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YEM Foundation securities fraud warning from Germany

YEM Foundation is under investigation by Germany’s BaFin regulator. As part of BaFin’s ongoing regulation, a YEM Foundation securities fraud warning was issued on March 22nd, 2024.

YEM Foundation securities fraud warning from Austria

YEM and the YEM Foundation have received a securities fraud warning from Austria. As per the Financial Market Authority’s 13th May warning;

EQT Bank confirmed reboot of Dragon Global Finance Ponzi

BehindMLM can now confirm EQT Bank is a reboot of the collapse Dragon Global Finance Ponzi. Owner Anthony Norman isn’t setting up EQT Bank through the usual slew of UK shell companies. Instead, he’s turned to cryptocurrency.

Dragon Global Finance Review: Anthony Norman still at it…

Dragon Global Finance provides no information on its website about who owns or runs the company. The company’s website domain (“dragonglobalfinance.com”), was privately registered on January 28th, 2020. Further research reveals Dragon Global Finance corporate presentations being given by Anthony Norman. Norman, as Anthony John Norman, is also one of the listed Directors for the [Continue reading…]

Wazzub still around, now a crypto Ponzi shitcoin scheme

Remember Wazzub? BehindMLM initially reviewed Wazzub in 2011. Back then the company was a cliched “we’re gonna be the next Google and pay you!” type affair, which was a common enough ruse at the time. Of course the business model flopped, leading to a transition to a failed mobile app and fraudulent virtual shares investment [Continue reading…]

Waszupp Global Review: $35 matrix Ponzi cycler

I first came across Waszubb Global under the company name Waszupp Network. The Waszupp Mentor Network website names Blaine Williams (Wealth Creation Alliance Ponzi), Fred Bender, Ricky Howe and Mark Campese (Paycation) as Global Directors of the company. Further research however reveals Ash Sahib (full name: Ashraf Ash H Sahib) is credited as founder and [Continue reading…]

Cash Back Marketing Review: PI launch $30 Ponzi

We last checked in with Perfect Internet back in 2014. The company announced it was going to offer virtual shares and an IPO in late 2015. We Share Success, the virtual share platform, appears to have flopped. The planned IPO didn’t take place either. With 2015 come and gone, Perfect Internet have kicked off 2016 with the launch of [Continue reading…]

Wazzub offering virtual shares? IPO in late 2015?!

Earlier this year Wazzub (aka My Perfect Internernet) announced they were turning to crowd-sourcing to get a 3D version of their app onto Wazzub branded 8″ tablets. Wazzub had hoped to raise $100,000 by June. Whether or not that happened is a mystery, but today there’s no mention of these tablets on Wazzub’s homepage (My Perfect [Continue reading…]

Wazzub turns to crowd-sourcing, out of money?

Remember Wazzub? Yeah, I don’t much either. Wazzub launched all the way back in 2011 and after an admittedly successful viral campaign, seemingly went nowhere. The problem of course was that Wazzub sought to be yet another social portal built around search, of which there are already dozens upon dozens (and who knows how many [Continue reading…]

Perfect App: Wazzub to launch mobile app?

Remember Wazzub? For those who came in late Wazzub were pretty much the “Rippln” of 2011 as far as hyped up MLM launches go. With their own massively hyped launch campaign kicking off in late 2011 and extending into 2012, the basic idea behind Wazzub was to attach a “do-everything” search portal to a “profit-sharing” MLM [Continue reading…]