Ormeus Global @ BehindMLM

4300% annual ROI touted through Ormeus Global ORME investment

Whereas the cryptocurrency market has more or less been in a slump since January, Ormeus Global’s ORME altcoin is currently pumping. This isn’t that unusual, as MLM altcoins can be insulated from natural market activity via new investment tied to new affiliate recruitment. What’s disturbing however is how affiliates are using ORME’s current value to [Continue reading…]

Crypto 888 Club collapses for fourth time, reboots as Nano Crowd

Since BehindMLM published an article covering Nano Club’s launch just over a year ago, investors have been desperate to convince us that the third reboot of Crypto 888 Club would succeed. To date the article has garnered over 750 comments, mostly back and forth between the “this time…” and “history will repeat itself…” crowds. Turns [Continue reading…]

Ormeus Global Prelaunch Review: 160% ROI “B2x89” trading bot

Ormeus Global recently went into prelaunch so specific details about the company, its business model and compensation plan are sketchy. When Ormeus Global intends to launch and whether or not they’ll disclose basic information about the company is unclear, however at this time they are taking sign ups. That means it’s time for an Ormeus [Continue reading…]