stiforp-logoTo be successful in a MLM business you have to market yourself. If someone approaches you with an opportunity claiming ‘you don’t have to do anything to get paid’, walk away – they’re full of it.

Despite the lure of a home based business, work is work and you always have to put some effort in if you want to see a return.

With that in mind, it’s no secret that not everybody looking to get into the MLM industry is technically minded.

HTML? Capture pages? Lead generation? – What on Earth is all this nonsense?!

Hoping to capitalise on this demographic, companies like Stiforp have emerged. Claiming they aren’t in competition with MLM companies themselves, but rather want to assist MLM marketers with their already existing ventures, Stiforp claim their marketing tools can help members work toward success in any online business.

The catch?

It’s all generic. In the fast paced online marketplace of today… generic just doesn’t cut it anymore.

The Company

Stiforp has an unbelievably stupid name, and it’s not the result of some crazy or intelligent marketing campaign either. Rather, company founder Nauder Khazan just decided to flip the word ‘profits’ around.

In a great example of ineffective and poor choice of a business name, as such I’ve seen Stiforp pronounced ‘stahforp’, ‘stehforp’, ‘steeforp’, ‘styforp’ and so and so forth. Nobody seems to know how to pronounce the company name properly.

And when you’re in the business of internet marketing yourself, that’s a massive fail.

Stiforp founder and CEO Nauder Khazan (photo right) has another company he runs ‘AliveMax’. AliveMax seem to retail nutrition mists and skincare products and operate with a binary compensation plan.

I’m not sure what the deal is but for whatever reason Khazan has decided to branch out and extend his offering with Stiforp.

The Stiforp Product Line

With Stiforp there’s no tangible product line per say, but the company instead offers marketing tools for its members to use. The marketing tools offered by Stiforp are as follows;

Capture Pages

Stiforp provide hosting for up to three capture pages per member. Used to generate leads, these landing pages can be used to sell any business opportunity you’re currently promoting.

Stiforp offer a total of ten different templates that can be used with each of the three capture page ‘slots’ available to members.

Capture videos with live actors

Stiforp currently offer three live actor marketing videos for its members to use on their capture pages.

With two males and a female to choose from, these videos offer a generic marketing sales pitch which presumably is so generic and non-specific that it can be used to promote most online opportunities out there.

Flash based marketing videos

In addition to the live actor videos Stiforp offers, they also provide four generic flash based marketing videos for members to use on their capture pages.

Again, these videos are supposedly generic and non-specific enough to be used with most online opportunities.


When someone enters their details into one of your capture pages, you need some sort of response to be sent out. This response usually makes a call to action to get the lead you’ve just generated to do some desired action.

Stiforp offer autoresponders for each of the three capture page slots available to members.

Traffic Rotator

The traffic rotator is designed to make managing a co-op (marketers working together in a team)  or managing multiple business you yourself are trying to generate leads in easier.

Basically the idea is that you drive traffic to a single web address and the traffic rotator then splits this incoming traffic how ever you set it to (usually by ratio or percentage to site A, B, C, etc).

These are the main marketing tools offered by Stiforp but the company also has provisions in place for additional Search Engine Marketing, business cards, email marketing (spam?), banner ads, e-Zines and newspaper ads.

The Stiforp Compensation Plan

The Powerline

Much has been touted by Stiforp’s members about the ‘Powerline’. In a nutshell, the Stiforp’s Powerline is a company wide downline that allows you to be paid a commission immediately after three members sign up underneath you.

The catch?

The Powerline is a once off whopping payment of just $4. Members are paid $2 for the first paid member under them in the Powerline and $1 for the second and third that join.

This appears either to be some sort of practical joke on Stiforp’s behalf, or a deceptive way to market the program, ‘join now and get paid a commission on people under you FOR DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!’ etc type hype and nonsense.

FastStart Bonus

The Stiforp FastStart bonus is a once off commission paid out each time you directly recruit someone to Stiforp. Everytime you recruit a new member to Stiforp, you receive a commission payout of $25.

2nd and 3rd Generation Commissions

In addition to the FastStart Bonus, Stiforp members also receive $2 for every person they recruit enrols (your 2nd generation), and $1 for every person they themselves enrol (your 3rd generation).

Matrix Commissions

The Stiforp compensation plan revolves around a 2×14 matrix. In essence it pretty much looks like a binary organisation except it’s capped at 14 levels.

With yourself at the top, the first few levels of your Stiforp matrix will look something like this;

For each person that gets placed into your matrix (either via direct recruitment or spillover), you receive a direct commission of  percentage of their ongoing monthly fee in commission.

Regardless of which star level you are at or what level new members enter your matrix, this commission is paid out at 2.5% of the recurring $9.95 membership fee ($2.48).

Note that regular distributors and 1 star members are only eligible for matrix commissions on levels 1-10 of their matrix, 2 star members are eligible for payouts on levels 1-13 whilst 3 to five star members are eligible for all levels of the matrix (1-14).

4 and 5 Star Infinity Overrides

As people are placed in your matrix, if you are either at the rank of 4 or 5 star, you qualify to earn an extra $1 per override per new member you enrol into your matrix.

If you are a 4 star member you receive $1 and if you are a 5 star member, both overrides add up to $2 per member.

I believe this continues until someone else in your organisation reaches the rank of 4 or 5 stars but I’m not entirely sure. The material I’ve sourced is vague on this point.

Matching Bonuses

Stiforp pays a matching bonus on the matrix commissions earnt by members you directly enrol up to 5 generations deep. The matching bonus is paid out as follows;

  • 1 star members can earn 50% on the matrix commissions of those they directly enrol
  • 2 star members can earn 50% on the matrix commissions of those they directly enrol and 20% on the first generation
  • 3 star members can earn 50% on the matrix commissions of those they directly enrol, 20% on the first generation and 10% on the third generation
  • 4 star members can earn 50% on the matrix commissions of those they directly enrol, 20% on the first generation,10% on the third generation and 5% on the fourth generation
  • 5 star members can earn 50% on the matrix commissions of those they directly enrol, 20% on the first generation,10% on the third generation, 5% on the fourth generation and 3% on the fifth generation

The Membership Rankings System

Within the Stiforp compensation plan is a membership ranking system that starts at the ‘distributor’ level and works its way up to ‘5 stars’.

Each level carries with it a recruitment requirement but try as I might I wasn’t able to track down any specific member numbers required.

The main advantage of moving up Stiforp’s member ranks is unlocking levels 11-14 of the matrix so that you are paid a commission on these members.

The secondary advantage is being eligible for 4 and 5 star overrides.

Joining Stiforp

Those looking to join Stiforp have two paths open to them, a monthly membership and yearly membership option.

Both options carry a $40 joining fee (this covers the FastStart and generation bonuses) but whereas the monthly option is $9.95 a month, members can save 20% annually as the yearly option is a one off payment of $99.95.

The only other difference between the two options is the monthly option enters you into the company as a ‘distributor’ (meaning you only make a commission on levels 1-10 of your matrix), whilst the yearly option enters you as a 3 star members (you earn a commission on levels 1-11).


First and foremost there’s no retail product or service here that can be marketed to those not wishing to join the company. Secondly, as you can see above, most of the Stiforp compensation plan directly revolves around recruitment and has nothing to do with the use or sale of their products.

In essence, members join Stiforp for a fee and pay a monthly subscription. Out of this joining fee and ongoing subscription, commissions and bonuses to existing members are then paid.

Or in other words, it’s the very definition of a pyramid scheme.

Additionally with recruitment requirements in place to advance in star rankings and the difference in matrix commissions between not recruiting and recruiting a whopping $6144 a month, it’s clear that the incentive on Stiforp members is to get out there and recruit.

Note that Stiforp is currently being heavily promoted on the idea that you can ‘make up to $2047.50 a month without recruiting’, but this is a load of nonsense.

The $2047.50 figure is the maximum amount you can earn if your matrix is filled up to level 10. Given that you have access to levels 1-10 upon joining the company without recruiting anyone, this is where the marketing spiel comes from.

The problem is that yeah, you might not have to recruit anyone but at 10 levels deep your matrix has 1024 open positions (not including your own). Those slots need to be filled with members in order for you to get paid so somebody, somewhere is out there recruiting.

That said, it’s ridiculous to even consider that you are going to get 1024 positions filled in your matrix from spillover alone. Not withstanding the fact that if everybody sits around waiting for spillover (which will likely be the case after Stiforp’s prelaunch), nobody is going to get any spillover (someone has to be recruiting!).

All of that and we haven’t even discussed Stiforp’s product line yet!

As for their products, when it comes to marketing a MLM opportunity you need to brand yourself. Be it the company itself or your own personal brand – people need to be able to associate something with you and a generic marketing campaign completely eliminates that.

What’s worse, search engines slap generic replicated websites back into the stoneages and despite Stiforp’s search engine optimisation tools, these websites will not rank.

Ultimately, even with flashy videos and everything else that’s the bottom line.

And does anyone truly believe that generic websites and marketing material are going to represent whatever business opportunity it is you’re trying to promote in the best light?

These sites have to be useable with the majority of business opportunities out there, there’s no way known they can delve into any type of specifics in regard to your business. Thus from a marketing standpoint their overall usefulness is drastically reduced.

That and imagine the confusion of someone who watches one of your generic videos only to later find the very same video pop up somewhere else being used to market a completely different opportunity!

Stiforp claim that access to their marketing tools is valued at ‘over $3000’ but whilst that might be true if everything was customised to a particular business, claiming a generic video and replicated website is worth anything near that is dubious at best.

Of course none of that matters when you participate in a scheme like Stiforp as marketing an opportunity (beyond Stiforp itself) isn’t the main goal. As per the compensation plan, the main goal is to just get out there and recruit people.

These people pay their $40 joining fee and $9.95 a month subscription and as long as new members are fed into the system everybody gets paid.

Now what does that sound like to you?

All I can say is things must be pretty bad over at AliveMax if Nauder Khazan is willing to try his hand at something as blatantly dodgy as Stiforp. Best of luck to him and his members but personally I wouldn’t be going anywhere near the Stiforp opportunity.