The Traffic Monsoon Receiver has filed five new motions for default judgment.

Traffic Monsoon net-winners targeted in the motions are Sharon James, Adil Khan, Limited By Invitation (company), Javediqbal Naeem and Mohammed Yasin.

Amounts sought through default judgment are close to the amounts quoted in the original clawback complaint.

Sharon James for example was initially sued for $249,758. James’ default judgment amount is $301,531.74 plus prejudgment interest.

For reference, here are the amounts the other four defendants stole:

  • Adil Khan from the UK – invested $12,272 and withdrew $328,663
  • Limited By Invitation (a UK limited partnership) – invested $8588 and withdrew $260,519
  • Javediqbal Naeem from the UK – invested $67,793 and withdrew $355,332
  • Mohammed Yasin from the UK – invested $9,850 and withdrew $349,529

All five defendants are based out of the UK.

The motions for default judgment have been filed owing to none of the defendants responding to the case.

Sharon James, again for example, was

properly served with the Complaint and summons at her residence in Wigan, England.

James did not appear, answer, or otherwise respond to the Complaint and summons within the time allowed.

An entry of default was recorded against James on February 4th.

As with the other Traffic Monsoon judgments, we’re not anticipating any hiccups in securing default judgment.

A decision on the Receiver’s five motions remains pending.


Update 22nd March 2021 – Still no decision on the default motions.

On March 12th an additional motion for entry of default was filed against Piotr Chajkowski.


Update 26th June 2021 – On June 1st entry of default was entered against Piotr Chajkowski.

On June 4th default judgment was ordered against

  • Sharon James for $303,691.66
  • Javediqbal Naeem for $353,593.70
  • Adil Khan for $389,370.78
  • Limited by Invitation for $310,704.36
  • Mohammed Yasin for $419.176.67

On June 4th the Traffic Monsoon Receiver filed for default judgment against Piotr Chajkowski.


Update 9th November 2021 – On October 27th a $1,027,236 default judgment was granted against Piotr Chajkowski.


Update 7th June 2022 – Looking to enforce default judgment against Piotr Chajkowski in Poland, the Receiver has requested the court “enter an order confirming that a judgment is final, non-appealable, and enforceable.”

The Receiver is aware that Mr. Chajkowski is currently residing in Poland.

Pursuant to Polish law, in order to enforce the Judgment, the Polish courts require certain documents that confirm the Judgment is non-appealable and enforceable in the United States.

The Receiver’s motion was filed on May 25th. The matter was referred to a District Judge on May 26th.

A decision from the District Judge remains pending.


Update 21st June 2022 – The court granted the Receiver’s request on June 17th.

As per the order, the court explicitly clarified that Chajkowski’s default judgment is “final and non-appealable”.


Update 9th January 2024 – As per a January 4th filing, Piotr Chajkowski has reached a settlement with the Traffic Monsoon Receiver.

For reasons that haven’t been disclosed, Chajkowski’s settlement has been filed under seal.

It’s unclear whether approval of the settlement will result in the dollar amount being disclosed, but I’m holding off on publishing a separate article for now.


Update 26th April 2024 – Piotr Chajkowski’s Traffic Monsoon default judgment has been settled in full.