Lyoness has received another cease and desist from the Norwegian Lottery Board.

As per a March 15th press-release, the Lottery Board writes

We’ve received many tips that they (Lyoness) have started up their business in Norway again.

They are not allowed to do that. Do not trust the information the company and the Norwegian representatives give you.

Lyoness, myWorld, Lyconet and Cashback are considered together as an illegal pyramid-like trading system, where the income mainly comes from recruiting participants.

To address Lyoness operating illegally in Norway again, the Lottery Board sent Lyoness and identified “key Norwegian representatives” a cease and desist.

The Norwegian Lotteries Authority has received information that Lyconet and their Norwegian representatives are still operating illegal marketing activities for Lyoness, myWorld, Lyconet and Cashback in Norway.

Furthermore, we have received information that incorrect information is being spread about the legality of the business.

The Norwegian Lotteries Authority takes the information we have received very seriously and finds grounds to remind the company and the central Norwegian representatives who market Lyoness, myWorld, Lyconet and Cashback that the business is to be regarded as an illegal pyramid-like trading system and ordered to be stopped in Norway.

The letter is sent to Lyconet Global AG who are also asked to pass it on to the named persons, and any other key representatives of the company, which still operates for Lyconet in Norway.

Key Norwegian Lyoness representatives identified by the Lottery board are Jimmy Larsen, Terje Duesund, Thor Hermansen, Frode Horvik and Arnt Obsidian Grønbech.

The Norwegian government declared Lyoness was a pyramid scheme in 2018. Lyoness exhausted their appeal avenues in 2019.

The Lottery Board claims it has identified “almost 15,000” Lyoness victims in Norway.

Several thousand Norwegians are cheated. Some have used their savings and taken out loans.

The money has gone to the business, and key participants who sit at the top of the pyramid business.

Unfortunately the Lottery Board claims it is unable to assist victims.

We get a lot of questions from people who have lost money on Lyoness.

We do not have the authority to order the company to repay the money. Those who want it must make claims against the company.

This is in line with a Norwegian police investigation, which was abandoned in 2020 due to a lack of resources.

In 2021 thirty Norwegian Lyoness victims attempted to get a class-action going. They were roadblocked by the Oslo District Court in June.

There haven’t been any updates since.

Lyoness markets its MLM opportunity as myWorld. Affiliate backoffice systems are provided through Lyconet.