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Wantage One targeting OneCoin, Ormeus, CBG & LEO Ponzi victims

Antony Norman’s Wantage One is marketing itself as a savior of OneCoin, Ormeus Global, CrowdBridge Global and LEO Ponzi scheme victims.

High Court order sheds light on Dan Andersson’s fraud in Pakistan

A High Court order has provided insight into why LEO owner Dan Andersson can’t leave the country. Turns out Andersson’s years of scamming the Pakistani public have come back to haunt him.

LEO withholds commissions, Dan Andersson confirms Ponzi scheme

LEO owner and CEO Dan Andersson has announced existing commission balances are being held hostage, pending new investment from recruited affiliates. Andersson’s announcement was made in a “Special Global Associate Meeting”, held yesterday.

LEO a Ponzi scheme in Pakistan, SEC shuts down shell company

A few weeks back I came across news that the Pakistan SEC had shut down ‘at least nine companies dealing in cryptocurrencies and offering Ponzi/MLM, referral marketing, pyramid business/schemes‘. Although this was MLM related news, I didn’t recognize any of the company names and so left it at that. A reader has now informed me [Continue reading…]

LEO insolvent, millions missing & Dan Andersson stuck in Pakistan

A judgement in an unfair dismissal between Atif Kamran and LEO has revealed the company is insolvent or on the verge of insolvency. Following his arrest in Pakistan mid last year, LEO CEO and President Dan Andersson is also purportedly locked down unable to leave the country.

LEO CEO Dan Andersson arrested in Pakistan?

A bail application has surfaced, suggesting LEO President and CEO Dan Andersson may have been arrested in Pakistan. The writ petition in question was filed on July 11th by Dan Gunnar Bjarne Andersson. A hearing was held on August 13th and the case has been adjourned until August 27th, with no further specific details provided.

LEO Review: Personal development DVDs & recruitment

LEO, which stands for “Learn Earn Own” launched in 2012 and claim to have global headquarters in the UK. I say claim because LEO’s supplied address, Howberry Manor is part of the Howberry Business Park. Howberry Business Park provide a list of businesses in the park, with LEO being noticeably absent. I’d be inclined to give [Continue reading…]