An investigative report from Norway has provided insight into Anthony Norman’s criminal case in Sweden.

As per a February 8th report from Kapital, “the money trail leads to money laundering and international organized crime.”

In Sweden, Norman (below) has been charged with five violations of the Swedish Bookkeeping Act.

Commenting on what appears to be a linked separate investigation in Norway, a spokesperson for Okram told Kapital;

The cases investigated by Økokrim concerned an extensive international money laundering network. The network laundered for a number of criminals around the world.

Beyond that, we do not wish to comment on specific links that have not been adjudicated in court.

Norman’s money laundering took place through the Norwegian “gray market company” Ecoteq Energy. Through suspected financial fraud, Ecoteq Energy is worth “several billion kroner”.

[Norman] is … the spider that connects the Norwegian company’s billion dollar deal, one of the biggest money laundering cases of recent years, the desert city of Dubai and some of the most dangerous criminal organizations in Scandinavia and Europe.

A related investigation in Belgium also led authorities to Dubai.

In the judgment from an adjacent case in the Belgian legal system, some outline of the scope of the large money laundering operation is given.

Here it is established that the people behind the network – the leaders – have their headquarters in Dubai.

That Dubai is the center of Norman’s money laundering activities isn’t a surprise. The emirate is notorious for being a hotbed of financial fraud.

Due to Dubai’s sheltering of criminals and non-cooperation with authorities in other countries, Kapital reports

it[‘s] practically impossible to carry out an overall evaluation of the criminal organisation’s assets, which would theoretically correspond to all the amounts illegally collected on an international level.

Other ties to Dubai in Norman’s alleged money laundering network include Foxtrot (disclosed by Swedish authorities last year), and the Kinahan Cartel.

The Kinahan Organised Crime Group (KOCG), also known as the Kinahan Cartel, is a major Irish transnational organised crime syndicate alleged to be the most powerful in Ireland and one of the largest organised crime groups in the world.

Kapital reports Daniel Kinahan, son of Kinahan Cartel leader Christy Kinahan, is a partial resident of Dubai.

US authorities have an open $5 million bounty on information leading to Daniel and Christy Kinahan’s arrest. Dubai’s authorities evidently couldn’t care less.

Last November a Swedish Public Prosecutor stated they hoped Norman’s indictment would be filed “before Christmas”. That obviously didn’t happen.

Once filed, Norman’s Swedish indictment is expected to shed further light on his Ecoteq Energy money laundering network.