global-traffic-takeover-logoThere is no information on the Global Traffic Takeover website indicating who owns or runs the business.

The Global Traffic Takeover website domain (“”) was registered on the 23rd of October 2015, with Bruce Gerlach listed as the owner. A residential address in the US state of New Jersey is also provided.

bruce-gerlach-owner-global-traffic-takeoverBruce Gerlach (right) is co-founder of Xtreme Lifestyles Network. On the company website, Xtreme Lifestyles Network advertise a “marketing system” and website traffic.

Xtreme Lifestyles Network is also apparently used as a downline builder. Gerlach’s YouTube channel contains Xtreme Lifestyles Network branded advertising for Pro Travel Plus (a travel-based recruitment scheme), National Wealth Center (cash gifting) and 4 Corners Alliance Group (a matrix-based recruitment scheme).

On his LinkedIn profile, Gerlach also lists himself as a current Solavei affiliate. Solavei collapsed late last year.

Gerlach co-founded Xtreme Lifestyles Network with Paul Della Penna, who is listed as an admin on the official Global Traffic Takeover Facebook group.

Della Penna recently featured on BehindMLM following a refund dispute with Seth Fraser, CEO of Pro Travel Plus.

Read on for a full review of the Global Traffic Takeover MLM business opportunity.

The Global Traffic Takeover Product Line

Global Traffic Takeover affiliate membership ($25 to $100 a month) is bundled with

  • an email list builder
  • contact manager
  • autoresponder
  • broadcaster
  • tracking
  • statistics and
  • “done for you social share”
  • video email
  • text broadcasts
  • capture page wizard
  • “tell-a-friend” and
  • “upload mobile leads”

Traffic packages are also available, costing between $197 to $10,000.

The Global Traffic Takeover Compensation Plan

The Global Traffic Takeover compensation plan sees affiliates pass up commissions through a 1-up style plan.

This 1-up plan utilizes a unilevel compensation structure, which places every recruited affiliate on level 1:


If any level 1 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are placed on level 2 and so on and so forth.

The 1-up plan sees affiliates pass up half of the commission paid on their 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th commissions earned.

The 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th and every commission thereafter is retained.

Likewise, recruited affiliates must also pass up half of the commission paid on their 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th commissions earned. This pass-up structure extends down the full length of a unilevel team.

Commissions are paid out on affiliate recruitment, with recruited affiliates required to sign up with one of the following memberships:

  • Starter – $25 a month
  • Pro – $75 a month
  • Guru – $100 a month

These affiliate memberships directly impact a Global Traffic Takeover affiliate’s income potential, with higher fees attracting higher commission payouts:

  • Starter – $12.50 commission per recruited affiliate, $6.25 on passed-up commissions
  • Pro – $37.50 commission per recruited Pro affiliate, $18.25 on passed-up commissions
  • Guru – $50 commission per recruited Guru affiliate, $25 on passed-up commissions

Note that the level bought into represents the highest commission paid out. Starter affiliates earn $12.50 per affiliate recruited, regardless of what level the recruited affiliate buys into.

Guru affiliates earn $12.50 for every Starter affiliate recruited, $37.50 for every Pro and $50 for every Guru.

Split pass-up commissions follow the same rules.

Traffic Pack Commissions

In addition to recruitment commissions above, Global Traffic Takeover affiliates can also earn when they sell traffic packages.

Traffic package commissions require payment of a $50 a month “traffic reseller fee”.

Traffic package commissions follow the same pass-up structure as recruitment commissions, with the exception that two pass-ups can be made in place of an affiliate having to buy any particular traffic package.

Traffic packages are also not monthly recurring subscriptions. A Global Traffic Takeover affiliate can purchase traffic each month but there is no obligation to do so.

There are nine traffic packages to choose from, with their associated commissions as follows:

  • Novice ($197) – pays $100 per purchase ($50 passed up commission)
  • Entrepreneur ($397) – pays $200 per purchase ($100 passed up commission)
  • VIP ($597) – pays $280 per purchase ($140 passed up commission)
  • Executive ($997) – pays $500 per purchase ($250 passed up commission)
  • Presidential ($1397) – pays $700 per purchase ($350 passed up commission)
  • Prestige ($2497) – pays $1200 per purchase ($600 passed up commission)
  • Royal ($4497) – pays $2230 per purchase ($600 passed up commission)
  • Global Entrepreneur ($8000) – pays $4000 per purchase ($2000 passed up commission)
  • Global Takeover ($10,000) – pays $5000 per purchase ($2500 passed up commission)

$10,000 sees an affiliate qualified to earn on the sale of all traffic tiers, otherwise two sales must be passed up for qualification on tiers higher than bought into.

Eg. If you buy Presidential, you earn on Presidential and lower tiers. Prestige and higher require two passups at each tier before commissions are earned on those tiers.

Joining Global Traffic Takeover

Global Traffic Takeover affiliate membership is tied to the purchase of one of the following subscriptions:

  • Starter – $25 a month
  • Pro – $75 a month
  • Guru – $100 a month

Payment of a $50 a month “traffic reseller fee” is also required to earn traffic package commissions.


As per the Global Traffic Takeover compensation plan material;

GTTO has one of the most unique & lucrative compensation plans on the internet!

It’s real simple… recruit one person, and make money!

The question of retail looms first and foremost in evaluation of the Global Traffic Takeover MLM opportunity.

On the affiliate membership side of things, retail is non-existent. For $25 to $100 a month, you’re looking at straight up chain-recruitment.

Whether traffic packages are able to be bought by non-affiliates is unclear.

In any event, both scenarios leave lingering doubts as to Global Traffic Takeover’s compliance efforts.

Let’s assume retail is possible, meaning Global Traffic Takeover affiliates are able to sell traffic packages to non-affiliates.

If we look at the commission payouts, 50% of the price paid for the packages are paid out in commissions.

As a retail customer, why would I pay an inflated price for traffic when I could purchase the same from another company – sans inflated 50% commission markup?

The margins from other traffic providers might not equate to 50% exactly, but such high margins in Global Traffic Takeover must be taken into consideration.

If on the other hand non-affiliates cannot purchase traffic packages, again all you’re looking at is chain-recruitment.

You sign up as a Global Traffic Takeover affiliate, pay your monthly fee, pay your $50 fee and either purchase a traffic package to earn commissions when you recruit others who do the same, or just recruit others who do the same and earn after two pass-ups.

pay-to-play-global-traffic-takeover-compensation-planThere’s also a “pay to play” element evident in the opportunity, with the more an affiliate pays in fees directly impacting their income potential.

In MLM income potential should always be determined by an affiliate’s sales performance, not how much they pay in fees.

As far as the marketing tools go, what tends to happen in MLM marketing tool opportunities is the tools are used solely to market the opportunity itself.

Thus you wind up with a closed-loop system, where the system is used to promote the system.

Another thing to take into consideration is revenue flowing into the company. Even with retail possible, if affiliates are the only ones buying the larger traffic packages, it’s pretty much guaranteed that the majority of revenue paid in will be from affiliates.

In turn commissions paid out will be mostly affiliate funds, despite retail engagement.

As I said before I can’t see retail customers paying thousands of dollars for traffic packages, just so Global Traffic Takeover affiliates get a 50% cut.

Thing long and hard about getting involved in this one. You’re basically looking at Xtreme Lifestyles Network marketing tools re-purposed under a new name and questionable compensation plan.