking roster. Aboltin and Knight’s lawsuit seeks to recover losses as a result of signing up as Jeunesse distributors. Both plaintiffs claim they were [Continue reading…]

Jeunesse will not stop selling Instantly Ageless without court order

Despite being cut off by their supplier, Juenesse has vowed to continue selling Instantly Ageless unless a court order prohibits them from doing so. The announcement was made in an April 12th statement provided to BehindMLM, which I’ve reproduced below in full.

Instantly Ageless terminate Jeunesse contract over unpaid royalties

One of Jeunesse’s most recognizable products is Instantly Ageless. Marketed as an anti-aging “micro cream”, Instantly Ageless is manufactured by Anti Age Technologies LLC. Following allegations that Jeunesse has “committed several uncured material breaches of the Agreement” between the two companies, on April 3rd, 2017, Anti Age Technologies wrote to Jeunesse to advise they were terminating [Continue reading…]

Windsor’s Nerium lawsuit heads to mediation, 2018 trial date set

After claiming to have spent ‘six years developing, co-founding, and co-leading Nerium’s record breaking global sales which has topped four hundred million dollars ($400,000,000.00) annually‘, in March Dennis Windsor was terminated as company President. A lawsuit followed in April, through which Windsor is seeking $22 million dollars in damages. In addition to damages, Windsor is claiming [Continue reading…]

Jeunesse settle raiding lawsuit against Darren Jensen

On January 8th Jeunesse filed a lawsuit against former President, Darren Jensen. In their lawsuit Jeunesse accused Jensen of raiding the company to build LifeVantage, of which Jensen is currently President and CEO. Back in March Jeunesse’s lawsuit was referred to mediation, with a report on mediation developments held on August 26th.

Peru issues warning against Global InterGold (EmGoldex) & Jeunesse

The Superintendencia de Banca is responsible for the ‘regulation and supervision of the Financial System of Insurance and Private Pension System‘ in Peru. In an action that slipped under the radar, last month the Superintendencia de Banca issued a warning against Global InterGold (EmGoldex) and Jeunesse.

Jeunesse to keep its shady secrets (Jensen lawsuit)

One of the more interesting aspects of Jeunesse’s lawsuit against former President Darren Jensen, is Jensen’s discovery requests. In particular, Jensen’s demand that Jeunesse hand over information pertaining to regulatory issues and attempts to illegally sell products in Asia, South America and Europe. Jensen also sought information on Jeunesse’s Chinese MLM license and ‘documents concerning [Continue reading…]

Jeunesse marketed as “passive income opportunity”

Patrick Chan (also goes by “Patric Chan”) joined Jeunesse in May, 2015. Operating out of Malaysia, Chan refers to his Jeunesse downline as the “Passive Wealth Group”. As per a Facebook post dated June 7th, 2016, here’s how Chan claims his Passive Wealth Group is going: We started the Passive Wealth Group 1 1/2 years [Continue reading…]