A $79 million final judgment has been entered against John Barksdale and sister Jonatina.

The Barksdale’s judgment follows a March 7th motion for default judgment by the SEC.

As per the granted March 15th final judgment, John (right) and sister Jonatina have been ordered to jointly pay:

  • $46.2 million in disgorgement
  • $10 million in prejudgment interest and
  • a $23.1 million civil penalty

A permanent injunction prohibiting further violations of the Securities Act was also been entered.

If the Barksdale’s don’t pay up, the SEC is allowed to file for civil contempt 30 days from judgment. Post judgment interest also kicks in after 30 days.

With respect to victim restitution, the court notes;

The (SEC) may propose a plan to distribute (recovered funds) subject ot the Court’s approval.

The Court shall retain jurisdiction over the administration of any distribution.

John and Jonatina Barksdale (right) were sued by the SEC back in March 2022. The SEC alleges the siblings ran Ormeus Global, $124+ million Ponzi scheme that spanned 2017 and 2018.

The ordered disgorgement amount reflects what the Barksdales personally stole.

John Barksdale was also indicted on related Ormeus Global criminal charges in March 2022.

Barksdale, a US national formerly living in Thailand, is believed to have since fled to Dubai.

Pending his arrest, Barksdale remains a wanted fugitive on the run.