total-takeover-logoIdentified as a trio of “business partners” in a Total Takeover prelaunch marketing video are Dave Lear, Wallace Nuanez and Val Smyth.

Total Takeover is currently in prelaunch (accepting free affiliate signups), with an advertised launch date of January 26th.


Dave Lear and Wallace Nuanez (sometimes credited as “Wallace Nunez”) appear to have a long MLM history together.

The pair first popped up on my radar as part-owners of Tazew.

Tazew launched in mid 2013, paying affiliates to recruit new affiliates against an irrelevant mobile marketing tools backdrop.

The Tazew website is still up today, but the scheme appears to have stalled shortly after launch.

A quick Google search reveals Lear and Nuanez, either together or individually, have been involved in VidaCup (coffee), Empower Network (cash gifting hiding behind free WordPress blogging platform), Brain Abundance (brain pills), RE247365 (short-lived recruitment scheme riddled with fraud), Liberty Health Net (matrix-based recruitment), Sisel (random assortment of products) , Pure Leverage (recruitment orientated blogging platform) , Organo Gold (coffee), EPX Body (weight loss) , Uneeqlee (text messaging ads + recruitment), Javita (coffee), FGXpress (pay to play + autoship) , VappNet (failed gaming app), Seacret (dead sea salts + autoship) and Stiforp (recruitment).

Even between the two of them, given the sheer number of opportunities Nuanez and Lear have been involved in I’d readily classify them as “opportunity jumpers”.

Val Smyth on the other hand hails from The Legends Network. Bob Bremner is officially credited as the founder and CEO of the company, however multiple readers (some affiliates of the company) claim that the company is infact owned by Val Smyth (see comments section of our Legends Network review).

Prior to that Smyth launched a series of marketing tools orientated opportunities, each utilizing 1-up style (pass-up) compensation plans.

Now, Smyth Nuanez and Lear have gotten together to launch Total Takeover (not to be confused with The Total Takeover, a collapsed $50 a month cash gifting scheme launched in 2013).

Read on for a full review of the Total Takeover MLM business opportunity.

The Total Takeover Product Line

The Total Takeover has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market affiliate membership with the company itself ($89.95 a month).

Bundled with Total Takeover affiliate membership is access to a series of internet marketing products.

The Total Takeover Compensation Plan

The Total Takeover compensation plan sees affiliates pay $89.95 a month and get paid to recruit other affiliates who do the same.

Commission Qualification

In order to qualify for commissions in Total Takeover, an affiliate must recruit at least two affiliates who have been allocated to their upline (the affiliate who recruited them).

Passed up affiliates are the second and fourth affiliates recruited.

Note that passed up affiliates must be “active”, in that they are paying their $89.95 affiliate fee. If one of the originally passed up affiliates stops paying this fee, the affiliate who recruited them must recruit another affiliate to pass up.

The two active passed up affiliate requirement is ongoing and needs to be maintained, it is not a once-off requirement.

Recruitment Commissions (reverse 1-up)

Total Takeover use a reverse 1-up style compensation structure to pay affiliates to recruit.

A reverse 1-up style compensation structure sees all affiliates “pass up” a portion of their second and fourth recruited affiliate commission to the affiliate who recruited them.

In turn, on all the affiliates not passed up, they each pass up their second and fourth recruited affiliates too.

On affiliates recruited who are not passed up (all recruited affiliates except the second, fourth and any subsequent recruited affiliates passed up to meet commission qualification requirements), Total Takeover pay out $45.

This commission comes straight out of the affiliate fee charged the recruited affiliates, and therefore is an ongoing monthly commission.

Passed up affiliates (second, fourth and any others passed up to meet ongoing commission qualification requirements), pay out $20 – with $25 passed up to the upline.

Once an affiliate’s downline starts recruiting, they in turn receive $25 passed up commissions from the second and fourth affiliates recruited by their recruits (excluding those passed up to their upline).

Matrix Recruitment Commissions

Total Takeover use a 2×10 matrix to pay out residual recruitment commissions to their affiliates.

A 2×10 matrix sees an affiliate places at the top of the matrix with two positions directly under them (level 1):


In turn, these two positions branch out into another two positions each (level 2), and so on and so forth down a total of ten levels (2046 total positions).

Positions in the matrix are filled via recruitment, either directly (personally recruited affiliates) or indirectly via the recruitment efforts of an affiliate’s upline and downline.

Commissions are paid out based on how many positions in the matrix are filled, with Total Takeover paying $1 for each filled position.

Joining Total Takeover

Affiliate membership with Total Takeover is $89.95 a month.


Mirroring the types of opportunities the founders have been attracted to of late, Total Takeover combines an irrelevant product offering with a recruitment-driven compensation plan.

It is positions in said compensation plan that are being purchased, with the ongoing fee serving only as a qualification to receive ongoing commissions paid out directly of the fees paid by recruited affiliates.

This is reflected in Total Takeover’s own compensation plan guide, which breaks down affiliate commissions as follows:

Month 1 – You get your 4, you pass 2 of them upline.

Month 2 – Your 2 get their 4.

Month 3 – Your 4 get their 4.

Month 4 – Your 8 get their 4.

Month 5 – Your 16 get their 4.

Month 6 – Your 32 get their 4.

Month 7 – Your 64 get their 4. Now you have a residual income of $6,430 per month!!!

The training bundled with affiliate membership is neither here nor there, serving only to offer cover for the payment of commissions on the recruitment of new affiliates.

Retail is non-existent (nobody is paying $89.95 a month for no-name garbage marketing tools and repurposed Val Smyth interviews from The Legends Network), so the only way to earn commissions in Total Takeover is via recruitment.

As with all recruitment based schemes, once recruitment dries up (typically within a few months), those at the bottom stop paying their $89.95 a month fees.

This means that those above them stop getting paid and in turn stop paying their monthly participation fees.

This effect then slowly trickles up the company until an irreversible pyramid scheme collapse is triggered.

Having joined a number of opportunities that have gone through this very scenario (RE247365 probably being the most recent example), it seems Smyth, Lear and Nuanez have decided it pays more to be an admin of such a scheme instead of an affiliate.

The only position that receives more pass-ups than the early adopter friends of the admin is the admin themselves.

Where that leaves those who join Total Takeover as participating affiliates is entirely up to you.