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Joseph Tran arrested in Sweden (Nano Club, Ormeus, EmGoldex)

According to local news reports, serial-scammer Joseph Tran has been arrested by Swedish authorities. Tran’s arrest is believed to be in connection with his promotion and participation in a number of fraudulent MLM companies.

Crypto 888 Club collapses for fourth time, reboots as Nano Crowd

Since BehindMLM published an article covering Nano Club’s launch just over a year ago, investors have been desperate to convince us that the third reboot of Crypto 888 Club would succeed. To date the article has garnered over 750 comments, mostly back and forth between the “this time…” and “history will repeat itself…” crowds. Turns [Continue reading…]

Nano Club reported to police in Sweden

Following an internal investigation, the Swedish Gaming Board has concluded that Nano Club is most likely a scam. On December 1st the Gaming Board reported Nano Club (Octanium Ltd) to police for breaches of the Lottery Act, with respect to  the organization of a chain letter game (pyramid scheme).

Crypto 888 Club reboots for third time as Nano Club

Crypto 888 Club launched back in April, 2015 and promised investors monthly returns on deposits of up to €10,000 EUR. Recruitment of new Crypto 888 Club affiliates dropped off in early 2016, prompting a reboot as Octa Partners. Six months later  Octa Partners is in shambles, with the scheme once again gearing up to reboot as Nano [Continue reading…]

MyCenterBid (Bidify) management now in Crypto888?

Last we checked in, MyCenterBid management were baffled by the lack of affiliates lining up to invest in their platform. Wrote a frustrated management team in 2013: We hear people say that they will be waiting to take action when the auctions are live. Why? We’ve said before – why not use this time to learn [Continue reading…]

Crypto 888 Club Review: OctaCoin cryptocurrency Ponzi

There is no information on the Crypto 888 Club website indicating who owns or runs the business. The Crypto 888 Club website domain (“”) was registered on the 22nd of March 2015, with an “Aleksander Romanov” credited as the owner. An address in Malta is also provided. Further research reveals Crypto 888 Club affiliates referring to [Continue reading…]