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Shane Morand “leaves” Organo, initiates legal proceedings?

A reader recently wrote in about Shane Morand promoting “PureCafe” on YouTube. They figured it was some new coffee MLM and asked me to look into it.

Organo Gold & Holton Buggs lose AmeriSciences case, appeal denied

In 2016 AmeriSciences Trustee Rodney Tow sued Organo Gold, Holton Buggs, former Amerisciences CEO Barry Cocheu, and fifteen other former AmeriSciences distributors. By the time the case reached trial in May 2018, Organo Gold, Buggs and Cocheu were the only remaining defendants. On May 15th a jury returned a verdict against Organo Gold and Buggs. [Continue reading…]

Holton Buggs, Organo Gold & IQ Chain… here’s what we know.

About a month ago Organo Gold announced a partnership agreement with Digital Skynet. The partnership agreement will see the launch of an as of yet unnamed joint-venture between the two companies. Also part of the agreement, and what caught the attention of many, was Holton Buggs appointment as ‘executive advisor to Digital SkyNet’s ‘Ormeus’ subsidiary [Continue reading…]

Organo Gold claims Vietnamese Ponzi used counterfeit product

Our research into Nguyen The Anh’s $13.7 million dollar Ponzi scheme left us with some serious questions. Primarily, to what extent was Organo Gold aware its products were being used to promote financial fraud? Shortly after publication we were contacted by one of Organo Gold’s Canadian attorneys. According to Patrick Miranda, the Organo Gold coffee [Continue reading…]

Organo Gold caught up in $13.7 million Vietnamese Ponzi scheme?

Authorities in Vietnam are looking to prosecute Nguyen The Anh (note that’s his name, not the word “the”), for orchestrating a $13.7 million dollar Ponzi scheme. Supposedly Anh ran his own MLM company, Phuc Gia Bao Investment Joint Stock Company (more commonly known at “68 company”), which relied heavily on convincing others it was part [Continue reading…]

Organo Gold Review: Ganoderma mushrooms & MLM

Admittedly mushrooms aren’t the first thing I think of when I think ‘coffee’. Taking the idea from ancient Chinese medicine though, Organo Gold seek to fuse together coffee beverages and health products with the Ganoderma mushroom. Mushrooms and MLM…? Not the likliest pairing but nonetheless a pairing that Organo Gold have hinged their entire product [Continue reading…]