Traffic Monsoon @ BehindMLM

Charles Scoville files Traffic Monsoon SCOTUS petition

Leaving it till the eleventh hour, Charles Scoville has filed his Traffic Monsoon petition for a writ of certiorari with the Supreme Court.

Entry of default sought against Traffic Monsoon scammer David Barker

The Traffic Monsoon Receiver isn’t playing around. A week out from David Barker’s deadline to respond to the clawback lawsuit filed against him, the Receiver has filed for an Entry of Default.

Traffic Monsoon SCOTUS writ deadline set for June 21st

A Traffic Monsoon appeal court docket order has revealed Charles Scoville has until June 21st to file his Supreme Court writ.

Charles Scoville stalls again with second SCOTUS writ extenstion

A second writ deadline extension has given Charles Scoville another month to delay Traffic Monsoon proceedings with.

$48 million clawback lawsuit filed against Traffic Monsoon scammers

The Traffic Monsoon Receiver has filed a class-action clawback complaint, targeting top net-winners in the $175 million dollar Ponzi scheme.

Traffic Monsoon claims tied to SCOTUS writ, clawbacks authorized

A case docket remark has tied approval of the claims process to Scoville’s intention to file a writ of certiorari with the Supreme Court.

Traffic Monsoon Receiver clawbacks to target 4,800 net-winners

Following on from claims process approval, the Traffic Monsoon Receiver has now filed for permission to pursue net-winners.

Traffic Monsoon victim claims process submitted for approval

The Traffic Monsoon Receiver has submitted a victim claims process for approval.

Scoville wants to take Traffic Monsoon appeal to the Supreme Court

Having been destroyed in two lower courts, Charles Scoville now wants to take his Traffic Monsoon Ponzi fight to the Supreme Court. Yeah, not kidding. This is happening…

Traffic Monsoon Ponzi appeal denied

Following an almost two year wait, earlier today a decision on Charles Scoville’s Traffic Monsoon Ponzi appeal was published. In a decision that positively nobody could have predicted, the Tenth Circuit appeals court has denied the Traffic Monsoon appeal.