Legacy Builders, which also goes by Digital Growth Community, fails to provide ownership or executive information on its website.

Presently Digital Growth Community is set up on Kajabi, specifically on the subdomain “digitalgrowthcommunity.mykajabi.com”.

On its website Kajabi pitches itself as an all-in-one “profitable business” platform;

Kajabi is an all-in-one platform that equips you to build your ideal business. No matter your creator needs, we’ll provide the tools to succeed. All under one roof.

Further research reveals Legacy Builders marketing citing Michele Oneil as “creator” of the company.

In one Legacy Builders marketing video, Oneil claims she created the company because she was “burned out on network marketing”.

Prior to launching Legacy Builders earlier this year, Oneil was a promoter of Infinity Processing System.

Infinity Processing System, or IPS, is a three-tier gifting scheme launched in 2022.

IPS was created by Adriana Villegas, a serial promoter of fraudulent MLM pyramid schemes.

Read on for a full review of Legacy Builders’ MLM opportunity.

Legacy Builders’ Products

Legacy Builders has no retailable products or services.

Affiliates are only able to market Legacy Builders affiliate membership itself.

Bundled with Legacy Builders affiliate membership is access to various digital marketing products and services.

Legacy Builders’ Compensation Plan

Upon signing up, Legacy Builders affiliates then participate in a four-tier gifting scheme.

  • LaunchPad – $100
  • Passive Daily Pay Blueprint – $300
  • Digital Mastery – $600
  • Legacy Builders Program $900

Buying into a Legacy Builders gifting tier qualifies an affiliate to receive gifting payments from recruited affiliates who also buy into the tier.

The MLM side of Legacy Builders exists by way of lower tier affiliates passing up higher tier gifting payments to their upline(s).

How this works is whatever tier a Legacy Builders affiliate buys into is the tier they qualify to earn up to.

E.g. Buying in at Digital Mastery qualifies you to receive $100, $300 and $600 gifting payments from recruited affiliates.

Digital Mastery doesn’t qualify you to receive $900 Legacy Builders Program tier gifting payments. These payments are passed upline to the first affiliate who has gifted in at the Legacy Builders Program tier.

This qualification tied to gifting payment tiers allows Legacy Builders affiliates who have gifted in at $900 to receive non-qualified gifting payments from anywhere in their downline.


Update 11th June 2024 – While the upline pass-ups are very much a thing in Legacy Builders, the way it’s implemented is worse than your typical gifting scheme.

Upline pass-ups in Legacy Builders are paid straight to the top admin position, owned by Michele Oneil. In this way Oneil screws Legacy Builders promoters out of higher tier gifting payments made by their recruits.

This makes Legacy Builders a substantially worse scam than your typical MLM gifting scheme. /end update


Joining Legacy Builders

Legacy Builders affiliate membership is tied to a $100 to $900 gifting payment.

The more a Legacy Builders affiliate pays the higher their income potential.

Legacy Builders Conclusion

While Infinity Processing System’s website is still up, SimilarWeb tracked just ~2400 monthly visits to it for April 2024.

For an gifting scheme, which relies on constant unsustainable pyramid recruitment to survive, this is as good as collapsed.

With that knowledge, why Michele Oneil went off to launch her own clone illegal gifting scheme earlier this year becomes obvious.

Top recruiters in MLM gifting schemes make more than their victims but there’s one person who makes even more; the owner of the scam.

And so we have Legacy Builders, wherein Oneil has replaced IPS’ Adriana Villegas with herself. That’s pretty much all there is to Legacy Builders.

As to Legacy Builders’ business model, what I wrote about IPS in 2022 applies here;

The gifting element exists by way of 100% of membership fees being paid out as recruitment commissions. This is most noticeable at the Pro tier, where every recruit gifts their membership fee to the person who recruited them.

Lower tier affiliates pass-up portional gifting payments to upline affiliates who paid more in membership fees.

This is “pay to play”, one of the hallmarks of an MLM pyramid scheme.

We can confirm Infinity Processing System is a pyramid scheme, by way of 100% of commissions paid out being tied to recruitment.

In light of Infinity Processing System operating as a pyramid scheme, the digital products bundled with membership fees are neither here nor there.

MLM companies without retail sales operate as pyramid schemes. Bundling products to membership fees doesn’t change the otherwise fraudulent business model.

MLM pyramid schemes require a constant stream of new recruits to pay commissions out.

When they inevitably collapse, math guarantees the majority of participants in MLM pyramid schemes lose money.

IPS has effectively collapsed, resulting in the majority of participants losing money (such is the unsustainable math of gifting schemes).

Many of Oneil’s IPS victims (and those she recruited early), will have likely followed her into Legacy Builders.

Oneil’s victims, those she personally recruited towards the end of IPS, will be hoping to recoup their losses by recruiting new victims into Legacy Builders.

Oneil’s early recruits, who like herself stole money from those who were recruited after, will be looking to keep the gifting payments gravy train rolling.

One last point I want to touch on is Kajabi hosting Legacy Builders.

Michele Oneil is based out of Kansas. Kajabi is based out of California.

In the US gifting schemes are illegal. They are investigated and prosecuted as fraudulent business opportunities by the USPS, FTC and DOJ.

A recent example of a gifting scheme being taken down by US authorities is Blessings In No Time (BINT).

The FTC filed suit against BINT’s co-founders in June 2021. The DOJ followed up with criminal charges in November 2023.

Whether Kajabi is aware its platform is being used to defraud consumers through an illegal gifting scam is unclear.

I also noticed Legacy Builders is processing payments through Stripe, which provides access to third-party payment services like Google Pay, Link, Klarna and AfterPay.

I’m not sure if this is being accessed through Kajabi or another platform.

Either way, it’s another point of failure if any of these companies investigate Legacy Builders’ fraudulent business model.