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Karatbars International imploding, Harald Seiz has meltdown

Karatbars International appears to be imploding due to infighting. Founder and CEO Harald Seiz has also had a video meltdown.

Karatbars International securities fraud warning from Canada

The Ontario Securities Commission has published a securities fraud warning against Karatbars International. The OSC added Karatbars to its warning list back in July. We missed that notice but are covering it now as a matter of record.

A Karatbars scammer wants to be Wilmington’s treasurer

Wilmington city councilman Vash Turner is running for treasurer. His involvement in the Karatbars Ponzi scheme has raised questions among his constituents.

Freebay Review: Karatbars’ V999 Ponzi token reboot

Freebay was founded in June 2020 and is a marketing reboot of Karatbars International. Rather than just be honest about it however, Karatbars has opted to present Freebay as a “partnership”. A lack of transparency leaves Karatbars’ owner Harald Seiz’s stake in Freebay unclear. If I had to guess Seiz, with possibly one or more [Continue reading…]

Karatbars International securities fraud warning from NZ

New Zealand’s FMA has issued a securities fraud warning against Karatbars International.

Karatbars lies to FSCA, regulator doesn’t care

In a stunning backflip, South Africa’s FSCA has given up on regulating Karatbars International.

Karatbars fraud warnings issued in Germany & South Africa

Regulators in Germany and South Africa have issued fraud warnings pertaining to involvement in Karatbars International.

Karatbars International pyramid scheme warning issued in Namibia

The Bank of Namibia has issued a pyramid scheme warning against Karatbars International.

KaratBars holds July 4th hype event, KaratGold Coin dumps 62%

In a desperate bid to prop up its ethereum-based KaratGold Coin shitcoin, Karatbars International held a “Gold Independence” event on July 4th. Since the event, KaratGold Coin has dumped from a July 3rd 12.6 cent high, down to 4.9 cents.

KaratBars International to launch KaratBank Coin ICO

The latest MLM company to jump on the pointless altcoin launch is Karatbars International. For those unfamiliar with the company, Karatbars International combines pyramid recruitment with a token gold offering. While gold is available for purchase through the company, the focus of the compensation plan is getting people to sign up with affiliate packages. You [Continue reading…]