A day after BehindMLM covered GSPartners’ upcoming JONE shitcoin reboot, Harald Seiz has announced Karatbars will also be rebooting.

In a Facebook post made roughly 12 hours ago, Seiz revealed Karatbars’ new shitcoin will be “LifeBase”.

Seiz states the reason Karatbars is rebooting with a new coin is to realize a “basic income system”.

Plenty of hard-working people ask themselves where all the money for “1,000 euros a month for everyone” should come from and whether anyone would still work then…

Frankly speaking, I was also skeptical at the beginning – however, as it often happens in the case when you are concerned about the topic, you just quit all that black-and-white thinking only.

As a result, I have managed to quickly develop a basic income system – a cryptocurrency based on Blockchain and backed with gold, and therefore – solid and inflation-proof.

It is called Lifebase and it is supposed to run in every single country in the world.

To point out the obvious: Seiz doesn’t elaborate on where the promised 1000 euros a month is going to come from.

If we consider Karatbars’ past, and that the previously launched V999 token is a failed crypto pump and dump Ponzi scheme, one can surmise Lifebase will be the same.

Everyone who invests early gets 1000 EUR a month from later investors, who get 1000 EUR a month from those who invest after them, who get… oh hey there’s no more new investors left.


Following his meltdown last year, Seiz now seems to be having a midlife crisis.

Seiz, who is pushing sixty and I’m confident rocks a toupee, posts photo after of photo of him dressing like twenty-something year olds did in the 80s.

A lot of Seiz’s photos showcase how he’s spending Karatbars affiliate’s money.

Naturally this hasn’t gone down well:

While Seiz doesn’t address his victims, to his credit he’s not removing the criticism.

V999’s current internal trading value is not made public. Based on the above comments though, it appears to be worth peanuts.

Seiz runs his various Karatbars Ponzi schemes from Germany. To date German authorities have taken no action against Karatbars or Seiz.

If it isn’t abandoned before then, according to Seiz Lifebase is scheduled to launch someone in Autumn 2021.


Update 18th June 2021 – Harald Seiz has deleted the LifeBase post from his Facebook page.