The SEC has secured Certificate of Default against John and Jonatina Barksdale.

Following personal service on John Barksdale on June 20th and service via email on Jonatina on June 30th, response deadlines kicked in for July 11th and July 21st respectively.

As of August 2022 neither Barksdale had responded to the SEC’s lawsuit, prompting the regulator to file for a Clerk’s Certificate of Default on August 10th.

A Certificate of Default is the first step towards obtaining default judgment.

The court clerk recorded a Certificate of Default against the Barksdales on August 18th.

After a Certificate of Default has been granted, next is an Entry of Default, followed by a Motion for Default Judgment.

The SEC is pursuing the Barksdales as operators of the Ormeus Global. The SEC alleges Ormeus Global was a $124 million dollar Ponzi scheme.

Jonatina Barksdale’s current status is unknown. Earlier this year she was believed to be in either Thailand or Hong Kong.

Whether JonAtina has fled elsewhere is unclear. John Barksdale has fled to Dubai.

In addition to the SEC’s civil suit, John Barksdale has been indicted on wire and securities fraud charges. He remains a wanted fugitive.