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MOBE victims receive $23 million in recovery from FTC

Back in June 2021 the MOBE Receivership announced it had returned $15.2 million to the FTC for distribution. After a period of uncertainty, the FTC has announced $23 million has been paid out to MOBE victims.

MOBE Receiver seeks to return $15.2M to FTC for distribution

Following the withdrawal and denial of the last outstanding claims, the MOBE Receiver is working towards concluding the receivership estate so that he can move to be discharged. Part of that process will see $15.2 million transferred to the FTC for eventual victim distribution.

Payment processors denied slice of MOBE Receivership pie

As per a January 6th order, MOBE’s non-consumer creditors were directed to file claims for payment consideration. As per a report filed by the MOBE Receiver on April 22nd;

Synovus Bank to retain $2 million of MOBE victim’s funds

A proposed settlement between Synovus Bank and the MOBE Receivership was filed on September 17th. If approved, the settlement will effectively end Synovus’ campaign to retain $6.3 million in MOBE victim’s funds.

QualPay settles MOBE fraud charges with FTC

MOBE’s payment processor QualPay has settled fraud charges with the FTC. The settlement includes a $46.7 million dollar suspended monetary judgment.

Matt Lloyd cops $318 mill MOBE fraud FTC judgment order

Matthew Lloyd McPhee has been handed down a $318 million dollar final judgment.

FTC shuts down MyEcom Club MOBE reboot scam

After the FTC shut down MOBE, promoters Michael Giannulis (aka Mike Antoni) and Michael Williams launched their own clone scam. It’s taken a year and a half, but the FTC has finally moved to shut My Ecom Club down.

MOBE promoters hit with $41.4 million final judgments

MOBE promoters Steven Bransfield, Michael Giannulis, Michael Williams, Gar Leong Chow and Scott Zuckman, have been hit with final judgments topping $41 million dollars.

Matt Lloyd’s MOBE settlement approved + updates

Orders filed on December 19th have approved the proposed settlement between the Receiver and MOBE owner Matt Lloyd McPhee. QualPay’s and Synovus Bank’s long-running campaign to acquire millions in fraudulently obtained funds also appears to be finally over.

Russell Whitney’s estate settles MOBE fraud with FTC

Russell Whitney’s estate has settled with the FTC. As part of the settlement, a $1,428,616 monetary judgement has been awarded.