the-legends-network-logoThe Legends Network launched in early 2014 and on their website provide a suite address in the US state of Virginia.

Heading up the company is CEO and Founder Bob Bremner (below right).

Attended an A L WILLIAMS opportunity meeting in 1984 and started working part-time building a business in the life insurance and securities market.

Joined a start-up MLM company in 1990 called Consumer Buyline and developed a 200,000+ down line in 18 months.

Founded a MLM company in 1999 specializing in marketing nutritional supplements and continue to serve as the CEO.

Helped found THE LEGENDS NETWORK in January, 2014 and help oversee all phases of the operation of the company.

bob-bremner-ceo-founder-the-legends-networkThe MLM company mentioned in Bremner’s Legends Network corporate bio above is Nutronix.

Bremner’s name does not appear on Nutronix’s “About Us” company website page, however his name does appear on various marketing material where he is credited as the company CEO.

Nutronix flagship product is a “Silver Solution”, which the company claims ‘is a 14 ppm concentration nano-particulate solution that is very potent, effective, and non-toxic.

Read on for a full review of the Legends Network MLM business opportunity.

The Legends Network Product Line

No products are mentioned on The Legends Network website. It appears The Legends Network affiliates are only able to market affiliate membership to the company itself.

Bundled with The Legends Network affiliate membership is access to “webinars, recordings and an audio library”.

The Legends Network Compensation Plan

The Legends Network compensation plan revolves around the recruitment of affiliates and their payment of monthly membership fees. Commissions are primarily paid out via a 2×15 matrix, with affiliates able to generate additional matrix positions via specified recruitment quotas.

Recruitment Commissions

The Legends Network pay out recruitment commissions using a 2-up style compensation structure.

The first two new affiliates a Legends Network affiliate recruits are passed up to the affiliate who recruited them, with an affiliate then receiving a commission for every new affiliate recruited thereafter.

These first two pass-up commissions pay out $50 to an affiliate’s upline, with the affiliate then paid $80 for every affiliate recruited after that.

A $30 coded bonus is paid on the third recruited affiliate the passed up affiliates recruit, and every affiliate they subsequently recruit.

A $30 matching bonus is also paid on affiliates recruited by every subsequent affiliate after their first two recruits are passed up.

Matrix Commissions

The Legends Network use a 2×15 matrix to pay out residual commissions.

A 2×15 matrix places an affiliate at the top of the matrix, with two positions directly under them (level 1):


In turn, these two positions branch out into another two positions each (level 2), and then again for level 3. This process of creating two new positions per position in the level before it continues down for a total of 15 levels.

Commissions are paid out as positions in the matrix are filled via affiliate recruitment, with how much of a commission being paid out determined by how much a Legends Network affiliate pays in monthly fees:

  • basic level affiliate ($24.99 a month) – 50 cents on levels 1 to 10 and $1 on levels 11 to 15
  • pro level ($49.95 a month) – $5 on level 1, 50 cents on level 2 to 10 and $1 on levels 11 to 15

Note that to qualify for matrix commissions, a Legends Network affiliate must maintain two personally recruited affiliates at all times.

A 100% matching bonus is also offered on the matrix earnings of all personally recruited affiliates.

Additional Matrix Positions

If a Legends Network affiliate recruits two new affiliates who recruit two new affiliates each, they qualify for an additional matrix position. This additional position functions as a brand new matrix, allowing a Legends Network affiliate to potentially earn multiple times on positions within their existing matrix.

Note that additional matrix positions continue to be awarded so long as an affiliate maintains two recruited affiliates who recruit two affiliates, all of which pay their monthly membership fees.

If this qualification is not met, an affiliate will lose the additional position(s) the non-paying affiliates were attached to.

Pro Gold Leadership Infinity

The Pro Gold Leadership Infinity bonus pays out a Legends Network affiliate an additional $1 a month commission on recruited pro level affiliates.

The commission starts at level 7 and is paid down up to 15 generations of recruitment, subject to the following recruitment criteria:

  • level 7 – have 75 affiliates in your downline
  • level 8 – have 150 affiliates in your downline
  • level 9 – have 300 affiliates in your downline
  • level 10 – have 500 affiliates in your downline
  • level 11 – have 1000 affiliates in your downline
  • level 12 – have 2000 affiliates in your downline
  • level 13 – have 5000 affiliates in your downline
  • level 14 – have 25,000 affiliates in your downline
  • level 15 – have 50,000 affiliates in your downline

Note that for the purpose of qualification, only 75% of any of the above totals may be counted from any one single line of recruitment.

Achievement Bonus

The Legends Network Achievement Bonus rewards an affiliate for growing their affiliate downline and eventually filling their matrix:

  • 75 affiliates in downline = $150
  • 150 affiliates in downline = $300
  • 300 affiliates in downline = $600
  • 500 affiliates in downline = $1000
  • 1000 affiliates in downline = $2000
  • 2000 affiliates in downline = $4000
  • 5000 affiliates in downline = $10,000
  • 25,000 affiliates in downline = $50,000
  • 50,000 affiliates in downline = $100,000
  • all 15 levels of a matrix filled = $1,000,000

Note that as with the Pro Gold Leadership Infinity Bonus, only 75% of the required affiliate numbers can be counted from any one line of recruitment.

Joining The Legends Network

Affiliate membership with The Legends Network is $129.95, with affiliates charged either $24.99 monthly after their first month (basic level) or $49.95 (pro level).


Echoing the e-book libary MLM schemes of old, The Legends Network boils down to little more than the shuffling of affiliate fees, paid out to those who recruit the most.

With no retail sales in sight, all commissions are not only subject to affiliate recruitment but are also 100% paid out using affiliate participation fees.

The training materials offered with affiliate membership serve as a front for what is actually being purchased, a position in the compensation plan. Specifically, a position in a matrix with subsequent positions obtainable via recruitment.

The Legends Network also directly incentivize their pro subscription level, adding a “pay to play” element on top of what is already a dubious enough recruitment scheme (2 recruits required for matrix commission qualification).

As with all pyramid schemes, once recruitment slows down and those at the bottom find they can’t find anyone to recruit, they stop paying their participation fee.

When that happens those above them stop earning commissions and if they can’t find anyone new to recruit, also stop paying their fee. This effect eventually trickles up the company-wide matrix until the scheme suffers an irreversible collapse.

I don’t know what the situation is over at Nutronix is, but things must be looking pretty bleak if Bob Bremner is launching compliance-nightmare schemes like The Legends Network.