Antony Norman’s Wantage One is marketing itself as a savior of OneCoin, Ormeus Global, CrowdBridge Global and LEO Ponzi scheme victims.

Wantage One launched earlier this year and is part of Antony Norman’s Wellmont Capital Ponzi empire.

Wantage One itself is unremarkable. It’s just another MLM cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme.

In a recent promotional email sent out to affiliates, Wantage One advises

After successfully implementing Ormeus Coin, CBG Token and LEOcoin, we now officially welcome OneCoin to Wantage One’s Special Altcoin Promotion.

Antony Norman gained access to Ormeus Global affiliates by buying IQ Chain from recently arrested owner John Barksdale.

CBG Token is tied to CrowdBridge Global, which along with LEO and OneCoin are also collapsed MLM crypto Ponzi schemes.

While Norman is representing some sort of conversion between one Ponzi token balance to his LIK Ponzi token, the devil is in the details.

All Wantage One is doing is requesting a backoffice Ponzi token screenshot, which is then used to calculate how many RESQ tokens will be generated.

RESQ appears to be yet another layer of fraud within Antony Norman’s various companies.

5) Fill in the Amount of your OneCoin you wish to convert into Resq token (Think about the packages you want to buy, the possibility to upgrade within 30 days and the Resq token you wish to use for buying vouchers that you can sell).

6) Please upload a proof of your coins identification. Submit a printscreen of your OneCoin backoffice proving you posses the amount of OneCoin you wish to exchange into Resqtoken.

7) Please upload your profile identification. Submit a printscreen of your OneCoin backoffice proving you are the owner of the OneCoin account.

8) Press Save and Support will add the Resqtoken manually to your account after your request has been approved.

Once acquired, it appears the victims Norman is targeting then convert their RESQ tokens into Wantage One investment.

Financially, the number of RESQ tokens claimed by Ponzi victims is of little consequence.

Antony Norman’s goal here is to capture desperate Ponzi victims, in the hope they’ll at some point invest new funds into his scheme.

Also by creating a vested interest in his various Ponzi schemes, Norman is also be counting on refugee victims to recruit new investors to scam (that’s what the vouchers are about).

While I sympathize with you if you’ve fallen victim to a previously collapsed MLM crypto Ponzi scheme, realize that trying to recoup your losses by falling for another MLM crypto Ponzi scheme isn’t going to end any differently.

At worst you’ll just lose even more money down the line. At best you’ll transfer your financial misery onto a new unsuspecting victim.

You might not know them or even care, but nonetheless that’s something you’ll carry around for the rest of your life.