The Traffic Monsoon Receiver has announced she’s stopped pursuing the sale of Charles Scoville’s UK flat.

Scoville (right) purchased the Manchester flat during Traffic Monsoon’s run. He paid £290,000 in cash, made up of stolen investor funds.

As per the injunction putting the Receiver in charge of Traffic Monsoon, the Manchester flat was property of the Receivership.

The problem was when the Receiver set out to claim the flat, she discovered it’d been sold in 2019 for £280,000.

Charles Scoville signed off on the sale but at the time was sitting in a prison cell in the US. This prompted the Receiver to launch an investigation to identify the recipient of the £280,000.

That rabbit-hole led to a Hague Convention motion, seeking assistance from a UK Senior Court.

Pursuant to that motion, the Receiver was eventually given ‘information about who received those funds.’

Since May the Receiver has been evaluating how to proceed.

In a December 6th Status Report, the Receiver provided a conclusion to the saga;

After analyzing the amount of funds received by the respective parties and consulting with her counsel in the United Kingdom concerning litigation options and future related expenses, and after employing a cost-benefit analysis, the Receiver has determined that pursuing the monies related to the Manchester Flat further will not result in a net benefit to the Receivership Estate.

Who received the £280,000 has never been publicly disclosed.

Unofficially the lead suspect is UK citizen and top Traffic Monsoon net-winner, Imtiaz “Immy” Aslam.

After Scoville, Aslam (right) was the primary beneficiary of the Traffic Monsoon Ponzi scheme. He pocketed just over $5 million.

The two were close, with Scoville once referring to Aslam as “his brother”.

During Traffic Monsoon’s run Aslam resided in Manchester. His current whereabouts are unknown.

The Receiver initiated clawback proceedings against Imtiaz in April 2019. As of December 2021, proceedings are ongoing.