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John Barksdale cops $79 million Ormeus Global judgment

A $79 million final judgment has been entered against John Barksdale and sister Jonatina. The Barksdale’s judgment follows a March 7th motion for default judgment by the SEC.

Certificate of default entered against John & JonAtina Barksdale

The SEC has secured Certificate of Default against John and Jonatina Barksdale. Following personal service on John Barksdale on June 20th and service via email on Jonatina on June 30th, response deadlines kicked in for July 11th and July 21st respectively.

Ormeus Global fugitive John Barksdale turns up in Dubai

Dubai’s crime community has welcomed a new fugitive into the fold; John Barksdale. Barksdale recently celebrated his birthday at a local karaoke bar. Vitaliy Dubinin was in attendance, and shared footage of the event on FaceBook.

US authorities hunting Ormeus Global’s John Barksdale

The SEC is hunting down John Barksdale to serve him a copy of their $124 million civil lawsuit. In addition to the SEC’s civil action, Barksdale (right) has been indicted on Ormeus Global related charges.

John Barksdale & sister sued by SEC for Ormeus Global fraud

The SEC has sued John Barksdale and his sister JonAtina “Tina” Barksdale over Ormeus Global fraud. The regulator alleges the Barkdales stole over $124 million through Ormeus Global’s ORME cryptocurrency.

John Barksdale indicted on Ormeus Global criminal charges

John Barksdale has been indicted on securities and wire fraud charges. Barksdale stands accused of running Oremus Global, a $70 million dollar Ponzi scheme.

Dragon Global Finance Review: Anthony Norman still at it…

Dragon Global Finance provides no information on its website about who owns or runs the company. The company’s website domain (“dragonglobalfinance.com”), was privately registered on January 28th, 2020. Further research reveals Dragon Global Finance corporate presentations being given by Anthony Norman. Norman, as Anthony John Norman, is also one of the listed Directors for the [Continue reading…]

Wantage One targeting OneCoin, Ormeus, CBG & LEO Ponzi victims

Antony Norman’s Wantage One is marketing itself as a savior of OneCoin, Ormeus Global, CrowdBridge Global and LEO Ponzi scheme victims.

John Barksdale held in Bangkok while authorities investigate Ormeus

A new report from the Daily Mail has confirmed John Barksdale remains in custody while authorities investigate. Barksdale was arrested in connection with his Ormeus Global Ponzi scheme.

John Barksdale arrested in Thailand over Ormeus Global fraud

Authorities in Thailand have arrested serial scammer John Barksdale. Barksdale is primarily known as the owner of the collapsed Ormeus Global Ponzi scheme. Barksdale was arrested in Bo Put, Samui District, on a Bangkok warrant back on July 8th.